Burger Beast Menu Prices

Tired of a common burger chain that serves an endless amount of burgers with the same flavor profiles that aren’t deserving of its price? Then come and visit Burger Beast! Burger Beast offers a diverse menu of unique burgers that could cater to various tastes and preferences, which is why you won’t grow tired of them. Their menu ranges from common burger items like classic cheeseburgers and an array of unique burger options like specialty burgers that has exciting flavor combinations that will make you come back for more.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Burger Beast menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Beast Sellers

Umami Burger With Onion Rings462
Umami Burger (Must Try!)312
Crispy Chicken Sandwich249
Buffalo Chicken Burger287

Spam® Creations

Spam® Katsu Sandwich324
Spam® Umami Sandwich349

Late Night Deals

Umami Burger & Buffalo Chicken Burger + 2 Smirnoff Mule699

Locally Fresh Deals (Up To 20% Off!)

Best Seller + Locally 240 Ml324


American Cheese Burger274
Super Cali Smashed Burger337

Seafood Specials

Crispy Fish Sandwich224
Fish And Chips249
Popcorn Shrimp With Umami Sauce312

Lunch Deals

Burger Steak Family Bundle1174
Premium Burger Steak With Rice And Egg299

Quorn™ Meat-Free Meals

Quorn® Nuggets With Umami Dip299
Quorn® Nuggets With Bbq Dip287

Chicken Poppers And Wings

Buffalo Chicken Poppers249
Soy Garlic Chicken Poppers249
Salted Egg Chicken Poppers274
6 Pc Buffalo Wings337
6 Pc Garlic Parmesan Wings362
6 Pc Salted Egg Wings374

Party Trays (Good For 4)

Burger Steak Platter1187


Twist Fries212
Onion Rings With Beast Ketchup212
French Fries With Beast Ketchup124


Garlic Aioli Dip38
Blue Cheese Dip44


Black Velvet Cake (New!)149
Original Basque Cheesecake199
2 Pc Portuguese Egg Tarts137
4 Pc Portuguese Egg Tarts262
2 Pc Apple Cinnamon Tarts162
4 Pc Apple Cinnamon Tarts312

Alcoholic Beverages

San Mig Light Can112
San Mig Pale Pilsen Can112
Smirnoff Mule 330 Ml99
So Nice Soju Green Grape 360 Ml135

Coffee Series

Iced Latte75
Iced Hazelnut Latte105


Nestea Iced Tea69
Premier Water 350ml32
Locally Dalandan 240 Ml65
Locally Guyabano 240 Ml65
Stellina's Lemonade 400ml110
Pepsi 330ml99
Pepsi Black 330ml99
Mountain Dew 330ml99
Locally Superfruit Passionfruit 1l249
Locally Organic Coconut Water 1l212

About Burger Beast

Burger Beast is a popular dining establishment in the Philippines located in the heart of Metro Manila known for its delicious and creative burgers. Led by Chef Carlo Miguel, Burger Beast aims to provide a unique and memorable burger experience for its customers with a focus on quality ingredients, innovative flavors, and expert craftsmanship. Their menu includes classic options like cheeseburgers and bacon burgers, as well as specialty burgers with unique and exciting flavor combinations. Burger Beast has gained a reputation for serving exceptional burgers that are accessible to anyone due to the restaurant’s delivery services.

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Burger Beast Menu Best Seller

This menu is composed of Burger Beast’s most popular and in turn, their best-selling burger and sandwiches offerings.

SPAM® Katsu Sandwich – This sandwich is made with a SPAM patty that is cooked until it becomes golden brown and crispy to offer customers a savory and satisfying burger dish. The combination of the crispy SPAM, soft bread, and accompanying sauces or toppings adds depth to the sandwich, making it a delicious choice for those seeking a unique twist on a classic favorite.

Crispy Fish Sandwich – Made with a combination of crispy chicken fillet and soft slices of bread, this already satisfying sandwich is made more filling with the added fresh lettuce and pickles. The Burger Beast menu is cooked to perfection, providing a satisfying crunch on the outside while maintaining tender and juicy fish inside giving it both textures and flavors that are sure to satisfy everyone.

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Popcorn Shrimp with Umami Sauce – Burger Beast’s Popcorn Shrimp with Umami Sauce is a mouthwatering appetizer that offers a burst of flavors. With bite-sized, breaded, and fried shrimp, this crispy and fun popcorn is accompanied by a savory umami sauce that enhances the dish’s flavor profile.

Onion Rings with Beast Ketchup – These onion rings are crispy, golden brown, and packed with flavor. Made from thinly sliced onions that are coated in a crunchy batter, and fried to perfection, these onion rings provide an enjoyable combination of sweetness, crunch, and tanginess, making them an irresistible choice for many customers

Onion rings with beast ketchup Pin
Photo Credits: Burger Beast & Bird Beast PH Facebook Page

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Burger Beast’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a delicious option for those craving a satisfying chicken burger. This sandwich features a crispy and juicy chicken fillet, this sandwich that is accompanied by fresh lettuce, pickles, and a soft bun. The combination of crispy chicken, flavorful toppings, and sauces creates a mouthwatering experience that caters to chicken lovers.

