Army Navy Menu Prices

Are you looking for a classic American and Mexican Style experience for a restaurant and don’t know where to go? Or are you the type of consumer that is willing to try everything new for a change since you’re looking for a great place to eat? Look no more I found something that might tickle your interest. Are you familiar with the name Army Navy? If not let me introduce you to this classic American-Mexican casual dining restaurant. They offer a lot of burritos, quesadillas, burgers, and a lot more. Let us get to know the Army Navy menu so you have at least a hint of what to expect when you try going to their restaurant. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Army Navy menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Army Navy Burger

Classic burger210
Double burger280
Bully boy burger350
California burger single280
California burger double370

Burger Add-ons

Sautéed onions30


Starving sailor chicken275
Starving sailor steak295
Chipotle crispy chicken sandwich230


Crunchy tacos200
Soft tacos - steak220
Soft tacos - carnitas210
Soft tacos - chicken200
Sisig baboy soft taco220
Tacos add'on - double the meat95


Steak burrito245
Chicken burrito220
Carnitas (pork) burrito230
P.I burrito (adobo flakes)230
P.I burrito (sisig baboy)230
Vegetable burrito220
Breakfast burrito steak250
Breakfast burrito Longganisa250
Naked burrito chorizo245
Naked burrito chicken245
Naked burrito carnitas (pork)245
Naked burrito adobo flakes245
Sisig baboy naked burrito245

Burritos Addons

Sour cream40
Cheese dip45
Double the meat95


LiberTea Milktea 940ml225
LiberTea iced tea115
LiberTea Milktea 500ml130
Coke regular65
Coke zero65
Coke light65
Minute maid60
Bottled water40


Churos chocolate95
Churos caramel95


Tapatio hot sauce95
Freedom fries95
Onion rings90
Tortilla chips35
Tortilla soup140
Clam chowder140

All Day Breakfast

Adobo flakes220
Hungarian sausage220
Classic pancake140


3 pcs chipotle bbq & 3 pcs classic Buffalo310
Fearless fries chicken215
Classic Buffalo 4 pcs215
Classic Buffalo 6 pcs310
Chipotle bbq 4 pcs215
Chipotle bbq 6 pcs310


Carbonara pasta215
Pasta and meatballs215

Querida Mia

Baja chicken230
Charlie bravo240
Queeida mia verde260


Steak quesadilla230
Cheese quesadilla145
Chicken quesadilla220

About Army Navy

Army Navy was founded in March 2009 in Tagaytay City a province of Cavite sitting in the southern part of Luzon near manila. a casual dining restaurant that offers American – Mexican cuisine and also burgers and burritos. This company pioneered in the Philippines. This restaurant was founded by Eric Puno aiming to provide a great dining experience in one visit. They offer quality burgers and burritos with a diverse menu of freshly made food items. Everything that they offer screams quality, especially their one hundred percent quality beef. Each of their restaurant’s designs took inspiration from a military Quonset hut. As of today they already have 39 branches throughout the country and still continue to expand.

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Army Navy Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of the Army Navy menu best seller foods that you can find in their restaurant.

Classic Burgers – Army Navy definitely knows how to do their burgers really well. It is made with a single quarter-pound beef patty, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and onions in a sesame seed bun. You can also order a double burger or a bully boy burger if you want more.

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California Burger – If you’re wondering what it tastes like it is made with quarter-pound Angus beef patty, lettuce, onions, and sliced tomatoes and cheese. By the way, the onion was cooked with their house-made sauce with a toasted sandwich bun. You can also order a double California burger.

Sandwiches – If you are not a fan of beef patties and you want it to be chicken, then you can try this one. They have a lot of variations like starving sailor chicken, starving sailor steak, or chipotle chicken sandwich.

Photo Credit: Army Navy FB Page

Wrapped Burritos – This Army Navy menu is a meal packed with different flavors that are actually known in Mexican cuisine, army navy has a wide variety of burritos that will surely give you the satisfaction that you are craving. You can choose pork beef or chicken and even vegetable. Your choice. They also have different sauces to choose from to add some kick to your wrapped burrito. Variations are P.I. Burrito which means sisig baboy or adobo flakes, breakfast burrito which is made with steak Longganisa, vegetable burrito, and steak.

Naked Burrito – It is like the wrapped burrito but not wrapped, am I making sense? Recommended for people who love to mix and match. Variations are chicken, chorizo, carnitas or pork, sisig baboy, and adobo flakes.

Crunchy Tacos – Army Navy serves these classic crunchy tacos made with ground beef, salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes topped with grated cheese in a hard shell taco. This one is a must-try, you’ll never get disappointed I promise. One of my favorites on their food items.

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Quesadilla – This menu is for the cheese lovers out there who can’t get enough of their cheese. It is highly recommended to add sauces when you eat this one for a more flavorful bite. Variations are cheese, steak, and chicken.

Photo Credit: Army Navy FB Page

Pasta – If you think that the Army Navy menu is still not enough, then maybe their pasta can fill you up. They have different pasta variations like pasta and meatballs or carbonara pasta. I don’t want to be biased but the pasta and meatballs are a bomb. Try it for yourself.

Churros – Army navy also offers churros that are actually good as a dessert. It has a balanced flavor of sweet and savory but not so sweet.

Sides – From onion rings, fries or even nachos Army navy have it. They have these delicious sides to fulfill your hunger without making you full enough. The variations that they have are onion rings, Freedom Fries, Skin on Fries, clam chowder, Bacon Cheese Fries, Nachos, Tortilla Chips, and Tortilla Chips.

Army Navy Breakfast Menu

Army navy is also offering breakfast meals for early birds. Their breakfast meals are actually good any time of the day. You can choose from Classic Pancake and Silogs (Tapa, Longganisa, Adobo Flakes, Bangus, Tocino, Hungarian sausage, and Bacon)

Army Navy Best Seller Burger

The best-selling and most popular burger of army navy is their Classic Burger. They definitely know how to do their burgers just good with the right flavors of course. It is made with a single quarter-pound beef patty, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and onions in a sesame seed bun. You can also order a double burger or a bully boy burger if you want more. Classic but a real bomb once you get to experience their burger. A simple burger yet so delicious it can actually satisfy your burger cravings any time of the day.

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Army Navy Customer Service

If you wish to talk with them or you have complaints, concerns, and suggestions you may visit them at or you can call their hotline number at 8-333–3131

Social Media Pages

To make sure that you are always updated on their menus and promos, you can follow their social media pages:





What is an Army Navy Burger?

Army Navy burger is a classic burger usually made with quarter pounder beef patties and some vegetables. They specialize in burgers so you can make sure that they will serve you only the best burger.

Is Army Navy a Philippine brand?

The answer is yes. Army Navy is a Philippine brand, it was established and founded on 2009 by Eric Puno.

Where did Army Navy restaurant originate?

Their first restaurant originated in Tagaytay City where the views around the store are really nice and relaxing.

Photo Credit: Army Navy FB Page


It is so nice to know that we can now have our American – Mexican food cravings satisfied, thanks to the Army Navy for providing quality and great food every time. The foods served on the Army Navy menu are plenty enough that won’t let you feel any hunger anymore, and that is also a plus for them. Their restaurant places are actually customer friendly and cozy. The behavior of their staff is okay, to be honest. Highly recommended restaurant and also affordable.

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