Chimmy Menu Prices

Prepare to be wowed with this next fruity adventure we are going to ride today. It is an establishment that specializes in fruity and delightful yogurt drinks that have mastered giving the finest refreshments and pure indulgence in every sip and savor. Introducing Chimmy and its finest menu and price collection of Yogurt drinks. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Avocado Graham Yogurt180
Avocado Yogurt158
Banana Yogurt125
Blueberry Yogurt150
Bobba Yogurt125
Choco Banana Yogurt145
Chocolate Yogurt140
Cookies and Cream Yogurt125
Grape Yogurt139
Green Apple Yogurt125
Lychee Yogurt135
Mango Graham Yogurt145
Mango Yogurt130
Melona Yogurt140
Original Chimmy Yogurt108
Sticky Purple Rice Yogurt125
Strawberry Yogurt130
Ube Yogurt150

Premium Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Milk Tea110
Dark Choco Milk Tea100
Matcha Milk Tea105
Melona Milk Tea100
Okinawa Milk Tea105
Original Milk Tea90
Taro Milk Tea105
Wintermelon Milk Tea100

Zero Sugar Milk Tea

Dark Choco Milk Tea125
Melona Milk Tea130
Original Milk Tea120
Taro Milk Tea125

Fruit Teas

Green Apple Fruit Tea90
Lychee Fruit Tea90
Mango Fruit Tea90
Passion Fruit Tea90
Strawberry Fruit Tea90
Wintermelon Fruit Tea90

Cheesecakes Series

Dark Choco Cheesecake120
Matcha Cheesecake125
Melona Cheesecake130
Taro Cheesecake125
Wintermelon Cheesecake120

Creampuff Oreo Series

Cookies and Creampuff Oreo115
Dark Choco Creampuff Oreo125
Matcha Creampuff Oreo130
Wintermelon Creampuff Oreo125

Frappe Series

Dark Choco Frappe120
Matcha Frappe125
Melona Frappe120
Okinawa Frappe125
Taro Frappe120
Wintermelon Frappe120

Hot Tea

Dark Choco Hot Tea110
Matcha Hot Tea115
Okinawa Hot Tea110

About Chimmy

Chimmy specializes in Original Filipino Blend Yogurt that is available in many variations. They take great pride in their yogurt which emphasizes a well-balanced flavor of sweetness and sourness. It allows you to experience Euphoria in every sip of their delightful beverage. Every yogurt-based beverage they serve offers a creamy perfection that unveils an indulgence touch and velvety textures. It has a very soothing and electable taste perfect as your next go-to drink.

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Chimmy Menu Best Seller

Experience the euphoria and the finest refreshment from Chimmy in this list I curated for you that features their Must-try and best-selling drinks in their menu.

Melona Yogurt – A sure hit in their latest collection that allows you to savor a unique twist of your usual yogurt. It is delightful with the melon flavor that offers a luscious yogurt combination.

melona yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Chimmy Philippines FB Page

Banana Yogurt – A tropical delight from Chimmy that features a creamy goodness of yogurt that was elevated with the natural hint of banana sweetness that blends carefully giving you a well-balanced flavor.

Ube Yogurt – A drink that is close to my heart is what we have in this Ube Yogurt. It highlights your favorite ube flavor giving you a creamy blend of this creative drink. It has a purple appearance which gives an extra point to its entire visual.

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ube yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Chimmy Philippines FB Page

Blueberry Yogurt – This Blueberry yogurt is here to offer you a delightful blend of creamy yogurt that allows you to indulge in the sweet yet bold flavors of blueberries. It is very refreshing and a perfect drink for blueberry enthusiasts.

Mango Yogurt – A best-selling drink that will surely capture your Filipino heart. This drink features a tropical paradise in every sip highlighting the juicy goodness of sweet mangoes. It has a smooth and velvety texture that is a must-love.

mango yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Chimmy Philippines FB Page


Savor the finest refreshment here in this selection of their menu that features your favorite fruits that are blended in a flavorful combination of yogurt.

Green Apple Yogurt – This unique blend of fruity twists of the Green apple menu of Chimmy allows you to indulge in a zesty yogurt drink that is a perfect go-to drink for beating the heat.

Grape Yogurt – This Yogurt drink takes you to a juicy world in a fusion of grapes and creamy yogurt. This results in a delightful grape drink that is refreshing as well as satisfying.

Chocolate Yogurt – Savor the delectable fusion of creamy yogurt with velvety chocolate that is rich in flavor. It is a perfect go-to drink for people who love chocolate which is a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess.

chocolate yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Chimmy Philippines FB Page

Strawberry Yogurt – Experience the citrusy flavor of these strawberries which are a delightful fusion with sweet and velvety yogurt. It has a very fruity and satisfying taste perfect for people who love to pair strawberries with various treats.

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Avocado Yogurt – The creaminess and rich flavor of this yogurt drink is top-notch. It has a special kick of buttery flavor with an avocado blend that perfectly combines with the flavor of yogurt.

Lychee Yogurt – If you want to be extra adventurous today, you can order this lychee yogurt that features a fragrant fume of lychee fruit. It is blended to perfection with the yogurt which offers a fruity sensation.

lychee yogurt Pin
Photo Credits: Chimmy Philippines FB Page

Avocado Graham Yogurt – Let us take that classic Avocado yogurt to the next level with this Avocado Graham Yogurt that features a delightful dessert combining the creamy texture of avocado and the nutty goodness of graham cracker in flavorful yogurt.

Cookies and Cream Yogurt – On the last spot is something we should not miss. This yogurt features a delightful dessert infused with the maltiness of cookies and cream that allows you to indulge in the sweetness and creaminess of this beverage.

Chimmy Menu Delivery

Experience the level of refreshment you never had before with these enticing drinks from Chimmy that offer a unique twist of your favorite delights in a cup of flavorful yogurt. You can order this delightful treat through online delivery services such as FoodPanda. You can order through their official website or download their app through Play Store or App Store and unveil the magnifying goodness these drinks can give you to your day.

Social Media Pages

Follow them on social media and join the Chimmy foodie community. It’s a place where every post is a promise of an extraordinary dining experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does the Chimmy offer? 

Chimmy offers a refreshing collection of innovative delights that are served in various styles that you will be delighted to try. 

What is the Chimmy known for?

Chimmy is known for its flavored blend of yogurt to different fruits and delights. Their famous drink is Blueberry yogurt and Mango Yogurt.

What are the operating hours of Chimmy?

Chimmy is operating from 10 AM until 8 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

Where is the Chimmy located in the Philippines?

There are a number of Chimmy branches available in selected areas of the Philippines. You can take a look at this link, this link entails all of the locations of Chimmy and their operating hours. 


In conclusion, Chimmy is definitely a safe haven for every yogurt lover out there. Their delightful take on the innovative fusion of flavors and creaminess of their delightful beverage is worthy of fame and appreciation. Their diverse range of yogurt-based drinks is evidence of how they allot so much time in curating their menu collection to surely hit every craving of your various types and moods.

From their classic favorites such as Banana Yogurt to the all-star Blueberry Yogurt, these unique creations allow you to have a playful sip while giving you the finest refreshing experience you truly deserve. Their commitment to quality and healthy ways of indulging in your favorite treats is worthy of commendation. I am delighted about my visit and it will surely be one of my next go-to yogurt shops in the future.

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