After Tree Dessert Cafe Menu Prices

Are you looking for something unique? I have a recommendation! If you love desserts then this is perfect and for sure you’ll love our topic. Have you heard about After Tree Dessert Cafe? This newest cafe is finally here in our country straight from Malaysia. After Tree Dessert Cafe menu offers a lot of delicious cakes, toast, frappes, refreshing drinks and many more so if you’re interested in our topic for today then maybe lend me some minutes and let’s get to know them more, let’s take a look on their products and prices. This promising cafe is quite popular in Malaysia and maybe after this article, you’ll give this cafe a try. Right? So let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of After Tree Dessert Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Japanese Curry388
Chocolate Banana368
Shibuya Honey288
Cheddar Cheese 328
Biscoff Cookies368

You Tiao

Mayo Meatfloss268
Chocolate 198
Mango Wasabi198
The Bear Affogato 268
Chicken Congee268

Signature Egg Tart

Signature Egg Tart138


Strawberry Basque Cheesecake260
Opera Cake280
Fluffy Lemon Cake260
Pistachio Entremet260
Hazelnut Entremet220
Baby Cloud260
Pandan Yam Cake220
Watermelon Cake220
Daisy Mango260
Chocolate Macadamia Indulgence260
Giant Ferrero280


Chocomatcha Latte250
Matcha Kakigori268
Pure Uji Matcha Frappe 230
Matcha Redbean Frappe240
Hot Match Latte210

Kakigori (Baby/Regular)

Mango Sticky Rice288/388
Mango Yogurt288/388
Thai Tea268/368
Milo Dinosaur268/368
Pink Cheesecake268/368
The Sharing Pot638


Sparkling Watermelon170
Watermelon Yogurt Frappe 220
Sparkling Mango170
Pink Cheesecake Kakigori268/368
Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori288/388

Coffee (Hot/Iced)

Cappuccino 160/180
Caramel Macchiato 190/210
Spanish Latte180/200
Coconut Caramel Macchiato240
Coconut Spanish Latte240
Hazelnut Latte240
Hazelnut Coconut Latte250

Non Coffee (Hot/Iced)

Lemon Tea130/140
Matcha Latte210/230
Dark Chocolate 180/200
Chocomatcha Latte250

Refreshing Soda

Passion Fruit Minty140
Grapefruit Lemonade140
Sparkling Mango170
Sparkling Watermelon170


Dark Mocha220
Java Chip230
Caramel Macchiato 220
Hazelnut Coffee 220
Vanilla Creamer 200
Chocolate Cream200
Chips Butterscotch 220
Pure Uji Matcha230
Matcha Redbean240
Kitkat Chocolate 220
Mango Cheese220
Strawberry Cheese220
Biscoff Cookies230
Oreo Frappe 200
Watermelon Yogurt 270

Tea (Hot/Iced)

Earl Grey130/130
Jasmine Green Tea130/130
English 130/130
Breakfast Pure130/130
Chamomile Peach130/130

About After Tree Dessert Cafe

After Tree Dessert Cafe is finally here in the Philippines, this cafe originates from Malaysia. After Tree Dessert Cafe offers delicious, mouthwatering, and picture-perfect cakes and other items like toast and tart, they also have refreshing drinks and frappes.  After Tree Dessert Cafe aims to introduce its products in the market and redefine the dessert culture in our country featuring high-quality coffee, delicious and global flavors of desserts, and world-class service.

after tree dessert cafe Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page

After Tree Cafe offers halal-certified desserts and other items since they do not use any lard and pork in their products. They are located at SM City Santa Rosa Laguna and start serving delicious items from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

After Tree Dessert Cafe Menu Best-sellers 

Here are sample recommendations of After Tree Dessert Cafe’s best sellers that everyone should try. 

