Matsuya Menu Prices

Brace yourself because another Japanese restaurant is what we are about to review today! They are famous for their heartwarming ramen and various Matsuya Special bento menu that offer you savory and refreshing bites of the famous Japanese cuisine. Introducing Matsuya! A restaurant that brings a collision of culinary excellence and Japanese tradition. Here is the latest menu collection and prices that I made for you!

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Udon / Soba Noodles

Nabeyaki Udon320
Tempura Udon280
Niku Udon320
Ten Zaru Soba340
Yaki Soba290
Yaki Udon320


Sake Sashimi390
Maguro Sashimi380
Saba Sashimi480
Ika Sashimi450
Uni Sashimi450
Tamago Sashimi280
Ebi Sashimi320
Tako Sashimi380
Otoro Sashimi980

Moriawase Set



Kani Salad290
Tuna Salad330
Potato Salad220
Salmon Salad340

Curry Rice

Curry + Rice + Vegetable + Chicken290
Chicken Katsu (additional)120
Don (Pork) Katsu (additional)180


Sapporo Miso Ramen250
Tongkotsu Ramen280
Nagasaki Champon320
Matsuya Tantanmen290
Shoyu Ramen270

Jjampong Special

Haemul Jampong Regular450
Bul Jampong White420
Jjukumi Jampong490
Chadol Bul Jampong490
Tangsuyuk (M)650
Tangsuyuk (Subuta) L1,100
Marra Chicken Tangsuyuk850


Shime Saba60

Sushi Moriawase Set


Matsuya Special Maki

Ebi Ten Maki290
California Maki270
Spicy Salmon Maki280
Spicy Tuna Maki280
Salmon Maki220
Tuna Maki220
Futo Maki Kimbap260
Volcano Roll290
Cheesy Maki280
Dragon Maki290


Ebi Tempura (Shrimp)370
Mix Tempura390
Crab Claw330
Ika Tempura370

Grilled & Pan-Fried

Japanese Wagu-Yakiniku650
Sake Kamayaki430

Okonomi Yaki

Matsuya Steak Garlic450
Shishamo Yaki290
Saba Shio Yaki290


Chahan Fried Rice280
Ebi Chahan320
Ebi Chilli380
Kimchi Fried Rice280

Matsuya Special Bento Menu

Chicken Katsu250
Don Katsu270
Samgyupsal Bento290
Ebi Tempura Bento290
Chicken Teriyaki290
Saba Shio Yaki290
Tori Karaage Bento320
Original Bibimbap290
Chicken Teriyaki Bibimbap330
Pork Bulgogi Bibimbap330
Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap350

Domburi (Rice Bowls)

Pork Donburi270
Chicken Donburi250
Chirashi Sushi Don540

Ala Carte 1

Edamame (Soy Bean)180
Gyosa (4pcs)180
Tori Karaage (8pcs)290
Agedashi Tofu180
Koebi Karaage250
Hiyayako Tofu150

Ala Carte 2

Moyashi Itame250
Yasai Itame280
Miso Soup50
Japan Rice60

About Matsuya

Matsuya is a famous Japanese restaurant that is known for its remarkable quality Japanese cuisine that brings authentic flavors of the culinary masterpieces that give a delightful journey and flavorful texture you will surely love. They offer a long list of flavorful delicacies such as their Tempura, sushi, grilled, and pan-fried collections as well as their iconic Jjampong special that brings tremendous warmth and comfort to your day. 

Matsuya Menu Best Seller

Savor the finest bite of this iconic Japanese cuisine that has been well-loved among its customers since day one.

Haemul Jjampong Regular – This popular Korean-Chinese dish at Matsuya is a delightful rendition of your spicy and savory broth of flavorful seafood that is brimming with flavor and well-balanced goodness.

haemul jjampong Pin
Photo Credits: Matsuya Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Tongkotsu Ramen – Time for the classics! This dish is here to give you creamy pork that features tender slices of chashu pork with perfectly cooked noodles all summer in a very savory broth.

Shoyu Ramen – This Japanese ramen is famous for its soy sauce-based broth that highlights the mastusya’s version and is packed with umami flavor that compliments tender chashu pork.

