Nine Fresh Menu Prices

Are you looking for an extraordinary place that offers delicious and unique desserts? If yes you don’t have to look any further since I have an interesting recommendation for you. Have you heard of Nine Fresh or at least bumped on any of their locations? If not then this is the right article for you to finally get to know them. Nine Fresh menu offers a variety of desserts that you will surely love and aside from that they also have other products such as milk teas, soy milk, and more exciting items.

Here we are going to know this place, the prices that they offer and their best sellers so you to be able to get all the information about them. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Nine Fresh menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Fruity Aiyu Jelly179
Aww In One Cup179
Nine Fresh Signature169
Pearly Bean Curd169
Black Velvet189
Rich Milk Tea Signature (2 Toppings)189

Recommended Menu

Nine Fresh Signature169
Fruity Aiyu Jelly179
Aww In One Cup179
8 Treasure Cup189
Black Velvet189
Honeybee Cup189
Double Happiness Cup189
Sunrise Cup189

All Time Favorites

Nine Fresh Signature169
Fruity Aiyu Jelly179
Pearly Bean Curd169
Black Pearl Aiyu Special169
Tropical Cup169
Golden Cup179
Abundance Cup179
Aww In One Cup179
Taro Cup179
8 Treasure Cup189

New And Improved

Black Velvet189
Panda Signature169
Happiness Cup179
Honeycomb Cup189
Honeybee Cup189
Double Happiness Cup189
Sunrise Cup189
Citrus Pop Cup179
Arctic Burst189
Black Sugar Bean Curd120

Create Your Own

Create Your Own Dessert120

Tea Signatures

Rich Milk Tea Signature (2 Toppings)189
Earl Grey Milk Tea Signature (2 Toppings)189
Spring Green Tea Signature (2 Toppings)189

Milk Tea And Brewed Tea Series

Rich Milk Tea159
Earl Grey Milk Tea159
Spring Green Tea159

Soy Milk Signatures

Black And White189
Pandan Soy Milk With Grass Jelly189

Soy Milk Series

Signature Soy169
Pandan Soy Milk169

About Nine Fresh

Nine Fresh is a dessert chain in Singapore that serves delicious Taiwanese-inspired desserts and other products such as milk teas, soy milk, and more. The founders of this establishment are Vanessa Tan and Nick Lim who noticed that Taiwanese desserts are being introduced in some Southeast Asian countries that’s why they brought it to Singapore. This place entered the Philippine market in 2020, aiming to serve Filipino consumers mouthwatering desserts that our countrymen will surely enjoy and love.

After years in the market, they already have five branches across the metro. Those branches are located in SM Manila, SM Fairview, SM City Southmall, SM City San Lazaro, and SM North Edsa. The available items on their menu are mixed bases specialties, taro ball signatures, create your own bowls which allow you to create and put the ingredients that you love, and freshly brewed tea.

All of their products are prepared on the same day making sure that their products are of the best quality and fresh as possible, the serving size is also huge to make sure that the customers are satisfied. They also offer affordable items without compromising the quality and taste of their products. 

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Nine Fresh Menu Best Sellers 

Here on the list are sample items of Nine Fresh best sellers. 

8 Treasure Cup – 8 treasure cup of Nine Fresh is made from Aiyu jelly, 8 treasure beans, grass jelly, taro balls, soft peanut, grape pearl jelly, and milk cup. This item is packed with flavors and textures that you will surely enjoy. This is actually my favorite among the items on their menu, this one is also included in their best-selling items and also a must-try item. The ingredients are cooked well and really complement each other’s taste. 

Black Velvet – Nine Fresh’s version of black velvet is made from aloe vera pearl jelly, grass jelly, black pearl, black sugar jelly dice, a cup of milk, and taro balls. This one matches my soul, just kidding! but it doesn’t matter whether it’s black or whatever color this dessert is since this also tastes so good and it’s not that black like you’re eating squid ink or something.

