Wingstop Menu Prices

Delicious chicken wings are something that you would want to enjoy but have you found a place where you could get all of your chicken wings cravings? That’s when I introduced a place that I want to recommend. Have you heard about Wingstop? Wingstop’s menu offers a wide selection of flavored chicken wings or boneless wings to fully satisfy your cravings for chicken.

In this article, we are going to get to know Wingstop even more, their best-selling products, the other items that they can offer, and of course their prices per serving. So if you’re interested in today’s topic I wouldn’t waste time anymore and let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Wingstop menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicken Wings235
Fried Chicken 225
Bbq Chicken Salad225
Korean Soy180
Spicy Soy180
Honey Garlic180
Honey Bbq180
Lemon Pepper 185
Louisiana Rub185
Garlic Parmesan 185
Hickory Smoked Bbq185
Classic 185
Hot Buffalo 185
Louisiana Rub Sandwich 185
Tenders 9570
Tenders 6385
Chicken Wings 7pcs325
Chicken Wings 11pcs495
Chicken Wings 20pcs875
Asian Wings 5pcs175
Asian Wings 10pcs345
Asian Wings 15pcs510
Classic Wings 4pcs225
Classic Wings 8pcs445
Classic Wings 12pcs660
Boneless Bites 5pcs135
Boneless Bites 10pcs265
Boneless Bites 15pcs390
Tenders 3pcs195


Mocha Latte85
Sparkling Lemon75
Sparkling Apple75
Sparkling Berries75
Blue Moon175
Stella Artois135
San Miguel Super Dry95
San Miguel Pale Pilsen95
San Miguel Light95
Bottled Water45
Caramel Latte85

About Wingstop

If you’re looking for great-tasting chicken wings with a lot of flavor options like BBQ, spicy, or Mild flavor Wingstop is the perfect place for you. Aside from flavored chicken wings they also have other offerings like different kinds of crispy chicken dishes so there’s more on their menu. You can find an extensive menu at Wingstop featuring a lot of dishes and drinks on their menu, if you’re looking for other items you’ve come to the right place since at Wingstop they also prepare other delicious items just as meat, fresh fish, rice, beans and many more.

They cooked this item in a South American style way of cooking and it’s simply delicious. All 10 flavors of their chicken wings are actually developed in the US where their brand originates, Dallas Texas is the place where this restaurant was established many years ago and as of now they already have nearly 700 branches worldwide.

Their first franchise was in Mexico just a few years ago after they started their business. In Asia, their first store franchise is located in Singapore followed by their branch in the Philippines and after that another franchise in Indonesia. Their first Philippine franchise started in 2014 and now has 8 branches around the metro. 

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Wingstop Menu Best Sellers 

Here below are some of their best sellers that everyone loves and a must-try for those who are willing to try their products. 

Louisiana Rub – Louisiana Rub of Wingstop is actually a crispy dry rub with a little garlicky flavor plus it has some Deep South Cajun flavor that will surely captivate your appetite. With this flavor, you get a wing that is simply addictive and definitely delicious. This is also a great flavor to try at Wingstop. It’s kind of peppery and really good and appetizing, definitely a great choice. This one is also one of their best sellers and a must-try if you don’t want to miss out on something great. 

Louisiana rub Pin
Photo Credits: Wingstop Official Facebook Page

Garlic Parmesan – Wingstop is a place to go get the best-tasting garlic parmesan wings. Their wings are properly cooked before they get drizzled with some garlic butter sauce and lots of Parmesan cheese. This one really tastes good, at Wingstop, this one is a kid’s choice as a lot of kids want this kind of flavor on their chicken. I honestly enjoyed this one though I was not a fan of garlic Parmesan before, also a must-try on their menu. 

Garlic parmesan Pin
Photo Credits: Wingstop Official Facebook Page

Mango Habanero – This one is kind of new. The Wingstop version of mango habanero wings menu is actually sweet at first with a twist of spiciness. So it’s basically sweet and hot at the same time. This one is also a good flavor of choice especially if you love spiciness and sweetness at the same time, the mango flavor also gives this one a fresh flavor. 

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Mango habanero Pin
Photo Credits: Wingstop Official Facebook Page

Hickory Smoked BBQ – Wingstop’s version of Hickory Smoked BBQ has a smoky flavor of hickory barbecue and sweetness, this type of flavor is appealing to the Filipino taste because a lot of us love some sweetness in our food. This one tastes so good and is perfect with anything that you can think of with this one. Also included on their best sellers. 

Meals to Share 

On their meals-to-share menu, they actually have 4 options. The first one is their Classic or butter-fed wing set, which is 8 pcs chicken wings with 2 plain rice and 2 Texas-styled fries or onion rings plus 2 iced teas. They also have a Classic + batter fried wings set, which has 8 pcs classic wings and 8 pcs batter fried wings plus 4 plain rice, 2 Texas tyled fries, and 4 iced teas.

Meals to share Pin
Photo Credits: Wingstop Official Facebook Page

They also have a Wings + Tenders set, which has 12 pcs classic or batter-fried wings, 4 pcs tenders, 1 dip, 4 plain rice, 2 Texas-tied fries, and 4 iced teas. Lastly, they have a boneless bite + tenders set, this one has 12 pcs boneless bites, 8 pcs tenders, 2 dips, 4 plain rice, 2 Texas-tied fries, and 4 iced tea.

Individual Meals

Individual meals from Wingstop for solo customers. They have classic wings, batter-fried wings, boneless bites, and tenders. Aside from those they also have rice bowls and fried chicken sandwiches

Fried chicken sandwich Pin
Photo Credits: Wingstop Official Facebook Page

Wingstop Menu Delivery 

If you’re craving some delicious chicken wings and other products of Wingstop their Trinoma branch is offering delivery all you have to do is call them at (063)7303289 or you can also use other platforms such as food delivery services that are available in the market these days like Foodpanda and Grab. 

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Social Media Pages

Ready to elevate your wing game? Follow the flavor trail to Wingstop’s social media pages and join the ultimate wing-lovers community! When you’re part of their crispy, saucy squad, you’ll get the inside scoop on secret menu hacks, exclusive deals, and mouthwatering wing varieties.




Is Wingstop halal-certified eatery?

Yes! Wingstop is a halal-certified restaurant!

Does Wingstop accept reservations?

No, Wingstop only provides counter service and doesn’t accept reservations or bookings. 

What kind of oil does Wingstop fry their chicken?

Soy. All wings to fried foods are cooked in oil that contains soy.

What are Wingstop business hours?

They are open from 11:00 in the morning until 11:00 pm.

What are the payment options at Wingstop?

Wingstop accepts cash and credit cards. Also, Wingstop accepts Apple Pay.


Best place to go to have wonderfully good and delicious chicken wings and other great food items. The Wingstop menu has a lot to offer and their products are all delicious. This place is nice very welcoming service crews the place is comfortable too and clean. If you’re looking for a place where chicken wings are the best, Wingstop is the place to be without spending too much as they have meals to share. The dining experience at Wingstop is awesome and I highly recommend this place for all the foodies out there.

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