Sumo Sam Menu Prices

The Sumo Sam menu is mainly composed of Japanese cuisines like ramen, sushi, teriyaki, tempura, sashimi, and more. Their menu aims to give Filipinos the opportunity to try authentic Japanese dishes without having to travel to Japan. They also prioritize the freshness of their ingredients because they think that the customers deserve to be served dishes of the highest quality.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sumo Sam menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Best Seller

Ebi Tempura498
Chicken Teriyaki348
Imported Tenderloin Teppam688
Chicken Karaagi348
Tankatsu/Torikatsu with rice and salad448
Salmon Wasabi Cream518
Ebi Tempura Party Platter1,872


Sumosam Roll428
Classic Gyoza328
Japanese Fried Rice Party Platter1,008

Ramen Menu

Happy Birthday Noodles408


Sumosam roll428
Spicy Caravan428
All-Star Sushi Platter1,348

Sumo Sam party package

Ebi Tempura Party Platter1,872
Chicken Teriyaki Party Platter1,332
Beef Teppan Party Platter3,588
Salmon Teppan Party Platter1,992
Chasyu ramen408
Tempura Ramen498

Yusho Noodles

Beef Niku Udon48

Sumo Donburi


Mt Fuji Noodles

Sesame chicken308
Happy Birthday Noodles368

Rice and Sun

Japanese Fried Rice 348
Garlic Rice128


Ebi Tempura498
Sumosam roll428
Chicken Teriyaki348
Imported Tenderoil Teppan688
Happy Birthday Noodles408

About Sumo Sam

One of the most well-known Japanese chains in the Philippines is Sumo Sam. They had a modest beginning in 2005 and were inspired by the founder’s love for Japanese cuisine and frequent travels across the world. The creation of Japanese culinary masterpieces from the finest ingredients is something of which Sumo Sam is very proud. With nearly 30 locations already established across the country, it has grown into one of the biggest Japanese chains in the Philippines.

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Sumo Sam Menu Best Seller

Ebi Tempura – Also famously known as Shrimp Tempura, is a popular, crispy, and delicious Japanese dish. It uses a succulent shrimp that has been coated in a thin tempura batter and cooked to crispy and golden. It makes a fantastic side dish or appetizer for any Japanese meal!

Chicken Teriyaki – This Sumo Sam menu is a straightforward mixture of soy sauce, water, honey, vinegar, garlic, and ginger sauce is used to prepare teriyaki chicken. It has an ideal sticky sauce that is perfect to be served over rice!

Photo Credit: SumoSam FB Page

Imported Tenderloin Teppam – Cubed, pan seared premium Wagyu beef tenderloin that is beautifully cooked in a teppan sauce with a sprinkle of teriyaki sauce and garlic. Sauteed bean sprouts, fresh mushrooms, and green peppers are all included on the side of this dish.

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Chicken Karaage – It is a bite-sized bit of flour-dusted, hot oil-fired chicken thighs. Karaage is a common ingredient in Japanese dishes because it features juicy and tender marinated chicken covered in a crispy shell. Sauteed bean sprouts, fresh mushrooms, and green peppers are all included on the side of this dish.


Gyudon – Also known as the Japanese Beef Rice Bowl is characterized by its thinly sliced beef and soft onions that were simmered in a savory and sweet sauce.

Tendon – A menu composed of crisp tempura that was arranged over freshly steamed rice and topped with a delectable light soy sauce.

Photo Credit: SumoSam FB Page

Classic Gyoza – In Japan, gyoza is traditionally stuffed with a combination of finely minced pork, mushrooms, and cabbage, which results in a delightful blend of tastes and textures.

Sushi Menu

Sumosam Roll – This menu is composed of sushi rice and fish that are wrapped in nori and topped with shrimp.

Spicy Caravan – Composed of sushi rolls that are dipped in a spicy sauce.

All-Star Sushi Platter – A party platter that is made up of delicious sushi rolls and is good for up to six people.

Sumo Sam Ramen Menu

Photo Credit: SumoSam Baguio FB Page

Happy Birthday Noodles – An extra long Shanghai noodle that is braised in a mixture of specialty sauces with a variety of ingredients, including hard-boiled fresh farm eggs, clean and crisp green vegetables, carrots, premium mushrooms, and fish cakes.

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Tantanmen – A Japanese adaptation of the Chinese Sichuan Noodle. It uses a fresh wheat-based ramen noodle as its main ingredient and is served in a flavorful broth with soy milk and sesame or peanut paste.

Sukiyaki – A single pot beef dish that uses high-quality, thinly sliced beef, tofu, veggies, and noodles. Cooked in a sweet, soy sauce based broth.

Party Package

Ebi Tempura Party Platter – This party platter consists of Sumo Sam’s best-selling rolls all in one set! This package is composed of sumosam roll, cheese fried maki, dynamite roll, and California roll, all of which will fill you and your associates up!

Chicken Teriyaki Party Platter – A party platter that is made up of pancit bihon and chicken teriyaki for a party of six people! This delicious and appetizing party package will most definitely make you want more. It is currently available at a few selected branches around Manila.

Beef Teppan Party Platter – This party platter menu from Sumo Sam consists of grilled meat and noodles and is good for a party of six people. Anyone would drool and swoon after tasting the tender and juicy beef on this platter.

Salmon Teppan Party Platter – Made up of fried salmon slices and fried yakisoba. This party platter is good to be served for a party of six people. The Salmon Teppan Party Platter also comes with garlic and a special sauce dip.

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Sumo Sam Menu Delivery

Want to eat Japanese food without going out to your place? You can place an order online and get your favorite Sumo Sam menu by opening the website or apps of the most popular delivery services. These include Lalafood, GrabFood, and FoodPanda. Keep in mind that the availability depends on your location.

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To know the list of what people mostly order from them, you can check the following:

California Maki Salad – Avocado, cucumber, and a creamy crab salad all comprise this California Maki Salad. It is eaten as a snack or lunch on the road with or without the necessary utensils because the sushi rolls are divided into 15 pieces. Wasabi and soy sauce are also provided for dipping.

Happy Birthday Noodles Party Platter – One of the most popular items on Sumo Sam’s menu delivery is the Happy Birthday Noodles Party Platter. It is a party platter of a hearty pancit canton that is very suitable for birthday occasions.

Tonkatsu Party Platter – A pork tonkatsu that uses a leaner pork tenderloin. This Tonkatsu Party Platter is good for six people and also comes with rice and veggies on the side.

Social Media Pages

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Sumo Sam has a very nice Japanese restaurant whose menu serves very delicious common Japanese dishes that Filipinos will absolutely enjoy, like ramen, sushi, and sashimi. The food is great, the place is nice, the staff is very accommodating, and most importantly, the price is very reasonable. Sumo Sam is definitely a place that you should visit if you want to experience authentic Japanese dishes.

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