Providore Menu Prices

Are you looking for a place to go for your early eat-out for brunch? Tired of eating fast foods for breakfast again and again? No worries I got you on this one. I found the perfect place for the early bird just like you. The Providore menu offers a variety of breakfast and light dishes to satisfy your brunch needs. Aside from those they also have items for lunch, merienda, and dinner so basically this place is a one-stop shop that offers Filipino and American cuisine.

Interested in our topic for today? If yes then I will be glad if you stay with me throughout this article and together let’s get to know Providore more, which items are their best sellers and how much is the price of the goods that they serve. Let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Providore menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Everything Breakfast All Day Long

Pastrami Tapa 295
Bacon Tocino 295
Alaminos Longganiza325
Daing Na Bangus In Olive Oil & Capers 375
Crab & Avocado Egg Toastie435
Omelette & Salad295
Big Boy475
Feel Like Old-Fashioned Hotcakes Or Belgian Waffles? 215

Big Plate Salad

Caesar Light295
Chef's Salad375
Bbq Chicken Salad475

Bistro Plates

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner395
Chicken A La Kiev375
Macaroni Pimiento Four-Cheese Gratin495
Italian Sausage & Beef Meatball Bucatini Pasta375
Bacon Carbonara Bucatini Pasta375
Seafood & Rice Skillet420
Salmon Grill Plate595
Grilled "Truck Stop" Pork Steak595
Grilled Pepper & Herb Us Beef Belly550

The Filipino Table

Lechon Kawali Crackling295
The "You're Gonna Need Extra Rice" Bbq Plate375
Providore Callos420
Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang375
Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter "Salpicao" Steak420
Us Beef & Oxtail Kare-Kare475
Spicy Crab Laing250
Tinapa Monggo Stew175
Lola's Beef Sinigang420


Providore Garlic Rice95
Providore White Rice95
Java Rice95
Wild Rice95
House Fries95
Potato Chips95

The Deli

Winner Winner Chicken Sandwich395
Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll375
Roasted Turkey Club395
Cheeseburger Classique550
Decadent Bone Marrow Burger550
Providore Pastrami Melt495

Merienda Plates

Arroz Caldo225
Fresh Lumpia250
A Crispy Fried Big Lumpia175
Pancit Palabok295
Dinuguan & Puto350
Mami Molo295
Tokwa & Baboy225

Noshes Bites

Dips & Chips320
Zucchini Pecarino Fries195
Six Wings395
Cast Iron Steak & Chili Cheese Fries350
Negros Burrata Cheese650
Hot Garlic Butter Potato Chips150
Beer Buttered Seafood "Cocktail" Platter595

Freshly Baked

Bacon Clam Chowder 295
Steakhouse Chili 295
Seafood Cioppino 295
Pastel Pies & Salad250
Cast Iron Garlic Parsley Dinner Rolls150
Pastry Board375

Dessert Plates

Frozen Custard Sundaes150
Halo-Halo "Mix Mix"195
Classic Banana Split195
Housemade Leche Flan95
Coconut Cream Tres Leches250
Warm Brownie Skillet250
Housemade Apple Pie A La Mode250

Fountain Specialties

Providore Punch175
Kombucha Lime Iced Tea120
Raspberry "Arnold Palmer"150
Calamansi Lychee Cooler140
Housemade Flavored Sodas150

Fountain Shakes

The Classic150
Dark Chocolate Malt150
Salted Caramel160
Banana Cream Pie185
Strawberry Cheesecake160
Chunky Monkey160
Peppermint Patty160
Peaches & Cream160
Coffee Caramel160
Cookies & Cream160
Cherry Popsicle160

Illy Caffe

Cafe Affogato195
Double Espresso150
Flat White120
Cafe Con Dulce De Leche150
Cafe Latte140
Cafe Mocha160
Irish Coffee350

Specialty Coffee

Providore Hazelnut Cold Brew160
Choconut Freeze175
Chai Latte175
Matcha Latte110
Chocnut Latte140

