Concha’s Garden Menu Prices

The Concha’s Garden menu consists of classic and authentic Filipino cuisines. It is categorized into Filipino Breakfast, Appetizers, Salad & Ensalada, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetable, Noodles, Rice, Pasta & Sandwiches, Plated Meals, Desserts, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Shakes. The warmth of home in every bite is the special characteristic of these dishes that make their customers come back for more. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Concha’s Garden menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Filipino Brekfast

Pork Adobo550
Champorado 320
Beef Tapa 550
Daing Trio (Biya, Pusit, Danggit)550
Tuyo Flakes 340
Smoked Bangus Belly 380
Daing na Bangus 380
Chicken Adobo Flakes 420
Vigan Longganisa 420
Alaminos Pangasinan Longganisa 420
Lucban Longganisa 420
Pork Tocino 400
Tuna Omelette 400
Corned Beef Omelette 400
Corned Beef Guisado with Pandesal 400
American Breakfast 650
Arrozcaldo 380
Pancake 320
Breakfast Platter (Biya, Danggit, Daing na Bangus, Longganisa Lucban, Longganisa Vigan, Tapa, Tocino, Adobo Flakes, 4 cups Garlic Rice, 4 Eggs, 4 cups Brewed Coffee)2000


Homemade Okoy250
Garlic Tofu 380
Tokwa't Baboy 450
Baked Tahong 450
Crispy Pork Belly 400
Chicharon Bulaklak 400
Baby Squid in Olive Oil 550
Sinuglaw 600
Shrimp Gambas 600

Salad & Ensalada

Concha's Garden Salad (Honey Mustard Dressing)380
Mango Kani Salad (Sesame Dressing)380
Caesar's Salad 380
Ensaladang Talong 350


Beef Salpicao 750
Bistek Tagalog 650
Bulalo 980
Callos 600
Concha's Laoya (Lightly Sweetened Beef Shank)750
Beef Caldereta 680
Lengua Estofado in White Sauce 650
Spicy Beef Adobo Ribs 600
Sinigang Short Ribs (Real Tamarind Broth)650
Beef with Brocolli 650


Dinuguan (Pork and Beef)580
Crispy Pata 960
Lechon Kawali 550
Sisig (Kaampangan's Original Recipe)480
Pork Binagoongan 550
Lechon Belly 550
Almondigas (with Ground Shrimp)480
Lumpiang Shanghai 450
Crispy Pork Face 960
Inihaw na Liempo 600
Pork Sinigang with Water Melon 650


Chicken Adobo sa Gata 550
Chicken Tinola 520
Chicken Wings 560
Oriental Fried Chicken (Half)370
Oriental Fried Chicken (Whole)650
Sinampulakang Manok 600


Grilled Platter (Shrimp, Squid, Milkfish, Pork Liempo, Ensaladang Talong)2500
Homemade Bangus Sardines in Olive Oil 400
Adobong Pusit sa Gata 650
Crispy Tawilis 400
Crispy Tilapia 400
Crispy Hito with Mango Salsa 550
Sizzling Bangus Belly 550
Seafood Sinigang 720
Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas 580
Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso 550
Sweet & Sour Lapu Lapu 850
Sizzling Jumbo Bangus 980
Grilled Pampano 850
Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Miso 650
Sinigang na Hipon 700
Grilled Pusit 650


Lumpiang Sariwa 275
Pinakbet w/ Lechon Kawali 600
Laing 380
Ginataang Sigarilyas 480
Saute Mixed Vegetables (No Meat)500
Gising-Gising 450
Adobong Kangkong 280
Bokchoy with Mushroom 350


Sotanghon (Whole)700
Sotanghon (Half)380
Pancit Canton (Whole)650
Pancit Canton (Half)350
Lomi (Good for 3 persons)500
Special Palabok 550


Steamed Rice (per cup)70
Garlic Rice (per cup)80
Java Rice (per cup)85
Tinapa Rice (Good for 2-3 persons)390
Bagoong Rice (Good for 2-3 persons)390
Dulong Rice (Good for 2-3 persons)390

Pasta & Sandwiches

Mango Cream Fetuccini 420
Filipino Style Spaghetti 420
Sundried Tomato Pesto with Shrimp 420
Spaghetti with Meatballs420
Pasta Ziti in Garlic Cream Sauce 350
Chicken Sandwich 300
Tuna Sandwich 290
Concha's Club Sandwich 400

Plated Meals

Grilled Tanigue 550
Seared Salmon 700
Chicken Inasal 550
Pork Adobo550
Pork BBQ (Java Rice)550


