Teppanya Menu Prices

teppanya menu prices philippines

If one of your bucket lists is to sit at a table where there’s a chef who will cook right in front of your face, then visiting Teppanya will help you cross out that list! The Teppanya menu and its …

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Tendon Kohaku Menu Prices

tendon kohaku menu prices philippines

Japanese cuisine is the inspiration for the Tendon Kohaku menu. The items that are included in its menu are tendon, donburi, teishoku, sashimi, sushi roll, ala carte, udon, udon curry, tempura, dessert, and drinks. Its dishes are made up of …

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Tanay Highlands Menu Prices

tanay highlands menu prices philippines

Tanay Highlands menu serves Filipino cuisines that are artistically prepared. It offers starters, sandwiches, soup, salads, pasta, all-day breakfast, mains, desserts, coffee & espresso, refreshers, and other drinks. These dishes perfectly complemented the ambiance of the restaurant. It is an …

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Talisay the Garden Cafe Menu Prices

talisay the garden cafe menu prices philippines

Casual dining is quite popular in our country these days because we all know that the generation nowadays is becoming experimental and wants to try different cuisine that is available in our country. I found a perfect place for you …

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Sushi Ninja Menu Prices

sushi ninja menu prices philippines

The Sushi Ninja menu consists of various Japanese cuisines. It offers Zensai (appetizers), Poke, Tacos, Sashimi & Naagiri, Special Platters, Modern Sushi, Traditional Sushi, Tushi Sushi, Yakitori, Donburi, Specials, and Beverages. The cuisines of this restaurant are innovative while keeping …

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Stoned Steaks Menu Prices

stoned steaks menu prices philippines

The Stoned Steaks menu highlights its heavenly and delicious steaks such as Angus, Wagyu, Dry aged, and Japanese wagyu. The other items on its menu are starters, salads, surf & turf, mains, sandwiches, pasta, sides coffee & dessert, drinks, cocktails, …

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Shinsen Menu Prices

shinsen menu prices philippines

Shinsen provides high-quality and delicious Japanese dishes for Filipinos across Metro Manila. They are popular for their maki and sushi, which are perfect for Filipinos, who are known to have large families. Shinsen serves its menu in large quantities at …

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Sariwon Korean Barbecue Menu Prices

sariwon korean barbecue menu prices philippines

Sariwon Korean Barbecue menu is popular for its authentic Korean dishes such as Bulgogi and Galbi. The other cuisines that it offers are grill sets, meats from the grill, meats from the kitchen, seafood & other specialties, noodles, soups and …

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Samba Shangri-la Fort Menu Prices

samba shangri la fort menu price philippines

Samba Shangri-la Fort is a fine dining restaurant that sits at the heart of the Shangri-la Hotel. The Samba Shangri-la menu can truly give us a cream-of-the-crop experience because they don’t serve cheap meals here; they value every meal which …

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S Kitchen Menu Prices

s kitchen menu prices philippines

There are a lot of different varieties of Asian dishes on the S Kitchen menu. They mostly serve Filipino dishes but also throw in some Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, and other Asian cuisines in the mix. S Kitchen became popular in …

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