Ruby’s Menu Prices

Discover dishes with a fusion of tradition and modern twists by visiting Ruby’s. With branches in both Cebu and Bohol, Ruby’s is a modern Filipino restaurant that promises an unforgettable experience that combines tradition and innovation on every plate. Its menu features a collection of masterpieces that celebrate the warmth, richness, and depth of Filipino flavors. What makes this restaurant unique is that, in a world where dishes have started to evolve, Ruby’s menu dishes remain authentic, a restaurant that honors tradition but is open to innovations.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ruby’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Tokwa't Baboy269

Bihon Guisado

Special Sotanghon299
Letchon Kawali299
Special Dinuguan315
Pancit Miki299
Special Bam-i299
Pancit Canton249
Pancit Satemi299

BBQ Special

Broiler Petcho150
Broiler Paa150
Pork BBQ30


SARDINAS Misua With Patola199
SARDINAS Misua With Patola199
< h2>Soup
Special Lomi250
Mongo Soup250
Sinigang Shrimp312
Sinigang Bangus312
Tinulang Native Manok250
Law-oy Soup312
Tinulang Barilis Tuna306
Pork Lomi375
Pork Ribs Nilaga437
Miswa Soup With Porkmeatballs262
Ginataang Mongo Bulad375
Pork Ribs Sinigang375
Chicken Miswa375
Seafoods Lomi375
Beef Lomi375
Seafoods Sotanghon Soup375
Tinolang Tiyan Sa Bariles Tuna375

Food Toppings

Sisig Toppings149
Pork Adobo149


Breaded Fried Pork Chop155
Grilled Pork Belly315


Buttered Chicken Whole625
Buttered Chicken Half313
Crispy Chicken Whole262
Crispy Chicken Half313
Garlic Chicken Half313
Garlic Chicken Whole625
Honey Lemon Chicken Whole625
Honey Lemon Chicken Half313
Chicken Hot Wings 8 Pieces625
Chicken Hot Wings 4 Pieces313
Chicken Skin295
Chicken Skin295
Chicken Hot And Spicy Whole625
Chicken Curry Half375
Chicken Hot And Spicy Half313
Chicken Drumstick Barbeque 1/2313
Hawaiian, Adobo Chicken313


Tortang Talong250
Eggplant Salad250
Ginataang Gulay250
Chopsuey Seafood250
Tempura Veggies220
Mixed Buttered Vegetables250
Ginataang Langka275
Salad Langka275
Eggplant Tempura275
Salad Langka275
Ginataan Puso Saging275


Paksiw Tiyan Sa Bariles300

Adobo Humba

Pork Bistik500
Chicken Afritada500
Chicken Puchero500
Pork Giniling500
Pork Meatball500


Rubys Classic Chicken699
Chicken Hamonado699




Tokwa't Baboy269

Chinese Style

Sweet & Sour Pompano 400grms625
Honey Spare Ribs750
Pata Tim1250
Sweet And Sour Pork463
Spare Ribs Salt And Pepper613
Spare Ribs With Red Garlic Sauce735
Crispy Pata1250


Pork Barbeque 25Pcs875
Pork Binagoongan750
Pork Humba875
Pork Sisig875
Pork Hamonado875
Pork Sweet And Sour Tenderloin875
Dinuguan Special815


Fish Fillet With Tartar Sauce688
Fish Fillet Sweet And Sour688


Fried Hito With Oriental Sauce 1kl880
Ginataang Hito 1kl880
Fried Hito With Oriental Sauce 1/2kl450
Crispy Hito 1kl810
Crispy Hito 1/2kl420
Ginataang Hito 1/2kl420
Adobong Hito With Pineapple 1/2 Kl420
Adobong Hito With Pineapple 1kl850
Chicken Lomi285
Ginataang Mongo Fish250

Rice Bowls

Humba Rice Bowl120
Ruby's Chopsuey Rice Bowl149
Pork Binaguongan Rice Bowl149
Pork Menudo with Rice149
Pork Giniling with Rice149
Bopis with Rice120
Letson Kawali with Rice159
Bicol Express with Rice120
Pork Fillet with Rice159
Pork BBQ Breaded149

Fast Food

Talong Salad with Rice135
Langka Salad with Rice135
Adobo Manok with Rice95
Paklay with Rice139
Dinuguan with Rice139
Fish Steak with Vegetables & Rice149
Fish Fillet with Rice149
Pork Teriyaki120
Pork Steak with Rice149




Boil Egg99
Scrambled Egg99


Sarciadong Daing Dried Fish220
Pritong Bulad Dried Fish220
Stir Fried Bolinao220
Spicy Dilis220
Dried Fish Curry220
Escabeche Dried Fish220
Tortang Dilis220
Dilis Salad With Tomatos220
Add Ons
Hot & Sour Soup200
Shanghai Rice 3 To 5 Persons30
Garlic Rice35

Adobo Rice

Mineral Water 500ml60
Mineral Water 1000ml85
Coke Zero In Can80

About Ruby’s

Ruby’s is a Filipino restaurant with branches in both Cebu and Bohol that offers dishes with a symphony of flavors inspired by a fusion of Filipino cuisine with modern twists. Each dish is carefully created to fill and satisfy every diner that visits Ruby’s. The combination of beautifully presented and delicious dishes and the comfortable and relaxing ambiance of its restaurant shows Ruby’s dedication to delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

Best selling dishes Pin
Photo Credits: Ruby’s Foodpanda Page

Ruby’s Menu Best Sellers

This menu showcases an array of Filipino dishes that pay homage to the country’s culinary heritage. In each of these dishes, Ruby’s Restaurant captures the essence of Filipino flavors and culinary traditions, inviting diners to savor the warmth and richness of these dishes.