Black velvet Pin
Photo Credits: Nine Fresh PH Facebook Page

The ingredients found in this dessert are chewy but soft at the same time. I like the texture actually and this is also included in their best sellers so if you don’t want to miss out on something good you should try this one. 

Double Happiness Cup – Double Happiness Cup menu of Nine Fresh is for those who love sweets since this is made with ingredients such as mini taro Q, grass jelly, taro balls, honey boba, and cookies & cream ice cream. Yes, this one has ice cream making this item extra creamy, sweet, and delicious. This reminds me of the pinching nai cha that I used to get when I was still living in Taiwan. This is also included on their best sellers and if you love sweets this item is a must-have. 

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Double happiness cup Pin
Photo Credits: Nine Fresh PH Facebook Page

Nine Fresh Signature – If you want to stick with the classic this Nine Fresh signature is the one that you should order, this simple item is delicious and mouthwatering as well. Made with bean curd which is almost the same as our local taho, red bean, grass jelly, green bean, soft peanut, pinto bean, and their chewy taro balls.

This has just the right amount of sweetness with all the textures and flavors that you are looking for in a simple yet satisfying dessert. Also, one of the best sellers on their menu and a must-try. 

Nine fresh signature Pin
Photo Credits: Nine Fresh PH Facebook Page

Nine Fresh Menu Signatures 

There are three signature menus that you can choose from the Nine Fresh. The first item on the list is their Rich Milk Tea Signature, this one has 2 toppings which are the bean curd and black pearls. They also have Earl Grey Milk Tea Signature, just like the previous item this also has 2 toppings which are their bean curd and black pearls. Lastly, their Spring Green Tea Signature is made from Aiyu jelly and aloe vera pearl jelly. 

Earl grey milk tea signature Pin
Photo Credits: Nine Fresh – Makati Avenue Foodpanda Page

Soy Milk Signatures 

Nine Fresh also offers soy milk. On their soy milk signature, they have 2 options, the first one is their black which which is basically their signature soy mixed with grass jelly. The other option is their Pandan soy milk with grass jelly, this one is made from their signature pandan soy which is I think pandan flavored with grass jelly.

Pandan soy milk Pin
Photo Credits: Nine Fresh PH Facebook Page

Nine Fresh Menu Delivery 

It is very easy to deliver your desired menu from Nine Fresh. All you need to do is open third-party delivery services such as GrabFoods, PickAroo, or FoodPanda. Keep in mind that the delivery services are only available in selected areas near the Nine Fresh.

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Social Media Pages

Imagine this – monthly giveaways of their signature desserts, and a chance to help craft new flavors. So, follow them on a delectable journey to explore the whimsical world of Nine Fresh! Doing this will also show your support for their growing social media presence.





What kind of desserts or foods does Nine Fresh offer?

Nine Fresh offers Taiwanese desserts. These desserts are healthier options than other desserts available in the market these days. 

What are Nine Fresh business hours?

Nine Fresh business hours are from 10:00 in the morning until 9:00 p.m. 

Where does Nine Fresh originate?

Nine Fresh is a Singapore-based establishment that serves Taiwanese-inspired desserts including chilled taro, milk tea, and more. 

Who is the founder of Nine Fresh?

Nine Fresh founders are Vanessa Tan and Nick Lim. They noticed that Taiwanese desserts are being introduced in Southeast Asia that’s why they tried bringing it to Singapore. 

Are they halal-certified?

No. Nine Fresh is not halal certified restaurant however rest assured that they do not use any alcohol or gelatin on their products. 


Nice place to go if you’re looking for a delicious dessert. Nine Fresh menu offers mouthwatering and filling bowls of desserts and other products such as milk-iced teas and other interestingly delicious items. What I like the most about Nine Fresh is that they only use the freshest ingredients possible to retain the quality of the food that they offer. Staffs are nice too and will recommend the best sellers if you ask them nicely. Great place to go and get your cravings with barkada and loved ones. Overall experience with Nine Fresh is outstanding and will definitely go back for more soon. 

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