Greyhound Cafe Menu Prices

Feeling extra adventurous today? Well, let us take that vibe to the next level with this restaurant that I will recommend today. They are famous for their exquisite Thai cuisine with a chic atmosphere that creates an unforgettable dining experience. A pure indulgence with their signature dishes awaits you along with cocktails that add a refreshing twist to tour dining. Meet Greyhound Cafe now that I have introduced this restaurant let us take a closer look at its menu and price collection.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Cold Beverages

Mineral Water70
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water290
Soda Water210
Tonic Water210
Ginger Ale210
Soft Drinks95
Iced Lemon Tea (Greyhound Style)240
Iced Tea (Greyhound Style)190
Iced Tea with Milk200
Iced Cocoa200
Frosty Choco250

Hot Beverages

Hot Milk100
Hot Cocoa140
Hot Lemonade230


Espresso / Decaf130
Double Espresso / Decaf160
Macchiato / Decaf170
Americano / Decaf120
Cappuccino / Decaf140
Café Latte / Decaf150


Earl Grey Tea120
English Breakfast120
Green Tea & Lemon120
Pure Camomile120
Pure Peppermint120
Peach & Passionfruit120

Fruit Juice

Apple Juice / Shake170
Watermelon Juice / Shake180
Coconut Shake250
Lychee Shake150
Banana Shake170
Pineapple Shake150
Mixed Fruit Punch / Shake180
Lemon Juice / Shake / Soda250


Espresso Float260
Bubble Sour310
Cherry Soda Float220
Citrus Soda Float170
Chinese Plum & Sprite Float390
Yok Lor Granita150
Thai Tea Granita190
Nom Yen Granita180
Coconut Juice250
Thai Iced Tea with Milk / Bubble250 / 310
Thai Iced Coffee / Bubble250 / 310

Healthy Cocoktail

Pink Cooler300
Fruity Shaky Yoghurt300
Passion Fashion300
Pink Journey300
Green Mellow300
Oriental Kiss300


Tiger Prawn Galangal with Coconut Soup570
Black Mushroom Cream Soup380
Light Tom Yum Soup580
Seafood Poh-Tak Soup530


Salad de Foie Gras950
Baby Spinach Salad with Bacon285
Seared Scallop Salad620
Avocado Salad with Rocket Leaves390
GHC Signature Caesar Salad280
Sandwich in a Bowl280
Fresh Lasagna Salad325
Pomelo Salad320
Zesty Thai Beef Salad with Herbs1,200

Our All Time Favourite

French Fries190
Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce380
Thai Steak with Jaew Sauce1,400
Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings390
Fried Salmon Toro with Special Dips420
Beef Massamun Curry680
Complicated Noodles380
GHC Seafood Spring Rolls550
Crispy Sweet Corn with Crab Meat290

Thai & Asian Favourite

Thai Pop390
Larb Salmon Thai North Eastern Style540
Italian Bruschetta280
Chicken Satay490
Italian Style Clam and Mussel Soup550
Weeping Hunters790
Pita Pizza with Italian Sausage620
Pita Pizza with Seafood Stuffing480
Spicy Muay Thai Burger490
Buffalo Burger750
Grilled Ham and Cheese320

Eat Dish

Red Snapper Miang1,580
Crispy Pork Knuckle with Chilli Paste1,400
U.S. Rib-eye on Fire1,980
The Famous Muay Thai Grilled Chicken690
Tom Yum Super Bowl1,400
Super Beef Lover Hot Pot1,050
Spicy Seafood Poh-Tak Hot Pot990
Street Style Duck Noodle Soup950
GHC Fiery Bowl590
Thai Braised Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Balls880
Miss Saigon480
Spicy Udon with Crispy Pork Leg880
Phad Thai with Fresh Shrimp450


Spaghetti Cha Cha Cha645
Tom Yum Fusilli with Tiger Prawn680
Penne with Light Pesto Sauce480
Spaghetti Carbonara in Signature Light Cream Sauce480
Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream Sauce380
Spaghetti Olio with Bacon290
Angry Pasta390
Spaghetti Corned Beef250
Penne Al Pomodoro with Ham & Cheese490
Spaghetti with Crispy Dried Salted Fish280


Minced Chicken or Pork with Sweet Basil Leaves and Hot Chillies300
Pounded Shrimp Fried Rice490
Spicy Fried Salmon Cubes with Holy Basil Leaves on Rice650
Fried Tons of Crab Meat with Rice590
Fried Rice with Dried Beef380
Fried Rice with Dried Salted Fish320
Fisherman Seafood Salt n’ Spice Rice590
Rib Eye Steak with Green Curry Sauce and Rice1,900
Spaghetti Corned Beef
Fresh Lasagna Salad330
Baby Spinach Salad250
Crispy Pumpkin and Tofu Salad350

Vegetarian Lovers

Crispy Sweet Corn380
Clear Tom Yum Soup290
Vegetarian Tom Yum Noodles290
Vegetarian Tom Yum Noodles Served with Flat Rice Noodles590
Vegetarian Mixed Mushroom Spaghetti420
Fettuccini with Grilled Vegetables in Pesto Sauce390
Spicy Spaghetti Vegetarian390
Vegetarian Phad Thai350


Happy Toast250
Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Cream410
Passion Cake390
Tiramisu Cake360
Young Coconut Crepe Cake250

Thai Dessert

Tub Tim Krob Greyhound-Style280
Butterfly Pea Sakoo with Coconut Sherbet190
Palm Sugar Banana190

Ice Cream

Coconut Sherbet120/210
Strawberry Sherbet120/210
Lemon Sherbet120/210

More dessert

Thai Tea Crepe Cake440
Creme Brulee 340


Chocolate Lover Parfait250
Chum Cham Parfait250
Sticky Rice + Mango Parfait250

About Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound Cafe is known for its traditional Thai cuisine that adds a different but very enticing way of dining. Their menu takes a flavorful fusion of authentic Thai flavors that capture your adventurous heart. Their famous caramelized grilled pork belly that is flavored with icy tamarind sauce is one of the main reasons why this restaurant is beloved among Filipinos. From the well-balanced formula of every meal on their menu, there is no doubt that even people who are taking their first step at this restaurant will surely bring a very lasting memory.