Burger Beast Menu Burgers

This menu is composed of Burger Beast’s signature items which are its delicious and flavorful burger selections.

Umami Burger – This burger features a juicy beef patty cooked to perfection, topped with a savory umami sauce, caramelized onions, and a slice of melted cheese. The umami sauce adds depth and richness to the burger, enhancing the savory flavors and making it a must-try for those that are looking for a delicious and satisfying burger.

Umami burger Pin
Photo Credits: Burger Beast & Bird Beast PH Facebook Page

American Cheese Burger – This burger showcases a juicy beef patty with a perfect char, topped with a slice of American cheese that melts over the patty and is accompanied by fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Burger Beast’s signature sauce. It is a nostalgic and comforting choice due to its simplicity and focus on quality ingredients.

Super Cali Smashed Burger – This burger features a smashed beef patty with a crispy crust, packed with flavorful toppings, and is topped with melted cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Burger Beast’s special sauce. It delivers a combination of textures and flavors that will satisfy most burger lovers that visit Burger Beast.

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Burger Beast Menu Chicken Poppers and Wings

This menu is composed of chicken popper and wing options that come in different flavors.

Buffalo Chicken Poppers – Burger Beast’s Buffalo Chicken Poppers are a tasty and bite-sized treat that features tender and flavorful chicken pieces coated in a tangy and spicy buffalo sauce. With a crispy exterior and moist interior, each popper delivers a burst of savory flavors which offers a combination of heat and tanginess that are sure to satisfy every customer.

Salted Egg Chicken Poppers – These poppers feature juicy chicken pieces coated in a creamy and rich salted egg sauce. The salted egg sauce adds a delightful richness and savory flavor that complements the tender chicken making them a delicious choice for those customers that are looking for a unique and satisfying snack.

Salted egg chicken poppers Pin
Photo Credits: Burger Beast & Bird Beast PH Facebook Page

6 PC Buffalo Wings – This item is made up of 6 pcs of buffalo wings that are cooked to perfection, with crispy skin and tender, juicy meat, and then tossed in a tangy and spicy buffalo sauce giving it a burst of flavors that will satisfy every customers’ craving for chicken wings.

SPAM Creations

SPAM sandwiches on the menu of the Burger Beast are special and delicious that stand out from the usual ones. They use the famous and versatile SPAM in their sandwiches, which gives them a unique twist. This means the brand is really creative and cares about making flavors that many people who love sandwiches will enjoy. So, if you want to try something new and tasty, their SPAM sandwiches are an excellent choice for you!

Spamazing sandwich Pin
Photo Credits: Burger Beast & Bird Beast PH Facebook Page

Seafood Specials

A perfect menu that shows how much they care about giving lots of choices for seafood lovers. They have different options like a tasty fish sandwich, classic fish and chips, and yummy popcorn shrimp. If you love seafood, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings at Burger Beast!

Burger Beast Menu Delivery

Burger Beast’s menu delivery is a great way to order your favorite burger options at Burger Beast even in the comfort of your home. This option can be accessed through third-party delivery applications like FoodPanda and GrabFood with the help of mobile devices, laptops, or PCs.

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Social Media Pages

Join the Burger Beast community and embark on a flavor-packed journey like no other. Follow their social media pages to stay up-to-date with the latest burger creations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgerbeastph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burgerbeastph

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@burgerbeastph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurgerBeast

Website: https://www.burgerbeast.ph/contact-us


Where can I find Burger Beast branches in the Philippines?

You can visit Burger Beast in its many branches scattered all across Metro Manila.

What sets Burger Beast apart from other burger places?

Burger Beast sets itself apart from other burger places through several distinguishing factors such as their burgers’ flavors, quality of ingredients, and the wide variety of flavors that they offer.

Are there any signature or must-try burgers at Burger Beast?

All of Burger Beast’s burgers are considered to be their signature items which is also a reason why you should try every last one of them to find out your favorite.

Does Burger Beast have combo meals or value deals available?

Yes, Burger Beast often offers combo meals and value deals to provide customers with convenient and cost-effective options.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Burger Beast?

Yes, Burger Beast does provide customers with vegan burgers to cater to those that are looking for a healthy burger at their place.


The Burger Beast menu is a go-to place for many burger lovers in the Philippines as it offers a diverse range of mouthwatering creations that are created with proper care and culinary expertise. Their menu showcases a variety of burgers, ranging from classic options to innovative and unique flavor combinations that will surely satisfy anyone that comes to have a quick bite. With the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of their establishments and their delicious burger options, Burger Beast has quickly risen in popularity compared to other local burger outlets.

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