Hungry Homies Menu Prices

Juicy, Beefy, and Aromatic – Those are the three words that describe an iconic burger and the thing is I actually know where exactly to get them. Introducing Hungry Homies! your perfect destination when it comes to your comfort food or on-the-go quick bites. This restaurant offers you the highest quality burger that features an enormous bite of their savory and beefy burger you won’t soon forget so let’s not waste any more time and savor delicious bites of their menu collection.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Hungry Homies menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


The Hypebeef300
The Purist300
The Run BMC350
Grilled Cheezys350
Friends Fries120


Cheezy Friends Fries150
Homie Special Friends Fries180
Chili Cheese Lumpia200
Curly Fries150
Crispy Tots150


Hungry Homies is the place where your heavenly dreams of burger bites come true. From well-curated variations of burgers that highlight the smoky flavors and the juicy texture you never want to miss, Hungry Homies is definitely a perfect place for your flavorful burger bites. Hungry Homies also offers a customized option for their customers to curate their own burgers based on their likings ensuring that every experience seriously hits the spot.

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Hungry Homies Menu Best Seller

Now for the highlight of the event! These best-selling burgers offer you the magnifying goodness of this hot pick at Hungry Homies.

The Hypebeef -This mouthwatering beef patty offers you a perfectly cooked crust that is sweetened with caramelized onion enhanced with a fresh crunch of lettuce and tomatoes. It is indulged with American cheese that melts in the mouth.

The hyperbeef Pin
Photo Credits: Hungry Homies Instagram Page

The Purist – savor the harmonious flavors of this iconic burger that features Oklahoma-style fried onions with the zesty crunch of pickle chips. The added American cheese is perfect with the mayo mustard dressing that blends perfectly in every bite.

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The Run BMC -Take a savory trip to the west with the Run BMC features a perfectly smashed beefy patty on a creamy and delightful American cheese and the aromatic fumes brought by Mango wood wood-smoked bacon. This burger menu of Hungry Homies is elevated with its earth flavors such as the sauteed shiitake mushrooms on a layer of the tangy crunch of pickle chips and the smokiness of chipotle BBQ mayo. All this on a perfect toast of Brioche Bun.

The run BMC Pin
Photo Credits: Hungry Homies Instagram Page

Grilled Cheezys – Indulge a classic experience with melty the top Grilled Cheezys that features a perfectly smashed patty that provides you an absolute crispiness and juicy insides. Another level of creaminess will be experienced in this dish as it features a creamy and savory cheese pimiento that is then added with the sweetness of caramelized onion and the kick of the peppery taste with its peppery mayo that bursts all of its flavors. All of these are just one perfect toast of Brioche Bun.

Grilled cheezys Pin
Photo Credits: Hungry Homies Instagram Page

Cheezy Friends Fries – These fries are found on their sides and offer you perfect hand-cut fries that are enhanced with the best flavors of their signature Homie Cheese sauce.

Hungry Homies Menu Sides

Here is a selection of side dishes to pair with your chosen burger and create a very enticing and delightful experience at Hungry Homies.

Homie Special Friends Fries – Embrace the flavorful goodness of these comforting Hungry Homies fries menu that are perfectly hand-cut with absolute care resulting in a perfect thickness and crispiness you will surely enjoy. The creamy and velvety cheese that covers the fried adds a different level of enticing experience with the caramelized onion that is generously sprinkled on top of it.

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Chili Cheese Lumpia – This delightful fried offers you the finest crunch of Chili cheese lumpia that highlights the savory sensation with the expertly fried crispy lumpia to golden perfection with the homemade chili that is brimming with rich flavors.

Chili cheese lumpia Pin
Photo Credits: Hungry Homies Instagram Page

Curly Fries– These unique fries that feature a spiral shape exude a playful twist with a visually appealing look. It is fully enhanced with the BBQ mayo sauce that adds a savory element and smoky experience.

Curly fries Pin
Photo Credits: Hungry Homies Instagram Page

Crispy Tots– Don’t underestimate this bite-sized tater tot that offers a delightful crunch that you will surely love. It is paired with cheese to savor magnifying cheesy goodness in every dip of your tater tots.

Hungry Homies Menu Delivery

You can now order your favorite Burgers through their official website. They provide a very simple and easy-to-understand interface on their official website that makes it easier to navigate and order your favorite Burgers and fries. Aside from that they are also available through third-party delivery channels such as FoodPanda Philippines and GrabFood Philippines for an extra hassle-free transaction and smooth experience. Never miss the chance to experience the heavenly bite of their burgers in the comfort of your home.

Social Media Pages

Follow and like their social media pages to get an all-access pass to mouthwatering burgers, drool-worthy fries, and exclusive deals that’ll satisfy your foodie cravings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Hungry Homies offer? 

Hungry Homies offers you a flavorful collection of savory burgers that exude juiciness and absolute beefiness in every bite. They also offer other sides for you to pair with your burger for an extra wonderful experience.

What are Hungry Homies known for?

Hungry Homies is known for its Burgers which are packed with various toppings and generously curated with high-quality ingredients.

What are the operating hours of Hungry Homies?

Hungry Homie’s operating hours are from 11 AM until 7 PM available for dining in, Curbside Pick up, and Delivery.

Who is the owner of Hungry Homies?

The owner of Hungry Homies is Laureen Uy, a known entrepreneur with her fiance Miggy Cruz.


In conclusion, There is really no doubt that Hungry Homies offers a very curated menu collection of burgers that features a very intricate selection of toppings with various layers and cheese. It is indeed a recommended place and get to experience a one-of-a-kind burger experience with its value collection and hearty fries that you don’t want to miss. I also love how they really put so much thought into creating a very enticing look for their fries that offers a mouthwatering experience. However, these dreamy ideas that came to life come with very limited options on their menu. The only downside of this restaurant is its limited selection so I believe they could expand their ideas more and more and expand their burgers and fries.

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