Playlist Cafe Menu Prices

Step into a world filled with harmonious taste, and unique dining with a musical twist. Playlist Cafe is home to hearty meals that offer various tastes and flavorful meals such as their ala Carte specials, Salads, and hearty pasta. There is definitely so much to love in this restaurant and gives you more reason to love them so keep reading and let us make flavorful memories here in Playlist Cafe here is the menu collection you are looking for.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Soup of the Day90


Asian Salad120
Caesar Salad120
Garden Salad120

Top Hits Ala Carte Special

T-bone Steak390
Roast Beef w/ mushroom sauce390
Playlist Baked Beef Stew390
Baked Pork Belly550
Lechon Kawali550
Shanghai Rolls280
Signature Fried Chicken580
Hainanese Chicken380
Binagoongang Pork Belly550
Crispy Pata750


Tempura Ice Cream120
Coffee Jelly90
Halo-Halo Delight90


White Rice25
Fried Rice25
Mashed Potato45
Garlic Bread25

On The Wings Of Love

1/2 DOZEN180
1 DOZEN350

Appetizers Radio

Playlist Burger & Fries190
Fil-Mex Nachos180
Box-Office Cheese Fries280
Garlic Parmesan Fries180
Just Fries160
Corn Dog 1pc70
Corn Dog 3pcs200
Corn Dog 5pcs300

All Day Breakfast

S. Fried Chicken140
Beef Tapa130
Pulled Pork Adobo130
Chicken Pork Tocino110


Chicken Caesar110
Ham and Cheese110
Tuna Madness110


Creamy Carbonara150
Spaghetti Bolognese150
Oriental Spaghetti150
Baked Lasagna150
Baked Penne Pasta150


Americano Hot90
Cafe Mocha Hot100
Cafe Latte Hot100
Cappuccino Hot100
Spanish Latte Hot110
Caramel Macchiato Hot110
French Latte Hot110
Americano Iced120
Cafe Mocha Iced130
Cafe Latte Iced130
Cappuccino Iced130
Spanish Latte Iced140
Caramel Macchiato Iced140
French Latte Iced140


Strawberry Shortcake130
Blueberry Cheesecake130
Kiwi Madness130


Red Velvet130

About Playlist Cafe

Playlist Cafe is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in various hearty meals and comfort foods that are perfect for various cravings. Their menu is filled with choices of ala carte meals, Soups, salads, Pasta, and varieties of coffee and quick bites that are perfect for your daily boost. Another thing to enjoy in this restaurant is their entertaining dining with bands and music you can surely enjoy.

Caramel popcorn milkshake Pin
Photo Credits: Playlist Cafe FB Page

Playlist Cafe Menu Best Seller

Now for the most awaited part! This collection shares with you the top five best-selling dishes at Playlist Cafe and also the best options for your first-time dine-in.

T-Bone Steak – This meaty dish offers you the culinary masterpiece you’re looking for in a meal. It features a perfect cut of tender filet mignon and a very rich flavorful strip steak that is grilled into the finest perfection offering you the mouth-watering delight you’re looking for.

Baked Pork Belly – Indulge your taste buds with this savory dish that offers succulent pork that is perfectly seasoned featuring the masterpieces of irresistibly crispy pork belly that is so tender in every bite.

Lechon Kawali – This pinoy classic menu of Playlist Cafe is what always comes into our mind every time we hear a crispy pork perfection. It has incredibly tender pork belly chunks perfect with its sauce giving you harmonious flavors and mouth-watering textures.

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Playlist Baked Beef Stew – Prepare to be serenaded with this hearty dish that offers a comforting medley of Playlist Baked Beef Stew. The aroma it gives is to die for while serving the cooked packed with rich stew that will surely be one of your favorites on this menu.

Tapsilog Pin
Photo Credits: Playlist Cafe FB Page

Hainanese Chicken – A beloved Asian delicacy is now here for you to savor. It offers a tender poached chicken that is served with various Asian herbs and spices giving you a very aromatic dish. 

