Ramen Kuroda Menu Prices

If you are looking for Japanese food, especially ramen I found the most affordable restaurant for you. Are you craving some ramen and don’t know where to get the best-tasting yet affordable ones? Good news, since I found something interesting. Ever heard about Ramen Kuroda? If not let me introduce them to you. This Japanese restaurant serves mostly Japanese food and their price are surprisingly affordable with of course good quality. Look no more, ill save you your misery in finding affordable yet authentic ramen since in this article we are going to know the Ramen Kuroda menu, a little bit of info about them, their goals how they started, and the best food menu. Sounds new right but believe me, I tried dining in at their restaurant and the food will never disappoint you. They have actually a lot to offer. So, let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ramen Kuroda menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Shiro ramen180
Kuro ramen180
Aka ramen180
Shiro cashumen230
Kuro cashumen230
Aka cashumen230
Bari kara ramen230
Tan tan men230
Curry ramen230

Add Ons

Nori 4 pcs30
Extra noodles40
Karashi takana30

Set Meals

Ramen chahan set320
Ramen gyoza set320
Ramen teriyaki pork don set320
Ramen teriyaki chicken don set340
Ramen curry rice set340
Ramen gyu don set360
Ramen chicken karaage set360
Ramen spicy chicken karaage set360
Ramen tonkatsu set360
Ramen oyaku don set340
Ramen chicken nanban set350
Ramen katsu don set380

Special Bento Set

Kuroda basic bento set500
Kuroda bento healthy set500
Kuroda kids meal230

Side Dishes

Chicken karaage240
Special chicken karaage240
Kani salad220
Pork salad180
Salmon sashimi300
Salmon spicy salad240
Ebi fry280
Ebi tempura280
Chicken nanban240
Teriyaki chicken160
Teriyaki pork130

Rice Dishes

Shiro chahan150
Kuro chahan150
Aka chahan150
Curry rice180
Katsu curry240
Salmon spicy roll280
California roll260
Salmon roll300
Teriyaki pork roll240
Teriyaki pork don150
Gyu don200
Teriyaki chicken don280
Edi ten don300
Katsu don220
Tentoji don300
Oyaku don180
Teriyaki salmon don220
Chicken karaage don220
Onogiri tanaku80
Onigiri sake80


Green mango shake80
Yellow mango shake80
Watermelon shake80
Orange shake80
Coke zero50
Four Seasons50
Pineapple juice50
Iced tea50
Bottled water40
San mig light80


Halo halo green tea120
Halo halo yellow mango120

About Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda opens their first restaurant in Manila way back in 2015. Their goal is to bring quality and delicious Ramen affordable to Filipino consumers. In Japan, ramen is available for every customer whether you are rich or poor, working type or student and that’s what the owner wants to do here in the Philippines on starting his business.

YouTube video

The main goal is to let Filipino people enjoy authentic ramen at the most affordable price. In Manila, a lot of Japanese restaurants serve quite an authentic ramen but the problem is the price that’s the reason why people don’t have easy access to this type of food, Kuroda loves Filipino people to enjoy Japanese food as well that’s why he made this affordable.

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There are 19 ramen Kuroda shops in the Philippines as of today according to their website and they are continuing to grow really fast. He also made the exterior of his restaurant quite cozy and very Japanese so that it’ll be much more like eating in Japan, plus the authentic taste.

Ramen Kuroda Menu Best Sellers

Here is the list of some of the best-tasting ramen that they can offer and you must try it. This may also serve as a guide for you if you are new to their menu.

Aka Chashu on Ramen Kuroda Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Ramen Kuroda FB Page

Kuro Ramen – This ramen has a nice rich taste of roasted garlic. The flavor was not very overpowering so it was easy to eat. The roasted garlic flavor on its broth made it very tasty. This one is my personal favorite and I highly recommend this for you to try.

Aka Chashumen – This Ramen Kuroda menu is mildly spicy and it tastes something like crabby which made this one different. The seafood flavor is really good and the spiciness is just right. What I like most about this ramen is the bursting flavor, very savory and easy to enjoy. Recommended for people who love a little spicy on their soup.

Tasty Shiro Ramen on Ramen Kuroda Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Ramen Kuroda FB Page

Shiro Ramen – This menu of Ramen Kuroda consists of basic ingredients. The taste is simple but very satisfying. The broth is light and really perfect taste for rainy days. The light soup for this ramen made it easy to appreciate. Highly recommended for people who don’t want overpowered flavor ramen but with a good broth.

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Ramen Kuroda Birthday Promo Menu

Though their promo change depending on the season Ramen Kuroda offer a birthday promo. All you have to do is to dine in at their store on the day of your birthday, order your favorite ramen or set meal and play a dice game.

Kuro Ramen on Ramen Kuroda Menu Philippines Pin
Photo Credit: Ramen Kuroda FB Page

You can win free vouchers from them simply by playing the game. To know more about their latest promo you can follow their Facebook account and Instagram account to be updated.

Ramen Kuroda Menu Delivery

You can order your favorite Ramen Kuroda food items simply by going to their website at kuroda.ph. On their website, they offer delivery or pick-up services. You can also use third-party delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods and other delivery services available in the market these days. If you want to call them via their hotlines, you can see the information below.

Ramen Kuroda Venice – 02-82834825

Ramen kuroda BF homes – 02-85536824

Ramen Kuroda SM Dasma – 046-4160482

Ramen Kuroda Ayala Ave Makati – 02-88326216

Ramen Kuroda Double Dragon – 02-88515261

Ramen Kuroda Lucky Chinatown – 02-82418157

Ramen Kuroda Paseo Center – 02-82962614

Ramen Kuroda TV5 – 02-83538971

Ramen Kuroda SM North Edsa – 02-82547675

Ramen Kuroda Glorieta 5 – 02-82916610

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Ramen Kuroda SM Manila – 02-82438665

Ramen Kuroda Mall of Asia – 02-79159572

Ramen Kuroda Aseana 2 – 02-88326246

Ramen Kuroda Festival Mall – 02-87244958

Ramen Kuroda Eaton Centris – 02-89369369

Ramen Kuroda SM Fairview – 02-89276098

Ramen Kuroda Mezza Residence – 02-79434316

Ramen Kuroda Cyber and Fashion Mall Eastwood – 02-85343414

Ramen Kuroda Sm Marikina – 02-86389091

Ramen Kuroda Sm Sucat – 02-82933356

Ramen Kuroda Sm San Mateo – 02-86354086

Ramen Kuroda Sm Marilao – 044-7640468

Ramen Kuroda Sm Bicutan – 02-79149056

Social Media Pages

Here is the list of their social media pages that you can follow to be updated on their latest promos and discounts. Be sure to hit the follow button so you won’t miss any important news about them.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/kuroda.ph/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ramenkurodaph/


It’s really nice to have a place to go with authentic ramen at and very affordable price and Ramen Kuroda made it possible. The ambiance of their restaurant is really nice, cozy, relaxing, warm, customer-friendly, and very Japanese. It’s like dining in an expensive restaurant but actually not because we all know by now that their products are very affordable. With just 180-300 pesos, you may enjoy the delicious goodness of their ramen without breaking the bank. The Ramen Kuroda menu and the service in their restaurant are of top-notch quality. The crews are polite and the whole place is clean. Great value for your money good place to eat authentic ramen and other Japanese foods, you’ll never get disappointed. This is the best place to go and is highly recommended. Thumbs up.

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