One Zo Tapioca Menu Prices

The One Zo Tapioca menu comprises refreshing milk tea and other beverages available in different flavors. It serves fruit tea, slush, Yakult, fresh yogurt, cheese macchiato, cheesecake, coffee, latte, and other house-special beverages. Its sinkers are brown sugar pearl, strawberry pearl, original pearl, taro pearl, coconut jelly, three kinds of jelly, three scoops of cheesecake, and three scoops of cheese topping. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of One Zo Tapioca menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

One Zo House Special

Panda Milk Tea (Medium)130
Panda Milk Tea (Large)150
Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea (Medium)155
Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea (Large)175
Taro Delight (Medium)130
Taro Delight (Large)150
Dirty Milk (Medium)160
Dirty Milk (Large)180
Roasted Dirty Milk (Medium)170
Roasted Dirty Milk (Large)190
Dirty Tea (Medium)155
Dirty Tea (Large)175
It's A Match (Medium)175
It's A Match (Large)195
Chocolate Cheese Macchiato (Medium)145
Chocolate Cheese Macchiato (Large)165
Signature Smoothie 175

Milk Tea

One Zo Milk Tea (Medium)100
One Zo Milk Tea (Large)120
Almond Milk Tea (Medium)130
Almond Milk Tea (Large)150
Jasmine Green Milk Tea (Medium)105
Jasmine Green Milk Tea (Large)125
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Medium)105
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Large)125
Taro Milk Tea (Medium)110
Taro Milk Tea (Large)130
Chocolate Milk Tea (Medium)110
Chocolate Milk Tea (Large)130
Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Medium)125
Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Large)145

Appreciate Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (Medium)95
Jasmine Green Tea (Large)115
Earl Grey Tea (Medium)95
Earl Grey Tea (Large)115
Wintermelon Tea (Medium)95
Wintermelon Tea (Large)115


One Zo Latte (Medium)115
One Zo Latte (Large)135
Taro Latte (Medium)115
Taro Latte (Large)135
Green Tea Latte (Medium)115
Green Tea Latte (Large)135
Wintermelon Tea Latte (Medium)115
Wintermelon Tea Latte (Large)135
Chocolate Latte (Medium)115
Chocolate Latte (Large)135
Brown Sugar Latte (Medium)135
Brown Sugar Latte (Large)155
Matcha Latte (Medium)155
Matcha Latte (Large)175

Coffee Series

Biscoffee Cheesecake (Medium)165
Biscoffee Cheesecake (Large)185
Coffee Milk Tea (Medium)125
Coffee Milk Tea (Large)145
Coffee Latte (Medium)145
Coffee Latte (Large)165
Coffee Oreo Cheesecake (Medium)165
Coffee Oreo Cheesecake (Large)185

Cheesecake Series

Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea (Medium)155
Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea (Large)175
Dirty Oreo Cheesecake (Medium)165
Dirty Oreo Cheesecake (Large)185
Dirty Cheesecoff (Medium)175
Dirty Cheesecoff (Large)195
Taro Cheesecake (Medium)165
Taro Cheesecake (Large)185

Cheese Macchiato Series

Strawberry Cheese Macchiato 165
Chocolate Cheese Macchiato (Medium)145
Chocolate Cheese Macchiato (Large)165
Mango Cheese Macchiato 175
Choco Oreo Cheese Macchiato 165

Fresh Yogurt

Banana Delight 165
Brown Sugar Boba 155
Fruity Strawberry 155
Lychee Bliss 170
Mango Madness 165
One Zo Yogurt 155
Oreo Loco 165


Lemon Yakult (Medium)130
Lemon Yakult (Large)150
Green Tea Yakult (Medium)130
Green Tea Yakult (Large)150

Fruit Tea

Lychee Fruit Tea 165
One Zo Fruit Tea 165
Orange Fruit Tea155
Orange Passion Fruit Tea 155
Wintermelon Lemon Fruit Tea 155
Wintermelon Pineapple Fruit Tea 155


Chocolate Milk 145
Mango Milk 160
Strawberries and Cream 155
Taro Milk 155


3 Kinds of Jelly 25
Brown Sugar Pearl 30
Cheese Topping (3 scoops)35
Cheesecake (3 scoops)35
Coconut Jelly 30
Original Pearl 25
Strawberry Pearl 30
Taro Pearl 30

About One Zo Tapioca 

One Zo Tapioca is the first Taiwanese milk tea brand in the Philippines, founded in 2015. It aims to serve creative, delicious, fresh tapioca drinks in different flavors. Instead of using packed or processed tapioca pearls, this bubble tea shop creates its own tapioca pearls, available in different flavors and freshly made daily, to serve customers unique and satisfying beverages. 

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One Zo Tapioca Menu Best Seller 

One Zo Tapioca is known for its delicious and refreshing drinks and homemade pearls. Here are some of the best sellers of this bubble tea shop that are bursting with flavors and appetizing textures. 

Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea – A refreshing beverage menu of One Zo Tapioca made with delicious cheesecake and flavorful homemade milk tea of One Zo Tapioca. The brown sugar-flavored pearls impart sweetness and chewiness to this best-selling drink. 

Dirty Oreo Cheesecake – Treat yourself to this Dirty Oreo Cheesecake, where two of the most-loved snacks or desserts are combined. Kids will surely love it as cheesecake and crushed Oreos blends wonderfully. This drink also includes the original pearl, making it more gratifying. 

Dirty Cheesecoff – This dirty cheese off menu of One Zo Tapioca is well-loved for its yummy taste and surprising goodness. The biscoff crumbs on it give this drink a distinctive taste and add a crunchy texture. 

