Canton Road Menu Prices

Cantonese cuisine, like what you find at places such as Canton Road, stands out in China for a few reasons. They focus on the natural smells of the dishes, using spices carefully, so even if you like spicier food, it’s well-balanced. Each part of what Canton Road serves has a purpose, making your food experience special. The key thing is tasting how fresh the food is when it comes through Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Spices are only used when they make the flavors better, not to cover them up. Now, these Cantonese dumplings are a big deal. They have these light but strong wrappers that give you a burst of amazing flavors in just a few bites. These dumplings are super popular in China and all around the world because they capture the goodness of a whole meal in just a little bit of food.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Canton Road menu prices.


Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Wood ear fungus marinated248
Spicy green papaya248
Marinated chayote248
Spiced marinated U.S. Angus beef488
Marinated Salted Duck498
Jellyfish salad688
Cucumber and cordyceps flower salad248

Steamed Dimsum

Crystal skin shrimp dumpling (4pcs)298
Steamed Iberico pork and shrimp dumpling with mud crab roe (4pcs)298
U.S. scallop and bamboo shoot powder dumpling (3 pcs)338
Canton Road style steamed xiao long bao (3 pcs)248
Steamed Hong Kong custard and salted duck egg bun (3 pcs)268
Steamed honey roasted pork bun248
Black fungus, assorted mushroom, carrot in spinach dumpling(4 pcs)248

Stone Flamed BBQ

BBQ honey roasted pork shoulder688
Guangdong fire roasted duck988
Slow roast lamb shank in mixed herbs and spices988
Macau crispy pork belly798
Crispy free range chicken with five spiced salt1588

Wok Fried

Sweet and sour pork with lychee and apple cider vinegar588
Crispy wasabi coated prawn ball, mango pearl (6pcs)1988
Free range chicken and cashew nuts in kung pao sauce498
Wok fried Angus beef with onion leeks and eringi988
Leshan flavor organic chicken, dried chili and Szechuan698
Poached spicy pork tenderloin with cucumber and bean sprouts538
US beef tenderloin, foie gras in crispy garlic pepper sauce2488

Burned Pottery

Spicy eggplant, minced chicken and salty fish598
Slow-cooked sea cucumber with onion leeks and shrimp paste1788
Homemade soy milk tofu, asparagus, minced pork in mixed mushroom gravy588
Simmered free range chicken, shallots in black truffle sauce698
Black pork “Ma Po” tofu dusted Szechuan peppe598
Slow braised Wagyu beef brisket with radish in chu hou sauce898
Oven baked ginger flavor salt crusted duck888
Wok-fried cauliflower with pork belly, garlic and dried chili488

Baked and Fried DimSum

Bean curd sheet, shrimp and mixed vegetables (3pcs)368
Pan seared spicy radish cake with X.O. sauce (5 pcs)268
Fried pork dumpling topped over crispy nest (5 pcs)248
Slow baked honey glazed BBQ pork bun (3 pcs)258
Crispy spring roll with shrimp, carrot and mushrooms (3 pcs)298
Fried lobster wonton with yellow chives and spicy sauce (3 pcs)568
Baked pumpkin, black truffle and chicken puff (3 pcs)248

Premium Tea

Wild Chrysanthemum78
Rose Buds78
Yunnan Tippy Puer88
Wuyi Dark Rock148
Spring King Tie Guan Yin198
Bi Lou Chun248
Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong298
Silver Needle white tea388

Signature Tea

Canton Garden Iced Tea298

About Canton Road

With a wide variety of local delicacies and its famous roast grilled meat, Canton Road epitomizes contemporary Cantonese cuisine. The Huaiyang cuisine, which has a distinguished history as the most celebrated food in the Jiangsu region, is also woven into the menu selection.

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It is unique for its somewhat sweet flavor and delicate, exquisite presentation. This fusion of Southeast and Eastern Chinese cuisine has managed to preserve its priceless legacy while also evolving with the times in terms of presentation.

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Chef Wang Wei Qing is the brains behind this wonderful eatery. With more than two decades in the kitchen, he has amassed a lot of knowledge and mastered both traditional Cantonese cuisine and Fujian cuisine. By giving traditional cuisine a contemporary spin, he seeks to offer food that embodies the best of both worlds. His expertly prepared dishes perfectly capture all of this.

Canton Road Menu Best Seller

This restaurant is not your typical Chinese eatery. To guide you in ordering their meals, here are some of the Canton Road menu best sellers:

  • Yangzhou Soft Bean Curd Soup – A piping-hot soup with a subtle tofu flavor. Although it had a dull flavor at first, it eventually came to enjoy due to its delicate texture and cozy atmosphere.
  • Chef’s Pork Dumpling – Excellent umami flavor combo with the abalone topping.
  • Baked Pumpkin – a distinctive specialty dim sum at Canton Road that tastes like chicken and black truffle-flavored mini-pumpkins.
  • Steamed Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun – Cute panda buns with salted eggs that you can either eat as an appetizer or as a sweet dessert to complete the meal.
  • Chef’s Shrimp Dumplings – This Canton Road menu consists of yunnan ham, flying fish roe and cooked king prawn dumplings.
  • U.S Angus Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras – Chinese fried rice goes best with these, which are similar to sweet salpicao cubes.
  • Trio BBQ Combination Platter – It consists of pork belly from Macau, Peking duck, and Iberico pork with honey glaze. They make some of the best barbecue foods we’ve ever had. A tasting trio plate is available.
  • Moist Chocolate Cake – Authentically prepared chocolate and caramel treat.
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Canton Road Private Dining

Now, several restaurants and venues provide private areas within their establishments that permit you to eat alone or with only the people you have invited, away from the rest of the restaurant.

Canton Road, Admiralty, Austin, Granville, Kowloon, Mody, Nathan, Peking, and Salisbury are the names of some of the most well-known streets in Hong Kong. Up to 28 guests can easily stay in one of the suites’ own bathrooms and pantries.

  • Admiralty – 6-person capacity
  • Austin – 12-person capacity
  • Granville – 5-person capacity
  • Kowloon – 6-person capacity
  • Mody – 8-person capacity
  • Nathan – 3-person capacity
  • Peking – 15-person capacity
  • Salisbury – 6-person capacity

Canton Road Promos

There are promos on Canton Road on December 24, 25, and 31. Here are some of them:

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Dimsum Set – Take the family out for a DimSum lunch including traditional dishes like simmering free-range chicken with shallots in black truffle sauce, stir-fried US scallops and asparagus in XO sauce, and steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with mud crab roe.

Christmas and New Year Sets – During the holiday season, larger gatherings necessitate grander meals.

Come Together at Canton Road – There is a lavish meal waiting for you and your loved ones if you choose this Canton Road menu. Holiday fixed menus are available when you reserve a seat in one of the nine private dining rooms.

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Private dining at Canton Road combines the intimacy of a personal setting with upscale restaurant-quality service, offering the best of both worlds for both small and large gatherings. This dining experience provides an exclusive fine dining atmosphere where you and your guests can enjoy Canton Road’s striking appearance, subtly blending traditional Chinese culture with modern design elements. The restaurant’s design features subdued floral and geometric motifs, textured silk panels, and superb metal screens with a modern-oriental pattern, creating a warm and contemporary ambiance. The oriental atmosphere is further enriched by a soundtrack from contemporary Chinese movies and modern tunes. Whether seated at central tables or on luxurious couches, visitors can truly savor the gathering in this magnificent yet relaxed dining space.

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