Ramboy’s Menu Prices

Are you looking for a great place to go on your next eat-out with your family or friends? Do you love Filipino foods? If yes then I have a recommendation for you. Ramboy’s menu offers a lot of delicious and healthy Filipino dishes for you and your family, this place has a wide variety of mouthwatering options for you to choose from and if you’re a fan of Filipino cuisine then this place is perfect for you. Let’s talk about their menu, price, and best sellers for you to have an idea of what they offer just in case you decide to try their restaurant. Let’s start! 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Shrimp Tempura285
Sizzling Gambas210
Crispy Pata325
Ox Tounge Toppings 135
Beef Teriyaki145
Chicken Teriyaki125
Chicken Bbq125
Ramboy's Chicken 125
Ramboy's Liempo145
Group Meal (8-10 Persons)2350
Group Meal (6-8 Persons)1700
Sizzling Sisig225
Sizzling Liver195
Sizzling Tuna245
Lumpia Shanghai210
Sweet And Sour Pork 205
Sweet And Sour Liver205
Seafood Mix275
Beef Steak240
Pork Chop195
Kinilaw Na245
Sizzling Pork Chop195
Sizzling Boneless Bangus225
Sizzling Chicken245
Sizzling Calamares195
Group Meal (4-6 Persons)1150
Group Meal (3-4 Persons)750
Mango Float165
Garlic Rice95
Chicken Chopsuey 180
Chicken Canton Guisado160
Chicken Sotanghon Guisado170
Chicken Bihon Guisado 160
Sweet & Sour Meatballs 185
Plain Meat Balls165
Bam- E180
Canton Guisado165
Sotanghon Guisado175
Bihon Guisado165
Fried Chicken280
Fried Rice115
Plain Rice (Cup)30
Plain Rice (Plate)90
Leche Flan155
Leche Flan (Single)65
Fruit Salad65
Chicken Lomi155
Sinigang Na Baboy275
Sinigang Na Isda275
Sinigang Na Hipon275
Chicken Bbq (Paa & Pecho)225
Inihaw Na Liempo (Half)145
Kinilaw Na Pasayan205
Onion Rings115
Sizzling Hot Garlic Mushroom 220
Ox Tongue 245


Hand Brew Coffee150
San Miguel Light65
San Miguel Pilsen60
Buko Shake85
Mango Shake85
Four Seasons Juice55
Pineapple Juice55
Mango Juice355
Bottled Water40
Buko Juice65
Iced Tea45
Soda In Can50
Red Horse65

About Ramboy’s

Ramboy’s restaurant is originally located in Bulwang Numancia, Aklan. This place is known for its delicious liempo and other local favorites. Started their business in the 1990s their business expanded its menu and became famous in their place of origin, they actually have branches in Luzon and Visayas nowadays. True to their tagline Ramboy’s offers the best-tasting lechon manok and liempo that you can find in the market these days. A lot of people loved their dishes and became a household name, especially in Iloilo.

They started to commence their restaurant in the year 2011 and now have 18 branches nationwide. Ramboy’s has a lot to offer and it’s not surprising that they have a lot of customers specifically on lunch and dinner so you better be early. As this restaurant grows the owner of this place continues to give fresh and quality ingredients to ensure the quality of their foods to make everyone come for more. This place is also sulit since the serving size of their meals is quite big enough for sharing. 

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Ramboy’s Menu Best-sellers

Here below are Ramboy’s best sellers according to some research. 

Liempo – Liempo is the most popular item on Ramboy’s menu. Everybody loves their liempo and I must say their liempo is one of the best that I ever tasted so far. crispy on the outside and flavorful and juicy on the inside. This mouthwatering goodness is a dish that you can’t say no to. 

liempo Pin
Photo Credits: Ramboys SM Southpoint FB Page

Lechon Manok – Ramboy’s Lechon Manok is also included on their best sellers, this one is perfect for sharing with the whole family or your friends. Their lechon manok tastes really good with or without the sauce. Chicken is tender and not dry not overcooked too. It’s still juicy on the inside and has that a little crispy and golden outside. 

Sinigang – Sinigang whichever version it is is quite popular on their menu as well. The soup is not too sour and one thing I like most about their take on sinigang is the vegetables are not overcooked. Sinigang is undoubtedly one of the most famous dishes in our country and Ramboy’s sinigang is one of the best that I tried so far. Must try. 

tuna steak Pin
Photo Credits: Ramboys SM Southpoint FB Page

Sotanghon Guisado – Sotanghon guisado is widely popular in our cuisine. This noodle dish is one of the celebratory dishes for most Filipino families as it represents “long life”. Their version of Sotanghon Guisado is delicious with fresh vegetables and meats on it. This doesn’t mean a long life but also a satisfied and happy tummy. Perfectly cooked noodles and vegetables too. 

sotanghon guisado Pin
Photo Credits: Ramboys SM Southpoint FB Page
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Ramboy’s offers a lot of soupy dishes that we Filipinos have loved for years. Most of these items are local favorites as well. They have 3 types of sinigang, hipon, baboy, and isda so it’s really up to you which one you prefer. They also have lomi which is pork and chicken lomi, these are also good.

sinigang na hipon Pin
Photo Credits: Ramboys SM Southpoint FB Page

Other than that they also have chicken sotanghon soup which is a lighter kind of delicious soup that is popular in our country. If you’re looking for something classic they also have tinolang native na manok the broth of this one is so rich and very flavorful. They also have nido soup on this menu. 

Meaty Items

Ramboy’s offers 4 kinds of meaty menu that are great for sharing. They have liempo which is good for 3-4 people already. They also have patatim which is my favorite thing to order on their menu. Crispy pata is also on their menu their popular crispy pata is juicy and tender on the inside and very crispy on the outside and lastly their lechon manok, this one is a whole chicken that they serve with dipping sauce. 

patatim Pin
Photo Credits: Ramboys SM Southpoint FB Page

Ramboy’s Menu Delivery 

Ramboys lechon manok and liempo offers delivery  within Iloilo city. All you have to do is call their number at 09519717277 for smart and 09665935986 for globe subscribers. You can also message them on their Instagram account for your orders. Aside from that if you’re living nowhere near Iloilo you can also use other platforms such as third-party delivery services available in your location. 

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Ramboy’s Facebook Page

Join them on a journey of flavor and tradition by following Ramboy’s on their Facebook. Discover the authentic taste of homegrown favorites that have delighted generations!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ramboys


Can I have a reservation at Ramboy’s?

Yes. Ramboy’s accepts reservations. All you have to do is to call them at 09519717277 or 09665935986.

What are the payment options at Ramboy’s?

Ramboy’s accepts cash for payments and debit and credit cards for a cashless transaction. While on their delivery orders, they accept GCash, or bank transfers. 

What is Ramboy’s business hours?

Ramboy’s is open daily Mondays through Sundays from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm. 

Does Ramboy’s accept delivery orders?

It depends on the branch not all Ramboy’s offers delivery orders however there are a lot of Ramboy’s restaurant branches that offer it. 

Why is Ramboy’s popular?

Ramboy’s is popular because of its mouthwatering Filipino favorites to offer. Sample dishes are liempo, halabos, and many more. 


It is a great place to go if you are craving Filipino food. Overall experience with this place is good and very satisfying. Ramboy’s menu offers a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings and tickle your tastebuds for more. This place also has a spacious dining area where you can eat comfortably and just enjoy your delicious meal. Service crews offer good customer service they are fast, nice, and easy to deal with, even give recommendations if you’re nice and ask them. Highly recommended for every foodie out there who loves to experience great food and good customer service. 

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