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Tamago – A sweet and fluffy rolled meat menu from Matsuya that features a perfect balance of flavors that will give you a very light feeling while indulging with it. It is a perfect side but it can also serve as a meal.

tamago sushi Pin
Photo Credits: Matsuya Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Chicken Katsu – A comforting Japanese favorite that features a crispy breaded fried chicken that is carefully breaded. It highlights crispy chicken cutlets making it a delightful treat for everyone.

chicken katsu Pin
Photo Credits: Matsuya Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Matsuya Special Bento Set Menu

A delightful fusion of your various Japanese favorites is delightfully served here in one meal. It offers you a well-rounded experience while giving you a visually appealing meal.

Chicken Teriyaki – This chicken teriyaki is an all-time fave even among Filipinos. It features a tender and grilled fried chicken that is generously glazed with glossy and sweet teriyaki sauce that has a special savory flavor.

Tori Karaage Bento – One of my favorites at Matsuya that features a crispy fried chicken known as karaage that is perfectly served with various vegetables. It is seasoned with various Japanese spices giving you delightful flavors and crispiness.

Ebi Tempura Bento – Savor the perfectly fried shrimp served with their traditional sides in this Bento that highlights a crispy and satisfying option for your meal.

Don Katsu – Prepare to be wowed with this Matsuya’s version of Don Katsu that features deep-fried pork cutlets that are served atop a bed of rice. It is a hearty and very fulfilling dish I am sure you would love.

Don katsu bento Pin
Photo Credits: Matsuya Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Donburi (Rice Bowls)

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Matsuya offers various donburi menu that are high in protein and are served over a bed of rice. It offers a comfortable and satisfying experience and a perfect meal for every first-timer.

Pork Donburi – This bowl offers you succulent pork that is elevated with the sweet and savory sauce. It is one of their beloved dish in this category making it a must-try dish.

Chirashi Sushi Don – A colorful rice bowl that showcases various flavors of fresh sashimi. It gives a visually appealing bowl and perfect choice for every sushi lover out there.

Salmon don Pin
Photo Credits: Matsuya Japanese Restaurant FB Page

Unidon – This rice bowl is topped with the finest slices of sea urchin which results in a unique experience and sophisticated dining experience. A culinary haven for every seafood lover too!

Chicken Donburi – Now for the last spot! enjoy this donburi that features tender pieces of chicken that are simmered in robust flavor sauce. It’s the right textures that result in an extra enticing visual appeal.

Matsuya Delivery

Matsuya is available for food delivery service just hop a call with them at 09178994389 or 09171757841. If you want to order through a third-party delivery channel I recommend that you use FoodPanda as they offer efficient transactions as well as a very commendable service. You can also reach them through their official Facebook page at Matsuya Japanese Restaurant to answer all of your queries.

Social Media Pages

Follow Matsuya and join them in exploring the richness of Japanese cuisine. Your next favorite dish and dining experience are just a follow away!

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What type of cuisine does Matsuya offer? 

Matsuya offers the finest collection of your favorite Japanese food, they feature a wide range of authentic Japanese cuisines that are a must-loved for everyone.

What is Matsuya known for?

This restaurant is known for its Ramen, Sushi, and Donburi Collections. They have also been famous for their Korean side dishes since then.

What are the operating hours of Matsuya?

Matsuya operates from 10 AM until 3 AM every day.

Where is Matsuya located in the Philippines?

You can visit Matsuya at Fort Pointe 28th Street corner 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City.


Matsuya is another Japanese restaurant that you can confidently recommend to your friends and colleagues. They have a delightful range of menu dishes that cater to various cravings and palates. They have a very comforting atmosphere just like how comforting their ramen is so I really recommend visiting the shop rather than having it delivered right to your home because you are missing so much, especially on how cozy the atmosphere they provide in their restaurant. Another thing to add is how they retain the authenticity that perfectly shines in every plate they serve. From Tonkotsu Ramen to their Chicken Katsu and delightful Donburi rice bowls, Mastuya truly encapsulated the essence of Japanese cuisine. I also want to commend how they’re actively engaging on social media especially their Facebook where they consistently post an update about their menu and latest deals. I am very satisfied with my experience and I am certain that Matusya is one of the restaurants in the Philippines where the heart of Japan is served in every dish they serve.

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