Goto Panalo Menu Prices

Looking for a perfect goto that brings a delicate warmth to your soul? Well, I have exactly what you need. Introducing Goto Panalo! where your favorite goto is served in an elevated way with various styles and forms that are a sure hit. I am sure you are excited about this restaurant, especially every goto lover out there, so I won’t make you wait anymore because here is their goto menu that is waiting for you to be indulged.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Goto Panalo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Plain Lugaw59
Lugaw with Goto72
Lugaw with Egg66.78
Lugaw with Chicken98
Lugaw with Goto Bagnet123
Lugaw with Goto Panalo149

Spicy Lugaw

Spicy Garlic Plain Lugaw59.13
Spicy Garlic Lugaw with Goto72
Spicy Chili Garlic Lugaw with Egg66.78
Spicy Chili Garlic Lugaw with Chicken97.65
Spicy Chili Garlic Goto Bagnet123
Spicy Chili Garlic Goto Panalo149.13


Chicken Mami123.39
Beef Brisket Mami123.39


Bundle A204.16
Bundle C251.32

All Day Breakfa

Pure Beef Tapa165.78
Premium Corned Beef Hash165.78
Skin on Longganisa153
Tender Tocino140.13
Breakfast Lechon Kawali153
New York Beef Franks140.13
Chicken Nuggets140.13
Skinless Longganisa153


Buttered Garlic Rice41.4
Plain Rice19.8
Boiled Egg18


Tokwa't Bagnet101.52
Lumpia Prito45


Goto Panalo is famous for its indulging porridge that offers top-of-the-line quality goodness with a wide range of available options to cater to your various moods and vibes from their enticing Spicy Goto Panalo to their fulfilling Tokwa’t Bagnet, this establishment surely has everything you need for s flavorful and comforting rainy day.

Goto Panalo Menu Best Seller

Make the best out of your favorite goto if you choose to indulge with this best-selling collection of goto that is comforting to the core.

Lugaw with Goto Panalo – Starting with this iconic meal that highlights the comforting and finest flavor of warm porridge. It has a generous garnish of beef and tripe along with egg slices that offer a hearty flavor.

lugaw with goto panalo Pin
Photo Credits: GOTO Panalo Muntinlupa FB Page

Spicy Chili Garlic Goto Panalo – This exciting variation offers a classic flavor that features a comforting kick of lugaw with a special hint of spice. It is a dish that will surely be enjoyed by spicy lovers out there. 

Lugaw with Egg – A simple yet satisfying bowl of goto is here to make you feel extra loved in every slurp of their Lugaw with an egg that is enriched with flavors of boiled egg.

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lugaw with egg Pin
Photo Credits: GOTO Panalo Muntinlupa FB Page

Tokwat Bagnet – This iconic Ilocano cuisine is ready to give you the finest crunch of crispy bagnet that is served with flavorful fried tofu that is dressed in a savory sauce.

Lugaw with Goto – This classic yak to our traditional lugaw is made extra special with an additional goto. It makes the bowl extra tasty and offers a satisfying experience that is both warm and comforting.

Lugaw and Mami

The timeless Filipino favorite Lugaw options along with Mami are here to give you various styles, forms, and delectable blends that offer the soothing and comforting flavor of delightful lugaw and savory mami.

Plain Lugaw – This plain lugaw offers a comforting rice porridge that is served with delightful slices of egg and garnishes such as fried garlic and green onions.

Lugaw with Goto Bagnet – This iconic Lugaw with goto bagnet is well-beloved because of its comforting lugaw flavor with goto and the irresistible crunch of bagnet that offers an extra fusion of flavors.

lugaw with goto bagnet Pin
Photo Credits: GOTO Panalo Muntinlupa FB Page

Chicken Mami – This common go-to mami menu of Goto Panalo is here to give you a chicken broth with the finest sices of chicken and flavorful noodles that you will definitely love.

Beef Brisket Mami – Make some way for the greatest Beef Brisket Mami in Manila. You definitely need to try the outstanding flavor of this Beef Brisket Mami that is here to give you tender and soothing slices of Tender beef in beef broth-based mami.

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All Day Breakfast

Savor the ultimate breakfast experience that you can only have here in this collection of their All Day Breakfast. It offers you a different level of savory and juicy textures from their Spam to the skin on Longganisa.

Spam – Starting their spam is known to be a canned product that is fried to perfection giving you a crispy exterior with a hint of savory and a slightly salty taste.

Pure Beef Tapa – This Pure Beef tapa allows you to enjoy the marinated and thinly sliced beef that offers a caramelized and tender texture. It has a sweet and savory flavor that can surely be enjoyed by everyone.

beef tapa Pin
Photo Credits: Goto Panalo Pateros Branch FB Page

Premium Corned Beef Hash – Next on the list is this Premium Corned Beef ash that is delightful to the core. It has diced potatoes that blend ultimately with its savory and satisfying taste.

Skin on Longganisa – Our last spot is something we all should not miss. This skin-on longganisa offers a delightful twist of the Filipino longganisa high; giving a juicy and garlicky taste of sausage with skin that provides a satisfying snap on every bite.

skin on longganisa Pin
Photo Credits: GOTO Panalo Muntinlupa FB Page

Goto Panalo Menu Delivery

Do you want to savor these heartwarming collections of goto but you don’t have the luxury of time to go out and have them in the store? Don’t fret because I got you covered! You can order this delightful goto through the FoodPanda Delivery service and also via GrabFood if you are located in long-distance areas. Treat yourself to something you deserve by indulging in this delightful goto.

Social Media Pages

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Get inspired by their photos and videos of their delicious food and drinks, and see what other customers are saying about the restaurant. Show your support for this local business and follow Goto Panalo on social media today!



What type of cuisine does Goto Panalo offer? 

Goto Panalo offers a delightful collection of Goto along with their Lugaw and Mami collections. They also offer enticing collections of sides that elevate your favorite goto bowl in the finest favor.

What is Goto Panalo known for?

Goto Panalo is famous for their iconic Goto such as their iconic Spicy Chili Garlic Goto Panalo and Lugaw with Goto Panalo.

What are the operating hours of Goto Panalo?

There are selected branches of Goto Panalo that offer their delightful bowl of goto for 24 hours and there are certain areas that typically operate from 10 AM until 6:30 PM.

Where is the Goto Panalo located in the Philippines?

You can visit them at Lot 30 Block 3 Sampaguita Street Barangay Pembo 2nd District near Mcdonald’s Pembo.


Goto Panalo is a place that takes your favorite goto to greater heights. A flavorful adventure is guaranteed in every slurp of their delightful collections of Goto. It is an establishment where they take an enthusiastic collision for taste, flavors, and comfort. From the Goto Panalo’s delightful Spicy Goto Panalo to enticing All Day Breakfast Collections menu that marks a great point that their diverse collections have so much to offer to you with all of your moods and cravings. A joyful experience awaits you here and there are so many reasons to enjoy this restaurant that offers these heartwarming treats. I am delighted with my experience and I am sure you will be too!

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