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Greyhound Cafe Best Selling Menu

Excited enough? Here is the list of their best-selling dishes from Greyhound Cafe that highlight various textures and aromatic dishes that you will surely love.

Complicated Noodle – This signature dish offers you a delightful fusion of noodle sheets along with fresh lettuce leaves. The minced pork sauce with chili sauce on the side is what elevated the entire dish to a different level.

Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce– A trip to oceanic flavors that features a slice of fresh salmon with special greyhound spicy lime sauce. This dish has been a top-selling item on their menu since day one.

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Salmon sashimi in spicy hot sauce Pin
Photo Credits: Instagram Page

Thai Steak with Jaew Sauce –  Indulge in this masterpiece that highlights Thai sauce that is perfectly grilled and marinated rib-eye steak. It is vibrant and a delight for every meat lover out there.

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings – This famous fried chicken menu from Greyhound Cafe is a perfect dish to share with your friends. It has crispy single-bone wings that are perfectly marinated in authentic Thai fish sauce.

Famous fried chicken wings Pin
Photo Credits:

Beef Massamun Curry – An intense flavor but delightful experience is served in this Beef Massamun Curry that features beef that is served in roti bread giving you a perfect combination.

Thai & Asian Favourite

These Greyhound Cafe menu collections are known to be simple but not boring as they are packed with vibrant colors and bold flavors making them a perfect choice to spice up your day.

Thai Pop – These bite-sized fried chicken pops are here to serve you a spicy flavor with their sriracha mayo and aioli that fully elevates every bite of this dish.

Italian Bruschetta – Transport your taste buds with hearty Italian bruschetta that highlights a toasted baguette slice showcasing its delightful chewy texture while it is generously topped with a medley of Italian-style mushrooms.

Chicken Satay – A juicy tender chicken that is grilled to perfection and what makes it even better is that it is dipped in a rich creamy peanut sauce. But it does not end there because it is paired with crisp cucumber salad sticks too!

Chicken satay Pin
Photo Credits:

Weeping Hunters – This dish features a premium medium grilled beef ribeye on delightful cucumber slices with crispy holy basil leaves making it a uniquely rare dish.

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Eat Dish

Prepare for a fulfilling experience with this collection that showcases the best flavors of Asia giving you a very enticing experience you will surely love.

Red Snapper Miang – This Thai grilled whole red snapper is served with vermicelli along with vegetables and a flavorful herbal miang sauce that you enjoy.

Red snapper miang Pin
Photo Credits: Instagram Page

Crispy pork Knuckle – Discover the greatness of this crispy German-style braised pork that is perfectly marinated with Thai herbs. It is served with chunky paste and jaew sauce along with sticky rice.

The Famous Muay Thai Grilled Chicken – Take a legendary bite of this whole chicken menu of Greyhound Cafe that is served with somtum and jaew sauce. It is grilled with turmeric that will surely give you a perfect upper punch!

Tom Yum Super Bowl – This seafood combination of scallops along with squid, tiger prawns, and black muscles is served in spicy tom yum soup which is a famous fish that is beloved among Thai people.

Tom yum super bowl Pin
Photo Credits: Instagram Page

Greyhound Cafe Delivery

They are available through various third-party delivery channels such as Food Panda PH and GrabFood which has a wider range of available areas. You can also order through Foodie-Delivery Ph just visit their official website and add to your cart your favorite meals and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Enjoy these delightful meals in the utmost comfort of your home because you deserve it!

Social Media Pages

Your support on their social media opens the door to a world of exclusive promotions, discounts, and curated experiences. Experience the extraordinary at unbeatable prices and savor a dash of exclusivity with every visit.

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What type of cuisine does Greyhound Cafe offer? 

Greyhound Cafe offers you a delightful collection of meals that highlights the best flavors of Asia and other foreign cuisines. It is a must-try restaurant, especially for people who want to take a delightful bite of Thai delicacies.

What is Greyhound Cafe known for?

They are known for a wide range collection of Thai cuisines and other foreign delicacies. They are quite famous too with their cocktails making it a perfect option for a romantic dinner.

What are the operating hours of Greyhound Cafe?

Greyhound Cafe operates from 10 AM until 9 PM.

Where is Greyhound Cafe located in the Philippines?

Greyhound Cafe is located on the Upper Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, 26th Street, Corner McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila


In conclusion, Greyhound Cafe is a restaurant where creativity, tradition, and innovation collide together to serve you a very excellent dining experience. Their fusion of Thai cuisine’s menu with international flavors is a bold act and a well-thought-of idea that I need to commend. It is a restaurant that introduces a new and exciting experience that I will not forget, especially from their Thai pop to other Italian bruschetta that transports you into the finest bites of Italy. Their menu is something that needs to be put in conversation while waiting for your delightful plats. The bold and spiced-up flavors are captivating to the core making me yearn for more so I am certain that it won’t be my last visit here and I will surely be delighted for more.

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