Letchon Kawali – Each bite from Ruby’s Letchon Kawali is filled with a symphony of textures, from the perfectly crackling skin to the tender meat beneath. The dish is a balance of rich flavors, with the well-seasoned pork belly offering a nice contrast to the lightness of the crispy exterior.

Pork sisig Pin
Photo Credits: Ruby’s Foodpanda Page

Special Dinuguan – The rich and savory blood stew is made with tender pork and organ meats, resulting in a perfect blend of taste and texture. The dish’s deep flavors are complemented by the addition of tangy vinegar and a touch of heat from chili peppers.

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Pork Ribs Nilaga – Ruby’s Pork Ribs Nilaga is a bowl of heartwarming goodness composed of tender pork ribs that are simmered to perfection in a flavorful broth alongside an array of vegetables resulting in a nourishing and satisfying dish that’s both light and hearty.

Photo Credits: Ruby’s Foodpanda Page

Chicken Afritada – Made with tender chicken pieces that are stewed to perfection with a selection of vegetables in a savory tomato-based sauce. The dish offers a perfect balance of savory and tangy notes, with the vegetables adding a burst of color and freshness.

Ruby’s BBQ Special Menu

These dishes highlight Ruby’s commitment to delivering a grilled experience that is both mouthwatering and enticing. Each shows the skill that goes into creating perfectly grilled meats that resonate with diners who appreciate the taste of a perfect barbecue.

Broiler Petcho – Grilled to perfection, the broiler petcho is seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices that infuse each bite with a medley of flavors. The dish’s juiciness and charred edges create a textural contrast that is both satisfying and indulging.

Broiler Paa – This grilled chicken leg has a perfectly charred skin, locking in the chicken’s natural juices and flavors. With each bite, the tender meat offers an enjoyable and exciting contrast to the crispy skin, making this dish more satisfying.

Pork BBQ – Skewered and grilled to perfection, these tender pork pieces are marinated in a savory-sweet blend that infuses the meat with a tantalizing aroma and taste. The caramelized edges and smoky notes from the grill enhance the overall experience, creating a mouthwatering aroma and flavors.

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In each of these dishes, Ruby’s Restaurant demonstrates its mastery of cooking techniques and its commitment to delivering dishes that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly satisfying.

Buttered Chicken Whole – The entire chicken of this menu of Ruby’s is generously coated in a buttery sauce that imparts a rich and savory taste. The skin is crispy and golden, creating a nice contrast to the tender meat within., giving each bite a burst of comfort and indulgence.

Crispy Chicken Whole – Ruby’s Crispy Chicken Whole is expertly fried to achieve a crunchy and golden exterior that shatters with every bite. Beneath the crispy skin lies meat that is tender and juicy, creating a blend of textures that is both satisfying and addictive.

Garlic Chicken Half – Half of a chicken that is marinated and cooked to perfection, infusing the meat with the bold flavors of garlic resulting in a dish that is both savory and fragrant, with the garlic notes enhancing the natural taste of the chicken.

Garlic Chicken (Half) Pin
Photo Credits: Ruby’s Foodpanda Page


Ruby’s seafood menu showcases a distinct Filipino dish called Paksiw Tiyan Sa Bariles. This dish highlights the rich resources of the Philippines from its sea, featuring Tiyan Sa Bariles, which refers to the belly of a bangus fish, simmered in a flavorful paksiw sauce.


The vegetable menu takes diners on an enjoyable journey filled with Filipino vegetable dishes like the Chopsuey which offers a mix of vegetables stir-fried to crisp-tender perfection, showcasing the art of balance and freshness, while Tortang Talong features an eggplant grilled to smoky goodness and then transformed into a flavorful omelet that is both hearty and comforting.

Pancit canton Pin
Photo Credits: Ruby’s Foodpanda Page

Ruby’s Menu Delivery

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Ruby’s innovative menu delivery service is designed to extend the accessibility of its delectable offerings to a broader audience, providing a seamless and convenient way for people to indulge in their favorites from the comfort of their homes. This hassle-free option allows customers to place orders through popular delivery platforms like FoodPanda, ensuring that the flavors and delights of their menu can be savored by more and more individuals without any effort or inconvenience.

Social Media Pages

Unfortunately, they are still working on expanding their visibility on social media pages. You may encourage them to boost their popularity by visiting their physical store and featuring them in one of your reels, posts, or tweets!


What is Ruby’s?

Ruby’s is a Filipino restaurant that features a menu filled with dishes that range from classic Filipino dishes to those with modern twists.

Where are the locations of Ruby’s?

You can find multiple branches of Ruby’s restaurant in Bohol and Cebu.

What types of dishes do they serve at Ruby’s?

Ruby’s serves a wide variety of Filipino dishes. There are also some other international cuisine available.

What are some popular dishes on the menu at Ruby’s?

Some of the most popular items at Ruby’s are its lechon kawali, dinuguan, and nilaga.


Ruby’s is a go-to place for those who are looking to try dishes that celebrate the richness and depth of Filipino flavors. With its branches in both Cebu and Bohol, Ruby’s offers a remarkable dining experience that transcends boundaries, inviting diners to experience a journey that blends traditional recipes with contemporary twists. In addition, Ruby’s menu delivery service ensures that these exceptional dishes are accessible to all, allowing you to savor Ruby’s masterpieces from the comfort of your own home without needing to go outside.

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