On the Wings of Love

As poetic as the name itself, this menu collection of Playlist Cafe offers you the finest crispiness and the quality goodness of succulent chicken wings that are coated and glazed with various sauces for a flavorful journey.

Korean BBQ – This flavor highlights the best flavors of South Korea and offers a well-marinated chicken that is sizzling with aroma and smoky flavors. 

Garlic Parmesan – This garlic parmesan highlights the perfect blend of savory and creamy you don’t want to miss. It has a flavorful glaze of garlic and grated parmesan cheese giving you rich and comforting juicy bites.

Garlic parmesan wings Pin
Photo Credits: Playlist Cafe FB Page

Wild Buffalo – As bold as it can get, these fiery chicken wings offer you an extra spice for your table. It combines with tangy and spicy buffalo sauce that has a balanced tanginess with the spicy kick you don’t want to miss.

Salted Egg – A flavorful salted egg that offers a unique and exciting experience highlighting a tender chicken on a velvety sauce made from salted egg yolk with a touch of buttery and spicy kick.

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Southern Style – Let us bring the goodness of Southern Style chicken to your plate with these chicken wings that are packed with various seasonings and spices including paprika peppers and garlic powder for an extra flavorful kick!


Let us take a flavorful trip of the best Italian pasta to your table in this heavy collection of premium Italian Pasta that offers you various savory and creamy textures.

Creamy Carbonara – The velvety mix in this pasta offers you the fine symphony of eggs, cheese, and pancetta along with black pepper for you to savor the highest level of creaminess without giving you the umay feeling.

Creamy carbonara Pin
Photo Credits: Playlist Cafe FB Page

Spaghetti Bolognese – The richness and the save sauce you don’t want to miss is here to serve you this perfectly cooked spaghetti that has a balance of sweetness and savory feeling. Personally, I recommend this menu of Playlist Cafe for people who love unique spaghetti.

Oriental Spaghetti – An exotic twist but something you will love is here to give you an Asian-inspired flavor of pasta highlighting various ingredients and the best of the Asian spices.

Pesto – One of the highly recommended pasta in this collection that highlights a fragrant fusion of basil along with garlic, olive oil, and pine nuts topped with parmesan cheese.

Pesto pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Playlist Cafe Instagram Page

Baked Lasagna – This lasagna offers you magnifying layers of the goodness of rich meat sauce along with sauce and melted cheese that are absolutely baked to the finest perfection.

Are They Available Online?

As of now, Playlist Cafe is more committed to serving you the finest experience with good quality dining and an entertaining atmosphere inside their restaurant. They don’t offer delivery service as they want you to enjoy and dine at their table while enjoying the flavorful symphony of both the food and the music at Playlist Cafe.

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Social Media Accounts

Craving a unique dining experience with a side of soulful tunes? Look no further than Playlist Cafe! Hit that follow button to unlock a world of flavor and music. As loyal followers, you’re in for a treat.




What type of cuisine does Playlist Cafe offer? 

Playlist Cef offers you a comforting collection of food that is perfect to bring an extra boost to your day. Their menu features various salads, ala carte, pasta, chicken wings, and many more.

What is Playlist Cafe known for?

Playlist Cafe is known for its flavorful ala Carte that is considered a Top Hit on its menu.

What are the operating hours of Playlist Cafe?

They operate from 10 AM until 10 PM. They are closed every Monday and open for the rest of the week.

Where is Playlist Cafe located in the Philippines?

Blk 16 Lt 18, Sierra Madre st, Grand heights Subd, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City , Antipolo, Philippines 

Where can I reach them?

You can hop a call through their contact number at +63 917 116 8173.


In conclusion, this restaurant deserves to be recognized by more people. Their staff is very entertaining not to mention how well-curated their interior design is from the exterior to the interior decoration. You can perfectly enjoy your food with quality dining and music along with bands that are playing along while you enjoy your hearty meals and their flavorful menu. The quality of the food is top-notch and it won’t surely be my last visit.

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