Dirty cheesecoff Pin
Photo Credits: One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

Panda Milk Tea – The classic and unique taste of this special milk tea makes it one of the crowd’s favorite beverages. Original pearls and brown sugar pearls are added to this drink to make it unique and extra flavorful. 

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Taro Delight – Enjoy this taro delight made with taro pearls and taro milk tea. The sweet and nutty taste and starchy texture of taro are the features that make people love it. Its light purple color enhances its appearance, making it an enticing drink. 

One Zo House Special Menu

The One Zo House Special beverages this bubble tea shop offers include milk tea, smoothie, and other flavored drinks. These are the specialties of One Zo Tapioca that the crowd loves for their surprising goodness. 

Dirty Milk Fresh milk and brown sugar syrup are mixed perfectly in this special beverage of One Zo. It also comes with brown sugar pearls with a sweet taste and chewy texture, making each sip pleasurable. 

Dirty milk Pin
Photo Credits: One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

It’s A MatchIf you are a matcha lover, this beverage is perfect as it consists of a matcha latte and matcha-flavored pearls. The matcha pearls will be replaced with the original pearl if the former is unavailable. This drink will surely match your mood and satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Signature Smoothie – This luscious chocolate banana smoothie is suitable for all ages, especially for kids, as it is healthy and yummy. The rich taste of chocolate complements the banana flavor, resulting in an irresistible beverage. 

Appreciate Tea

One Zo Tapioca offers Earl Grey, Wintermelon, and Jasmine Green teas menu in this category. With these teas, you will appreciate tea’s natural flavor and goodness as they are made with fresh and quality ingredients. 

Jasmine Green TeaJasmine green tea is known for its light and floral notes that make it surprising. It has an authentic and satisfying taste as it is made from the finest tea leaves directly sourced from Taiwan.

Earl Grey Tea – It is made up of black tea with a flavor of oil from bergamot orange. It is a nutritious drink and one of the most well-known teas in the world. The aroma and citrusy taste of bergamot oil give a distinctive flavor.  

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Wintermelon Tea – This winter melon tea is ideal for those who want a nutritious and sugar-free drink. This drink is known for its cooling effect, refreshing goodness, and the health benefits it provides. 

One Zo Tapioca Menu Milk Tea 

The milk tea served by One Zo Tapioca consists of Almond, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Taro, Wintermelon, Jasmine, and One Zo Milk Tea. These beverages have a creamy texture and rich flavor that can refresh you and awaken your senses. 

One Zo Milk Tea – This is the special drink of this shop known for its unique flavor. The black tea and milk are well-combined, making each sip pleasurable. It is one of the go-to drinks of its customers as it has a sweet taste and creamy texture. 

Almond Milk Tea – A delicious milk tea with a hint of almond taste. It is one of the milk teas you should try, as it has a unique flavor that will make you feel good. The pure white color of this drink makes it looks stunning and elegant. 

Almond milktea Pin
Photo Credits: One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

Brown Sugar Milk Tea The creamy and caramel goodness of this brown sugar milk tea is the special feature of this drink that customers love. It is a comforting drink perfect during hot weather. 


One Zo Tapioca offers various lattes menu that are sweet, heartwarming, and satisfying. It provides One Zo Latte, a special latte of this shop made with steamed milk and espresso. This shop also serves flavored lattes such as Matcha with a shot of espresso, Brown Sugar with a caramel flavor, Wintermelon Tea with standard sugar-free 0%, Green Tea where gotcha’s signature milk and jasmine tea are combined, Taro that has fresh milk and creamy taro, and Chocolate latte, a luscious drink with chocolatey goodness. 

Matcha latte Pin
Photo Credits: One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

Cheesecake Series 

The Cheesecake Series served by One Zo Tapioca consist of Taro, Dirty Oreo, Dirty Cheesecoff, and Dirty Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea Series. These beverages have a delicious taste as the cheesecake pairs perfectly with other ingredients. It also comes with milk tea, cheesecake, and homemade pearls. It is available in medium serving sizes and can be upgraded to large sizes if you love cheesecake. 

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One Zo Tapioca Menu Delivery 

You can get delicious milk tea and other drinks from One Zo Tapioca through the Foodpanda and GrabFood apps or websites. It’s very easy to use, and you can order your favorite drinks whenever you want. This way, you can enjoy their refreshing beverages at your own convenience, without any hassle. So, if you’re in the mood for some tasty milk tea, just go online and place your order!

Social Media Pages

Welcome to the vibrant world of One Zo Tapioca, where every sip brings delight and excitement. Follow their social media pages to embark on a delightful journey of unique flavors, premium ingredients, and the art of crafting the perfect tapioca drink.





What makes One Zo Tapioca different from other bubble tea shops? 

The fresh and homemade flavored tapioca pearls make One Zo Tapioca different from other bubble tea shops

Does One Zo Tapioca have any loyalty programs or rewards for customers? 

One Zo Tapioca Philippines do not have any loyalty programs or rewards yet for customers, but it offers special promos and discounts on special occasion. 

Are there seasonal or limited-time flavors available at One Zo Tapioca? 

There are no seasonal or limited-time flavors available at One Zo Tapioca Philippines. 

Does One Zo Tapioca have any food options besides bubble tea? 

One Zo Tapioca does not have any food options; it only offers teas and other beverages. 


The One Zo Tapioca menu is popular for its comforting and refreshing beverages, suitable for people from different walks of life. Its fresh tapioca pearls are the special ingredient you should add to your drink to experience its satisfying goodness. The drinks it offers are customizable and come in various flavors, so you will surely find the one that will energize and refresh you. 

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