Astons Specialties Menu Prices

Hey Food enthusiast, are you ready to embark on another gastronomic adventure as we savor the finest culinary experience here in this recently discovered recommended restaurant at the Metro? Introducing Astons Specialties! A casual dining restaurant that is dedicated to creating a harmonious experience of dining from their various juicy collections of Steak, Chicken, and hearty desserts, Astons Specialties is a place of legendary cuisines so here is their menu for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Astons Specialties menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Legendary Steak

Prime Sirloin1,099
Black Pepper Steak1,199
Prime Ribeye1399
New York Strip1399
Prime Ribeye X'tra Cut1899

Grillworks Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken349
Crispy Fried Chicken349
Hickory BBQ Chicken349
Teriyaki Chicken349
Lemon Lime Chicken349
Fiery Chicken349
Double Up Chicken599

Never Full Set Meals

Monday Morgan259
Tuesday Tex269
Wednesday Wesley299
Thursday Thomas279
Friday Frank269
Saturday Sam289
Sunday Scott279

Big Plate Set Meals

Beef Bolognese Platter499
Carbonara Platter539
Chicken Napolitana Platter399
Caesar Salad Platter469
Meat Platter1,999
Tasty Rice Platter349
Chicken Wings Platter749

Nachos All you Want

Mexican Nachos with Chicken sauce339
Mexican Nachos with Beef sauce369

Fisherman's Pride

Chargrilled Salmon Fillet890


Honey Bourbon Ribs899
Grilled Porkchop498


Cream of Mushroom Soup99
Freshly Baked Garlic Loaf75
Chicken Nuggets198
Classic Caesar Salad245
Mexican Nachos - Chicken Dip168
Mexican Nachos - Beef Dip188
Cocktail Franks218
Crispy Chicken Wings149

Super Combo

Grand Sampler799
All-Day Special599
Surf and Turf1,349
Pasta Bolognese + Any Grillworks Chicken499

Spaghetti Fiesta

Chicken Napolitana269
Beef Bolognese299
Salmon Spaghetti359
Seafood Marinara459


Astons Classic Cheese Burger 1/2 lbs.399
Astons Classic Cheese Burger 1/4 lbs318
iEat Super Burger529
Astons Crispy Chicken Burger 1/2 lbs348

Hot Side Dishes

Baked Potato88
Mashed Potato88
French Fries88
Mac & Cheese88
Tasty Rice88
Onion Rings88
BBQ Beans88
Corn Nibblets88
Garden Veggie88
Potato Wedges88

Cold Side Dishes

House Salad88
Pasta Salad88
Potato Salad88


Mango Fizz155
Apple Passion Fizz155
Peach Fizz155
Blue Colada155
Passion Delight155
Vanilla Milk Shake165
Chocolate Milk Shakes165
Cookies & Cream Milk Shake165
Coffee Milk Shake165
Root Beer155
Coke Float155
Sprite Float155
Iced Lemon Tea88
Coke Zero88

About Astons Specialties

Astons Specialties offers a wide array of flavorful dishes that come with reasonable prices which makes it a very valuable option if you want to enjoy meals in a friendly way. They specialize in various Western cuisines that feature Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Pasta along with other mouthwatering seafood dishes and refreshing shakes. So next time you are looking for well-value meals, don’t forget that Astons Specialties will never disappoint to make you feel special.

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Astons Specialties Menu Best Seller

For the most awaited art! Here you can savor the hottest picks and the best-selling dishes at Astons Specialties, they have curated a very safe option for first-time diners giving you a wonderful experience.

Prime Sirloin – The finest cut of this Astons Specialties menu is intricately prepared and cooked in utmost perfection to give you the level of beefiness you’re looking for in a meal. It is accompanied by your chosen 2 side dishes to enhance your flavorful dining experience.

Prime Sirloin Pin
Photo Credits: Astons Specialities Philippines FB Page

Prime Ribeye – This flavorful and absolutely tender ribeye steak is also charbroiled to utmost perfection. It is accompanied by tantalizing sauces that are served in a ramekin sauce elegantly. It is also complemented with two of your chosen sides.

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Chargrilled Chicken – A savory experience awaits you in every bite of this marinated boneless leg that is charbroiled to perfection resulting in very tender and juicy insides.

