Steveston Pizza Menu Prices

When you run out of options, a great pizza will never go wrong. It is the common go-to snack of many that is beloved because of its magnifying goodness of various toppings and loads of cheese. When it comes to pizza, I have a recommended spot that will surely bring the best out of your pizza bite experience. Introducing Steveston Pizza, a known restaurant that offers various cuisines that highlight European and Mediterranean menu, I am sure you are excited about this so let’s start this experience as we take a closer look at their menu collection.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this restaurant’s menu as well as its prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All day Breakfast

Spanish Sardines399
Longganisa Selection399
Sisig Prime399
Tapa Prime399
Frittata Breakfast - Vegetable399
Frittata Breakfast - Sausage399
Frittata Breakfast - Spanish Sardines (Reference Only)399

All day Breakfast

Frittata Breakfast - Vegetable399
Frittata Breakfast - Sausage399
Frittata Breakfast - Spanish Sardines (Reference Only)399

All day Breakfast

Artigiano Bread (3 Pcs.)249


Classic Caesar349
Flying Caesar399
Mediterranean Salad499
Crab Mango Salad499


Chicken Wings299


Red Pasta479
White Pasta479
Green Pasta479


Cream of Mushroom249

All Time Favorite Pizza

The Caveman 12"1,399
Caveman (All Meat) 8"899
Cheese 12"699
Marguerite 12"699
Pepperoni 12"799
Cheese (4 Cheese) 8"399
Marguerite 8"399
Pepperoni 8"449

Marguerite Pizza

M0. Anchovies 12"999
M1. Garlic & Basil 12"999
M2. Feta & Chicken 12"999
M3. Fresh Spinach 12"999
M4. Smoked Salmon 12"999
M5. Artichokes 12"999
M6. Shrimp 12"999
M0 Anchovies 8"499
M1 Garlic & Basil 8"499
M2 Feta & Chicken 8"499
M3 Fresh Spinach 8"499
M4 Smoked Salmon 8"499
M5 Artichokes 8"499
M6 Shrimp 8"499

Colours Pizza

Green 12"1,299
Blue 12"1,299
Black 12"1,299
Pink 12"1,299
Green 8"799
Blue 8"799
Pink 8"799
Black 8"799

Elements Pizza

Water 12"1,299
Earth 12"1,299
Wind 12"1,299
The 5th Element 12"1,299
Fire 12"1,299
Water 8"799
Earth 8"799
Wind 8"799
Fire 8"799
5th Element 8"799

Journeys Pizza

Canadian 12"1,299
Japanese 12"1,299
Canadian 2 12"1,299
French 12"1,299
Mediterranean 12"1,299
Hawaiian 12'1,299
Mexican 12"1,299
Italian 12"1,299
West Coast 12"1,299
Canadian 8"799
Canadian 2 8"799
French 8"799
Mediterranean 8"799
West Coast 8"799
Hawaiian 8"799
Japanese 8"799
Italian 8"799
Mexican 8"799

Our Signature Premium Pizza

The Queen6,499
The Princess3,699
C0. Smoked Salmon2,499
C1. Tiger Prawn2,499
C2. Prosciutto Ham2,499

Combo Meals

COMBO 499499
Combo Meal 349349
Combo 399399

Steveston Dessert Bars

Blueberry Cheesecake225
Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Reference Only)225

Classic Coffee

Cafe Latte150
Espresso Shot150

Signature Coffee

Coffee Cloud170
Spanish Latte170
Caramel Macchiato170
Caramel Latte170
Salted Caramel Latte170
Choco Macadamia Latte170
Chocolate Vanilla Latte170
Matcha Espresso170
Pink Latte170

Non Coffee Beverages

Chocolate Caramel160
Sweet Caramel160
Salted Caramel160
Matcha Latte160
Chocolate Vanilla160
Choco Macadamia160
Cookie Crumble160
Creamy Vanilla160
Chocolate Strawberry160

Refreshing Ades & Lemonades

Strawberry Lemonade199
Blueberry Lemonade199
Green Apple Lemonade199
Blue Lemonade199
Sparkling Lemonade180
Strawberry Ade180
Green Apple Ade180
Blueberry Ade180



About Steveston Pizza

Steveston Pizza offers you a slice of heaven that you can’t find anywhere else, every pizza they craft offers you passion and utmost perfection in delivering an experience you won’t soon forget. They are committed to serving a well-crafted pizza that highlights its fresh ingredients with a touch of love for pizza. From Classic Pizza to Margherita Pizza, you will surely love every bit of your experience here at Steveston Pizza.

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Steveston Pizza Menu Best Seller

This is a bite you will surely remember as you immerse yourself in these top-selling dishes from Steveston Pizza.

