Dimsum Treats Menu Prices

Are you looking for a place where you can find the best and most authentic dim sum without spending too much? Great news since I found the perfect place for you. This place offers a wide variety of delicious dim sum and other items like Siomai, yang chow fried rice, and many more that will surely satisfy your cravings. Dimsum Treats menu has a lot of yummy items to choose from and the great news is you don’t have to spend too much since their products are affordable and quality.

Interested in this topic? Then if yes stay with me in this article and let’s find out Dimsum Treats’ best sellers, prices per item, and some of their other food items. Let’s see if after knowing the information about this business maybe you’ll consider trying their food the next time that you’re planning your eat out with friends and family. Let’s go. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Dimsum Treats menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Special Siomai75
Pork & Quail Egg Siomai80
Special Siomai with Yang Chow115
Japanese Siomai80
Fried Dumpling75
Meaty Mushroom Siomai75


Special Siomai75
Meaty Mushroom Siomai75
Pork & Quail Egg Siomai80
Chinese Chicken Siomai75
Japanese Siomai80
Fried Dumpling75

Yang Chow

Special Siomai with Yang Chow115
Meaty Mushroom with Yang Chow115
Pork & Quail Egg with Yang Chow120
Fried Dumpling with Yangchow115
Japanese Siomai with Yang Chow120
Chinese Chicken with Yang Chow115
Pork Chop Meal with Yang Chow160

Frozen packs

Special Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen250
Meaty Mushroom 16 Pcs Frozen250
Pork & Quail Egg 16 Pcs Frozen270
Frozen Dumpling 16 PCs250
Japanese Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen270
Chinese Chicken Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen220
Premium Pork & Shrimp 16 PCs Frozen310
Pork Chop Set Frozen380

Party packs

Yang Chow Set190
Pork Chop Set400
Premium Pork And Shrimp Cooked 16 PCs360

Rice meals

Pork Chop Meal135


Plain Rice20
Yang Chow45
Extra Chili Sauce25
Extra Chili & Soy Sauce Set35


Red iced tea35
Lemon iced tea 35

About Dimsum Treats

Dimsum Treats is a restaurant that offers Chinese food. They are located in R. Papa Sampalok Manila near PSBA. This place has a lot of delicious food items that are affordable that’s why they become popular over the years. Customers really enjoyed and patronize their products since their prices are too affordable while the taste is really good. Founded along Dapitan Street, this establishment has been around since 2008 in the UST area and has proven its capacity to stay. Leo Sioco is one of the owners of this establishment, he also shared that because of the recent pandemic days that occurred in the country they faced a hard time since the majority of their customers are students however they still do what they have to do to continue their business. Due to their hard work and cooperation, their restaurant managed to reopen its branches in the UST area. 

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Dimsum Treats Menu Best Sellers 

According to my research here is the sample list of Dimsum Treats best sellers. 

Japanese Siomai – Dimsum treats version of Japanese siomai is made with minced pork meat and rolled in Japanese nori as a wrapper. Their Japanese Siomai is really delicious the Japanese nori wrapped in the minced meat gives a whole new level of flavor. The siomai itself is already delicious but more flavorful with their dipping sauce. This one is also one of their most popular among their menu, especially on delivery orders, and also a must-try. 

Japanese siomai Pin
Photo Credits: Dimsum Treats – Dapitan Foodpanda Page

Fried Dumpling – The fried dumpling of Dimsum Treats is also one of the most popular items on their menu and also their best seller. This one could be the perfect comfort food, served warm and very savory with a satisfying taste that you are looking for a dumpling. This one is also served with dipping sauce, I like it better with spicy sauce as I preferred spicy foods. This one is also a must-have item on their menu. 

Fried sharksfin dumplings Pin
Photo Credits: dimsum treats FB Page

Special Siomai with Yang Chow – The special Siomai with yang chow of dumpling treats is one of the best items that you should try if you are looking for a meal. Their special siomai with yang chow includes 4 big pcs of their delivery siomai with a generous serving of their special yang chow fried rice. This also includes dipping sauce for the special siomai. The sauce is spicy and the siomai is really good as well. This item is also a must-try. 

Special Siomai – Special Siomai of Dimsum Treats comes with 4 pcs of large Siomai topped with their delicious chili sauce. Their special siomai is really good and flavorful and perfect with the spicy sauce that comes with it. Their special siomai is one of the most popular items on their menu and also a must-try. 

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Special siomai Pin
Photo Credits: dimsum treats FB Page

Party Packs

Dimsum Treats has a party pack menu where you can purchase a set of items that is great for sharing. On this menu they have a yang chow set, they also have pork chop set, and lastly their Premium Pork And Shrimp Cooked 16pcs. 

Party packs Pin
Photo Credits: dimsum treats FB Page

Frozen packs

The frozen pack’s menu is frozen items on the go that you can cook for later or put ok your storage so the next time you crave dim sum you have it in your fridge. Special Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen is included on this menu also Meaty Mushroom 16 Pcs Frozen and Pork & Quail Egg 16 Pcs Frozen. Other items are Frozen Dumpling 16 Pcs, Japanese Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen, and Chinese Chicken Siomai 16 Pcs Frozen. They also have Premium Pork & Shrimp 16 Pcs Frozen and Pork Chop Set Frozen. 


Dimsum Treats side menu has four items. They have plain rice if you’re looking for steamed rice, yang chow that is perfect with their dim sums, extra chili sauce for added spice and extra kick, and lastly their Extra Chili & Soy Sauce Set. 

Yang chow fried rice Pin
Photo Credits: dimsum treats FB Page


Quench your thirst with the enticing options on Dimsum Treats’ beverage menu. You have a choice between their signature Red Iced Tea, a house-crafted and rejuvenating red iced tea, and the invigorating Lemon Iced Tea, a delightful blend of refreshing lemon flavors.

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Dimsum Treats Menu Delivery 

Streamlining your ordering process has never been simpler – just drop them a message through their convenient Messenger app. Plus, you have the added flexibility of selecting your preferred courier to handle the delivery of your online order, ensuring your convenience every step of the way.

Social Media Pages

They invite you to join their vibrant community by following and supporting their social media pages. Stay connected with the latest culinary creations, exclusive promotions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their kitchen’s magic.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimsum

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dimsumtreats_original

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dimsumtreats

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dimsum


Dimsum Treats. Are they halal-certified?

No. Dimsum Treats use pork on their dim sum making them a not halal-certified restaurant.

What time are the operation hours of Dimsum Treats?

Dimsum Treats operates from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening.

Can I franchise Dimsum Treats?

Yes, Dimsum Treats are offering franchising. All you have to do is to go to their Facebook page.


If you are looking for a great place to get your dim sum cravings, Dimsum Treats is the best place for you. Affordable and really delicious dumplings and dim sum is what they serve. Dimsum Treats menu also has a wide variety of selections so I am pretty sure that they can cater to your needs in dim sums. Their place has a homey vibe as well and their crews are easy to deal with. Clean stalls and fast service too. Overall a great experience and highly recommended for every who loves to try dim sum and other Chinese dishes. 

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