Teriyaki Chicken – This Teriyaki chicken is perfectly glazed with a homemade teriyaki sauce giving you an exquisite taste of this succulent boneless chicken.

Teriyaki chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Astons Specialities Philippines FB Page

Fiery Chicken – Do you want to spice up your dining experience Well look no further because I have this Fiery Chicken for an extra flamin hot experience of a charbroiled to perfection marinated chicken that is absolutely tender and juicy.

Grillworks Chicken

Here you can savor the grilling adventure you are looking for for extra memorable dining. They offer various grilled chicken dishes for you to love.

Black Pepper Chicken – This boneless chicken menu of Astons Specialties is marinated with love and charbroiled to perfection it is accompanied by a luscious black pepper sauce that adds great depth to the dish.

Crispy Fried Chicken – A classic dish that offers you the finest crunch you need for a chicken, It features a deep-fried chicken that you can pair with two of your chosen side dishes.

Cripsy fried chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Astons Specialities Philippines FB Page

Hickory BBQ Chicken – This Hickory BBQ chicken offers you the magnifying goodness of a boneless chicken that is glazed with homemade BBQ sauce that exudes smokey and sweet perfection.

Double Up Chicken – The ultimate flavorful experience awaits you in every juicy bite of these two marinated boneless chickens that are also served with various chosen side dishes for you to pair it with.

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Double up chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Astons Specialities Philippines FB Page

Never Full Set Meals

Enjoy this variety of delicious meal sets that will surely suit any of your moods, vibes, or various cravings.

Monday Morgan – Indulge in this succulent crispy chicken leg menu of Astons Specialties that highlights its burst-in-the-mouth tenderness that is accompanied by this homestyle chicken Neapolitan pasta that features a comforting blend of tender chicken pieces with a savory sauce and aromatic herbs.

Tuesday Tex – Tuesday will never be a bad day anymore with this juicy fried chicken that offers a mouthwatering crunch served with a savory beef bolognese pasta that offers a savory bolognese sauce on pasta.

Wednesday Wesley – You will survive the middle of the week with this Wednesday Wesly that offers you fried chicken served with an absolute creaminess of Carbonara pasta with crispy bacon and parmesan cheese.

Carbonara pasta Pin

Thursday Thomas – Thursday is coming in heat so we are here to share this meal that features crispy fried chicken with an Aston’s Signature rich that offers a perfect full texture with its various combinations.

Astons Specialties Menu Delivery

Indulge in your favorite comfort food from Astons Specialties in the comfort of your home! You can enjoy these flavorful dishes through food delivery services via their third-party delivery partners such as FoodPanda Philippines and GrabFood Ph which offer you a very fast and smooth transaction from ordering up to the delivery process. Never miss this chance and treat yourself to something you deserve.

Talk to Astons Specialties PH Staff

Have a question or craving to satisfy? Their team at Astons Specialties is just a message away! Reach out to their friendly staff via social media pages for inquiries, recommendations, or to share your dining experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of cuisine does Astons Specialties offer? 

Astons Specialties specializes in various Western savory menu that highlight the tenderness and juiciness of every meat collection they offer. 

What are Astons Specialties known for?

Astons Specialties is widely known for its succulent tender steaks and flavorful glazed chicken as well as their past collection that highlights various flavors, styles, and textures.

What are the operating hours of Astons Specialties?

Astons Specialties are serving their first curated customers from 10 AM until 10 PM Every day.

Where are Astons Specialties located in the Philippines?

There are two available branches of Astons Specialties in the Philippines which are located on the 4th Floor of Mega Atrium, SM Mega Mall Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City. The second branch is located at Trinoma Mall on the First Floor of Garden Restaurants, Trinoma Mall Quezon City.


In conclusion, it is indeed a mistake not to try this very recommended restaurant that is nestled in the heart of the city. Aside from being accessible, the food they offer is very great and has very enticing visuals and aromas. I can’t believe how affordable the meals are considering the quality experience you will have from the food and the dining. It will never be a disappointing experience at Astons Specialties and it will surely be one of my favorite restaurants that I will always come back for. They never miss bringing comfort to the comfort food they offer and I think that is already a great aspect for you to try this restaurant and create memorable experiences with your friends and family.

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