The Caveman – A pizza for meat lovers because this pizza offers loads of pepperoni, bacon capicola, and lean cut of beef. A must-try in their selection.

the caveman Pin
Photo Credits: Steveston Pizza Philippines Facebook Page

Caveman (All Meat) 8″ – It is part of their time favorite that is also similar to The Caveman, this pizza is served in an 8-inch size perfect for small consumption and appetite.

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M0. Anchovies 12 – This best seller offers you flavorful toppings of roasted garlic along with anchovies and caramelized onions that elevate the entire pizza. It also features capers, tomatoes, and arugula.

M2. Feta & Chicken – A must-love in their collection of Marguerita Pizza highlighting the flavor of Arugula pesto, basil, chicken, and creamy feta. A wondrous bite that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

feta & chicken pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Steveston Pizza Philippines Facebook Page

M3. Fresh Spinach – A wonderful trip to freshness is here in their version of Fresh Spinach. It is a best-selling pizza that features a fusion of Garlic and Tomato.

Classic Pizza

Nothing beats the classic when it comes to their classic Pizza that features their recommending pizza highlighting the nostalgic bites you will surely can’t get over with.

Cheese – This pizza is an all-star in the menu collection of Steveston Pizza, it features cheesy bites you will surely love from the burst of cheesy flavor that perfectly compliments with other 4 cheeses added on it.

Marguerite – This timeless classic is here to give you harmonious flavors featuring its simple and meaningful flavor. It offers you a perfectly baked crust with luscious tomato sauce and the freshest basil chiffonade.

PepperoniFor the pepperoni lovers! try this slice of heaven pizza that is loaded with pepperoni slices and a generous layer of gooey and perfectly melted cheese.

pepperoni pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Steveston Pizza Philippines Facebook Page

Marguerite Pizza

A trip to the finest slices of Italy with the authentic Italian Pizza menu of Steveston that features various textures, characters, and iconic toppings that you have not tried before.

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Smoked Salmon – This pizza is a best-selling pizza for a reason. It offers you a luxurious vibe from the smoked salmon that highlights the pizza with the flavorful onion, mushrooms, and final touch of this Swedish mustard.

Artichoke – Indulge in the undeniable goodness of this Artichoke pizza. It features a basil pesto along with roasted peppers, Roma tomatoes, artichokes, and bocconcini cheese.

Shrimp pizza – This pizza is perfect for every seafood lover out there. It features a boast of pesto marbled sauce along with red peppers, roasted garlic, and meaty shrimp.

shrimp pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Steveston Pizza Philippines Facebook Page

Anchovies – Bold and Classic are my two descriptions for this pizza. It features roasted garlic and the highlight is anchovies with caramelized onions, tomato sauce, capers, and a special touch of peppery arugula.

Steveston Pizza Delivery

Craving for these heavenly slices? Well, check that your cravings are satisfied because even though you’re not in the mood to go out, you can have this iconic pizza menu from Steveston Pizza delivered right to your door. They are available through FoodPanda Philippines, where you can experience smooth and efficient transactions before, during, and after it is delivered.

white pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Steveston Pizza Philippines Facebook Page

Get in Touch with Steveston Pizza

They’re not just about pizza; they’re about pushing the boundaries of flavor. Expect unexpected and delightful combinations that redefine pizza.




Twitter / X:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Steveston Pizza offer? 

Steveston Pizza offers delightful pizzas that are offered in various styles, forms, and origins. Aside from that, They also have a long list of other menu collections such as their All Day Breakfast and more.

What is Steveston Pizza known for?

Steveston Pizza is known for its Marguerite pizza which is a selection of pizza that highlights bold, aromatic, and extra spiced-up flavors.

What are the operating hours of Steveston Pizza?

Steveston Pizza is operating from 10 AM until 8 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Where is the Steveston Pizza located in the Philippines?

Experience the culinary excellence as you take a flavorful visit through their store which is located at Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse 1110, Lungsod Quezon, 1110 Kalakhang Maynila.


In conclusion, Steveston Pizza is a restaurant that became a home of various pizzas menu highlighting the flavor of Europe and various international cuisines. It is a home of a variety of options and it is guaranteed that you will always find something to love and to indulge in in this restaurant. From their timeless classic pizza collection up to their bold and briny adventure of Marguerite Pizzas, it clearly shows how they are so committed to delivering well-handcrafted pizza that honors the authentic taste and traditions.

I also love how they are combined ins ensure nothing but the freshest high-quality ingredients that add love and passion to the entire preparation. Their innovation to take their pizza to a higher level is something to commend especially their smoked salmon pizza which is a very odd choice from the way we see pizza but a very smart move in giving us a fresh angle of this iconic delight. Again I love their pizza and I love their collections that are so well curated and well-thought of.

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