Panco Cafe Menu Prices

Looking for a place that is perfect for quick bites and flavorful platters? Say no more because this recommended cafe restaurant offers amazing deals with a great selection of their well-curated Melbourne-style sandwiches that are filled with absolute goodness and flavors that you will love along with their other menu collection that awaits you. This is Panco Cafe!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Panco Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Feed Me Sets

Set A2000
Set B2000
Set C3000

Noodles & Veg

Beef Flakes Egg Noodles290
Local Asian Veggies250
Sisig Palabok330

Take-out Platters

Sisig Palabok1550
Breakfast Brisket2100
Beef Flakes Egg Noodles1400
Cheesy Kaldereta2050
Panco's Special Inasal1700
Char Siu Pork Belly2000
Fish Tartare1800
Tamarind Fried Chicken1800

Best Sellers

Breakfast Brisket (Manila Style)460
Panco's Inasal (Manila Style)360
Spicy Gambas (Melbourne Style)480
Panco's Inasal (Melbourne Style)360
Tiramisu Latte195
Dirty Mocha195
Spicy Gambas (Manila Style)480
Breakfast Brisket (Melbourne Style)460

Mains - Manila Style

Can't Believe It's Vego (Manila Style)410
Char Siu Pork Belly (Manila Style)440
Breakfast Brisket (Manila Style)460
Panco's Inasal (Manila Style)360
Spicy Gambas (Manila Style)480
Tuna Salpicao (Manila Style)430
Tamarind Fried Chicken (Manila Style)380
House Made Tinapa (Manila Style)370
Charred Longganisa (Manila Style)380
Cheesy Kaldereta (Manila Style)460
Honey Cured Chicken (Manila Style)380
Fish Tartare (Manila Style)380
Lechon Kawali (Manila Style)430

Mains - Melbourne Style

Spicy Gambas (Melbourne Style)480
Panco's Inasal (Melbourne Style)360
Breakfast Brisket (Melbourne Style)460
House Made Tinapa (Melbourne Style)370
Tamarind Fried Chicken (Melbourne Style)380
Cheesy Kaldereta (Melbourne Style)460
Honey Cured Chicken (Melbourne Style)380
Charred Longganisa (Melbourne Style)380


Root Crop Chips90
White Rice50
Garlic Rice60
Pandesal Bread40
Annatto Rice60


Panco's Kakanin180
Ube Turon160
Ube Cake180
Blackout Cake180


Vanilla Bean Latte185
Hot Mocha195
Batch (Pour Over)130

Signature Iced Coffee

Tiramisu Latte195
Dirty Mocha195
Citrus Brew165

Signature Iced Coffee

Melbourne Fog165
Manila Iced Tea130
Ube Pinipig140
Strawberry Lychee160
Hot Chocolate160

About Panco Cafe

Pnaco Cafe is a flavorful spot to have a flavorful meal with its wide array collection of savory quick bites and alluring platters that feature various goodness and amazing textures that you don’t want to miss. Their Melbourne-style sandwiches and Manila Style platters are one of their trademarks so let’s know more about them while diving deeper through their best-selling items.

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Panco Cafe Menu Best Seller

Panco cafe offers one of their main trademark dishes which paved the way on their road to popularity among Filipinos. Here is their menu of best sellers that are worth checking out to make flavorful choices at Panco Cafe.

Breakfast Brisket ( Manila Style) – Starting this list with one of the go-to options of most people especially if they have missed their breakfast at home. It features cured beef brisket that is served along with eggs and fresh tomato slices.

Breakfast brisket Pin
Photo Credits: Panco Cafe Official FB Page

Spicy Gambas (Melbourne Style) – This enticing meal is perfect for people who love spicy meals with Shrimp flavored with sambal sauce and garlic that elevates the dish with an exquisite taste.

Panco’s Inasal (Melbourne Style) – This smokey dish features a sandwich that is flavored with the absolute meaty goodness of Chicken Iansal and annatto that has a touch of calamansi.

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Panco’s Inasal (Manila Style) – This platter is perfect for people who want to have a full stomach on the road. It features Chicken Inasal along with Annatto and calamansi on flavorful rice for an extra Pinoy Style.