Ginataang Bilo-Bilo 350
Leche Flan 200
Halo-Halo 250
Ice Cream Scoop 80
Kamoteng Turon 200
Banana Turon 200
Puto Bumbong 160
Mango with Nutella Crepe 350
Banana with Nutella Crepe 300
Banana Split 300
Chocolate Cake (Whole)1300
Chocolate Cake (Slice )150
Red Velvet (Whole)1400
Red Velvet (Slice)180
Blueberry Cheesecake (Whole)1500
Blueberry Cheesecake (Half)180

Hot Drinks

Café Americano (3 kinds of Arabica)130
Pinoy Tsokolate 140
Belgian Hot Choco 160
Cappucino 160
Café Latte 160
Café Mocha 170
Hazelnut Café Latte160
Caramel Macchiato 170
Hot Calamansi120
Hot Pandan and Lemongrass120
Green Tea100

Cold Drinks & Shakes

Pandan and Lemongrass Juice (Glass)120
Pandan and Lemongrass Juice (Pitcher)320
House Blend Iced Tea (Glass)120
House Blend Iced Tea (Pitcher)320
Guyabano Juice170
Fruit Juice in Can (Mango, Pineapple, Pineapple Orange)120
Soda in Can (Coke, Royal, Sprite, Coke Zero, Coke Light)90
Lemon and Cucumber Cooler170
Black Gulaman 150
Fresh Buko Juice in Shell 140
Fruit Shakes (Watermelon, Buko, & Strawberry)170
Choco Banana Peanut 150
Mixed Berries180
Iced Coffee150
Iced Café Latte 180
Iced Café Mocha 180
Iced Caramel Macchiato 180
Iced Hazelnut Café Latte 180
Iced Matcha 170
Cold Calamansi 120
Bottled Water60

About Conchas Garden 

Gemma Sembrano founded this restaurant in 2014 to share the notable and well-loved Filipino dishes of her grandmother, Caridad Concha-Escueta. She recreates the recipe of her grandmother and named the restaurant after her. One of the loyal customers of this restaurant is Alden Richards, a Filipino celebrity who became a business partner of Gemma in growing this business. 

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Concha’s Garden Menu Best Seller

These are some of the best sellers of Concha’s Garden that are loved by the crowd for their unique taste. 

Concha’s Laoya – A signature dish of Concha’s Garden that has a distinctive taste. It is made up of lightly sweetened beef shank and vegetables such as saging na saba, potatoes, and pechay. The atsuete oil creates a red color and gives a sweet and mild peppery flavor. 

Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page

Beef Caldereta – One of the restaurant’s recommended dishes as it is one of the all-time favorites of their diners. The creaminess of its sauce, the tender meat, and the well-cooked vegetables make this dish extraordinary.  

Lechon Belly – Lechon is notable for its juicy meat and crispy skin. It is served with mixed vegetables, chili, and soy sauce. This irresistible lechon is spiced with special herbs and seasonings that create an appetizing aroma. 

Mango Cream Fettucini – The tangy flavor of mango in this Concha’s Garden menu is the feature of this dish that makes it special. It is the creaminess and distinctive taste makes this pasta delicious. Shrimp is topped on it and a slice of bread also comes on its side. 

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Spicy Beef Adobo Ribs – Adobo is one of the Filipino comfort foods that is loved for its delicious taste. Concha’s Garden created a special adobo that has a spicy, tangy, savory, and distinct soy flavor that makes it exciting.

Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page

Concha’s Garden Filipino Breakfast Menu

Start your day with these Filipino Breakfast meals served by Concha’s Garden that are packed with flavors. The rice meals that it serves consist of eggs, mixed vegetables, garlic rice, and your preferred viand. It also offers champorado, arrozcaldo, and pancake. 

Beef Tapa – This is the crowd’s favorite dish as it is one of the Filipino’s well-loved breakfast viands. The special marinade created by this restaurant gives this dish a classic and distinctive taste. 

Alaminos Pangasinan Longganisa – One of the dishes that are popular in Alaminos, Pangasinan is its special Longganisa. This is different from Longganisa of other regions in the Philippines as it has a distinctive taste and unique presentation. It is loaded with savory flavors that will make you crave more. 

Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page

Corned Beef Guisado with Pandesal – Corn beef is sauteed with onions and other special ingredients. It is one of the dishes that is used as a filling in pandesal as it is tender and flavorful. The delicious combination of corned beef and pandesal makes every bite satisfying. 