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Daisy Mango

If you love mango dessert then daisy mango is the perfect choice for you. This one tastes just perfect not too sweet and has a strong mango flavor, this one also looks so beautiful so it’s Instagramable too, and picture-perfect. The daisy mango of After Tree Dessert Cafe is the mango dessert lover’s dream, so delicious and perfect for any occasion. No need to look for a good mango cake Daisy mango of After Tree Dessert Cafe is already here in our country and for sure this would be the newest favorite in town. 

daisy mango cake Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page

Opera Cake

Opera cake of After Tree Dessert Cafe is so delicious it might be your new favorite. This one is called opera cake because the cake layers resemble an opera house. They said that this cake is hard to make and it will require effort to make this cake that’s why this cake is really good. The flavors in this cake are in every layer, this one looks good as well. This is my personal favorite among all the cakes that they are offering. 

Signature Tart

signature egg tart Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page

Signature tart is also one of the most ordered items at After Tree Dessert Cafe. Their signature tart has a flaky cup-shaped base with eggy custard on it. Their signature tart is not too sweet, the flaky base and custard really complement each other. 

Giant Ferrero

Giant Ferrero is also a must-try on the After Tree Dessert Cafe menu. If you love Ferrero chocolate then you’ll definitely love this cake. Their giant Ferrero resembles the Ferrero chocolate but of course bigger. The flavor of real Ferrero chocolate is present in this cake, hazelnutty and chocolatey. This one also looks good and perfect if you love taking pictures of your food. 

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giant ferrero Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page


The toast menu of After Tree Dessert Cafe offers 6 delicious flavors of toast. First, they have Ferrero which is a toast with Ferrero chocolate flavor. They also have Japanese curry toast so if you’re not into sweets this is the perfect item for you. They also have chocolate banana this one is so good and perfect for brunch. Shibuya honey toast can also be found on their toast menu, other items are cheddar cheese for cheese lovers and biscoff cookies. 

biscoff cookies toast Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page


The matcha menu of After Tree Dessert Cafe offers 5 different matcha goodness options for their customers. The first item is their chocolate matcha latte, this one is a combination of chocolate and matcha. They also have matcha kakigori that you can buy in baby and regular sizes. Pure Uji Matcha Frappe can also be seen on their matcha menu, this one tastes amazingly delicious, and other options like Matcha Redbean Frappe and Hot Matcha Latte are also included on their matcha menu. 

matcha redbean frappe Pin
Photo Credits: After Tree Dessert Cafe FB Page

After Tree Dessert Cafe Menu Delivery

Upon checking the After Tree Dessert Cafe is not yet offering delivery service however no worries since there are a lot of third-party delivery services nowadays in the market and you can use them. Just make sure that your place is serviceable. Please take note that the product might not be available on delivery service it only depends on store stocks and your location. 

Social Media Pages

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Be the first to know about our daily specials, so you can treat yourself to a new and exciting dessert every day. Stay tuned for exclusive promotions, discounts, and giveaways.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the contact number of After Tree Dessert Cafe?

After Tree Dessert Cafe’s contact number is 09152777388.

Where is After Tree Dessert Cafe located?

It is located on the 2nd floor, Old National Highway, SM City Santa Rosa, Tagapo Santa Rosa City, Laguna. 

What are After Tree Dessert Cafe’s business hours?

After Tree Dessert Cafe is open from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Friday until Sunday. 

What is After Tree Dessert Cafe?

After Tree Dessert Cafe is a casual dining dessert shop and cafe. 

After Tree Dessert Cafe: Is this place halal-certified?

Yes. After Tree Dessert Cafe is a halal-certified cafe that doesn’t use pork, or lard and does not serve alcohol. 


If you are looking for delicious dessert items this place is where you should go especially if you’re located near SM Sta. Rosa. After Tree dessert cafe menu offers a wide variety of choices plus they also have drinks to match with your dessert cakes and pastries. The place looks so good and spacious, comfortable too. If we are talking about their staff and crews they are nice I don’t have any bad reviews about them. Their products are delicious that’s why this is my new go-to cafe when I need to have my “me” time or meet a friend. Overall experience is great and highly recommended.

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