Tiramisu Latte – This latte features the delightful fusion of espresso along with the finest tiramisu cream with added fresh milk making a great option to start your day with. it goes perfectly with Panco’s Inasal so I recommend that you order this with your chosen meal.

Tiramisu latte Pin
Photo Credits: Panco Cafe Official FB Page

Feed Me Sets

Their Feed Me Sets is a collection of amazing dishes that are made to share with your favorite people while eating this flavorful dish.

Set A – This menu of Panco Cafe is one of the go-to orders of most people its package features Cheesy Kaldereta and tamarind fried Chicken served with Strawberry Lychee Drinks and it is good for four people.

Cheesy kaldereta Pin
Photo Credits: Panco Cafe Official FB Page

Set B – This set is good for 4 people and offers a savory collection of breakfast brisket with chicken tocino served with Strawberry and Lychee Drink.

Set C – This set is good for a larger portion of people up to 6 pax. It features Panco’s Special Inasal along with Breakfast Brisket and Charred Longganisa. This set is served with Citrus Brew along with Kalma and Strawberry Lychee.


Panco Cafe offers a great collection of Mains menu that are available in Manila and Melbourne Style. Here are some of the hottest picks we have for your savory options.

Can’t Believe It’s Vego (Manila Style) – This dish is perfect for people who want to have an extra-healthy bite while savoring a flavorful sandwich. It features various vegetables and cauliflower puree.

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Can't believe it's vego Pin
Photo Credits: Panco Cafe Official FB Page

Char Siu Pork Belly (Manila Style) – This is also one of their flavorful options that you can order at Panco Cafe. It highlights the sweetness of the cured pork belly that is served along with a fried saba.

Tamarind Fried Chicken – This dish features the finest crispy bite of their chicken thigh filet with a tamarind brine that perfectly brings out the level of meaty and tamarind flavor you would love.

Tamarind fried chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Panco Cafe Official FB Page

Cheesy Kalderata (Melbourne Style) – This Melbourne style features the ultimate level of beefiness with the seared beef that is layered with loads of cheese and kaldereta sauce. Perfect for your adventurous heart!

Charred Longganisa (Melbourne Style) – Wondering what a Longganisa meal in a Melbourne Style would look like? Well, you need to try this and stop wondering because the Pork longganisa that is served with salad and egg in this dish is one of the best things at Panco cafe.

Panco Cafe Menu Delivery 

Panco Cafe offers a food delivery service and you can contact them through the contact number below;

Legazpi: 0943-256-9033 

Podium: 0929-365-1396

Panco cafe is also available at GrabFood Philippines and FoodPanda for a much more efficient and easier transaction. Keep in mind that availability depends on your current location.

Social Media Pages

Awaken your senses at Panco Cafe, where every cup of coffee is a journey to the heart of Philippine coffee culture! Join their social media pages as your feed is about to transform into a gallery of coffee artistry and a celebration of the rich coffee culture!

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Frequently Asked Questions in Panco Cafe

What type of cuisine does Panco Cafe offer? 

Panco Cafe offers a great collection of savory dishes that are curated in Melbourne and Manila style. They offer your favorite breakfast and go-to meals that are worth checking out.

What is Panco Cafe known for?

Panco cafe is known for its amazing platters menu and Melbourne-style meals such as their iconic Panco’s Inasal and Breakfast Brisket.

What are the operating hours of Panco Cafe?

Panco Cafe offers its savory collections from 7 AM to 9 PM at Legazpi and 8 AM to PM at The Podium.

Are there ways I can reach them online?

Yes, you can visit their official Facebook and Instagram accounts at Panco Cafe or contact them through these email accounts;

[email protected] 

[email protected]

Where is the nearest Panco Cafe in my area?

There are only two locations of Panco Cafe in the Philippines which are located at Legazpi and The Podium. You can easily locate the stores through their official website at


Panco Cafe is a great option for you to try dishes that are out of the box. It is something that I consider adventurous but with a safe choice. Their Melbourne Style and Manila Style are curated perfectly to savor and experience something new and their creative ideas and innovations are worthy to be discovered by more people. That is why I wish they expand more locations for Filipinos because their meals are really worth the price and come with great quality and premium experience.

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