Breakfast Platter – It is a breakfast set that you will enjoy surely with your loved ones as it consists of eight savory dishes. This platter is great for four people and comes with garlic rice, eggs, and brewed coffee. With this breakfast platter, you will be able to try different dishes that this restaurant offers. 


Pork is a meat that is commonly used by Filipinos in creating delicious dishes. The pork dishes of Concha’s Garden are made using an original recipe to serve customers authentic and unique meals. 

Pork Binagoongan – A well-loved Filipino dish that is made up of pork cooked in a luscious shrimp paste sauce that is locally known as bagoong. It is garnished with eggplant, green peppers, red peppers, and calamansi. This hearty dish is a must-try as it has a bold and salty flavor that will make your meals exciting. 

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Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page

Sisig – This sisig is cooked using the original recipe of Pampanga which is why it has a unique and authentic taste. It will excite your senses with its sizzling sound, mouthwatering aroma, and appealing taste. A sunny-side-up egg is topped on it and a calamansi and chili are served on its side so diners can adjust its taste according to their preference. 

Crispy Pork Face – The pork face of Concha’s Garden is boneless making it convenient to eat.  Its crispiness is the special characteristic of this dish that encourages people to try it. Chili, soy sauce, and ensalada also come with it to make it flavorful. 


Excite your sense of taste with these flavorful appetizers offered by Concha’s Garden that will make your meal more pleasing. It consists of homemade and traditional Filipino dishes that have a contemporary taste. 

Homemade Okoy – Okoy is a Filipino shrimp fritter that is blended in a special batter and fried until it becomes crispy. A vinegar-based sauce with chili is also served with it. This menu of Concha’s Garden is different from the ordinary okoy as the original and unique recipe is used in creating this dish. 

Baby Squid in Olive Oil – An appetizing dish made with baby squid cooked in olive oil and other special spices. Olive oil contains a lot of nutrients that make this dish healthy and it also enhances its taste. This flavorsome seafood appetizer is one of the dishes that you should not miss out on. 

Shrimp Gambas – Shrimp are sauteed in a special sauce that is made of flavorful spices. It is garnished with slices of lemon which enhances its visual presentation. Every bite of this savory dish will boost your appetite and make you anticipate the other dishes of this restaurant. 

Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page


The Salad that Concha’s Garden offers are great for those who want a light and healthy meal. Its festive presentation and the nutritional value that it provides encourage the crowd to try it. 

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Photo Credits: Concha’s Garden Facebook Page

Concha’s Garden Salad – A special garden salad of Concha’s that consists of leafy greens and other vegetables. It comes with a honey mustard dressing that heightens the flavor of the salad making it more nutritious. 

Mango Kani Salad – Mango, kani, lettuce, and other special vegetables are served with a sesame dressing. The sweet and juicy taste of mango complements well with kani and other ingredients. Its surprisingly good taste never fails to please the crowd’s sense of taste. 

Plated Meals

The plated meals of Concha’s Garden are complete meals that consist of a special dish, rice, and iced tea. It serves Grilled Tanigue, Seared Salmon, Chicken Inasal, Pork Adobo, and Pork Barbecue. These combinations make it easy for diners to choose a perfect meal that will satisfy their cravings. Among these dishes, the seared salmon is the favorite dish of Alden Richards, a Filipino celebrity, and a co-owner of this restaurant. 

Concha’s Garden Menu Delivery 

Concha’s Garden offers a diverse menu that caters to various preferences, and customers can enjoy their meals in three ways: dine-in, in-store pickup, and delivery.

For the convenience of its customers, Concha’s Garden has partnered with FoodPanda, an online food delivery platform. Customers who prefer delivery can easily place their orders through the FoodPanda website or mobile application. Alternatively, they can call Concha’s Garden directly at 0927-561-7497 to place their orders. With multiple options available, customers can enjoy their favorite dishes from Concha’s Garden in a way that suits their preference and schedule.

Social Media Page

To keep up to date with their latest promos, mouthwatering menu offerings, and events, don’t forget to follow Concha’s Garden on their social media pages. From Facebook to Instagram, Concha’s Garden always keeps its followers engaged with fun and exciting content.




The Concha’s Garden menu is great for those who want delicious and authentic Filipino cuisine. It offers a wide selection of dishes so you will surely find your favorite home-cooked meals. It has also a cozy atmosphere so you can relax while enjoying your favorite meals. The happiness and comfort of its dishes is the attribute that makes them special and heartwarming. 

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