The Tea Salon

International 120

Drinks - Soda

Soda In Can95
House Flavored Soda150
Soda In A Bottle75

Bar - Specialty Cocktails

Backyard Mojito195
Mariana La Bonito-Bianco275
Mariana La Bonito-Tinto275
The Margarita195
Long Island250
The Margarita Frozen225

White Wine (Glass/Bottle)

Sauvignon Blanc, Monkey Bay, New Zealand320/1370
Chardonnay, House Of Mandela, South Africa275/1180

Red Wine (Glass/Bottle)

Shiraz, Banrock Station, Australia250/975
Malbec, Filus Mendrano, Argentina195/850


San Miguel Beer110
San Miguel Light110
Heineken 195

About Providore

Providore is actually a bistro with a coffee bar and essential kitchen provisions while having a retail area for local items that is great for pasalubong abroad. They also have an al fresco bar! Providore is a nice bar that will take you back in time where it is good old days, this place offers authentic Filipino and American cuisine and will surely give you a full experience of the said cuisines firsthand.

The Raintree Restaurant Group is the one behind  Providore and other popular restaurants and though there are a lot of gastronomic places mushrooming the country Raintree took a step back to remind us of the good old days. Providore is a playful take involving Filipino and Western cuisine in one menu. They actually have all that you need from breakfast till dawn. Entering their place feel at home, on their place, the smell of freshly baked pastries will welcome you plus their walls and woods are made of wood making it more homey. 

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Providore Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some of Providore best best-selling items on their menu. 

Zucchini Pecorino Fries – The Zucchini pecorino fries version of Providore is a light meal that will leave extra room for the main course, this is actually just the appetizer but this is so delicious. This has buttermilk ranch dip with a bit of lemon that really compliments the flavor of the fries. This one is a great option if you’re looking for a delicious appetizer but still planning to eat mains. This is also a must-try. 

Zucchini pecorino fries Pin
Photo Credits: Providore PH Official Facebook Page

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Winner winner Chicken dinner is actually a fried chicken that perfectly fries until crispy and golden but the inside remains tender and juicy. This fried chicken also has the right amount of salt on it. This is also served with buttered corn as a side and french beans, it also has sausage gravy on top of the creamy mashed potato and some crispy smoked bacon on top of that they also include cheddar biscuits for added flavors. 

Providore Salad – Providore salad is made with arugula, some cranberries, blue cheese, fresh avocado, and crispy generous amount of bacon bits. This is also drizzled with buttermilk ranch dressing. Perfect for those salad lovers who love salads and are always searching for a great salad. 

Providore salad Pin
Photo Credits: Providore PH Official Facebook Page

Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll – The crispy seafood mayo roll of Providore is honestly my personal favorite. That is why I really want to promote this one since this is so good. Each bite is like a nostalgia for the past. The seafood is coated with remoulade sauce, the dish actually tastes tangy plus lemony with a flavor from dill. They also use buttered brioche roll with this one.

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Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak – I can’t find the words to describe this but this is by far the most addictive item on their menu I still love my crispy seafood mayo roll. The steak is cooked medium rare, the beef was bathed in a special sauce. This can be described as firm on the outside but juicy and really soft inside, it kind of melts in your mouth.

Steel plate cooked garlic butter salpicao steak Pin
Photo Credits: Providore PH Official Facebook Page

The Filipino Table Menu

The Filipino table menu of Providore consists of Filipino favorite dishes. Here they have lechon kawali cracklings if you’re looking for something crunchy. The “You’re Gonna Need Extra Rice” BBQ Plate which is a pinoy style barbecue. Providore Callos, Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang which is a very classic dish that I can only see on my Lola.

US beef & oxtail kare-kare Pin
Photo Credits: Providore PH Official Facebook Page

They also have Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak and US Beef & Oxtail Kare-Kare. This is popular because of peanut sauce, and spicy crab Laing for those who dare. Tinapa monggo stew and Lola’s beef sinigang which I think my Lola have the same style of cooking. 


Sides menu of Providore has 7 side dishes to choose from. Providore Garlic Rice and Providore white rice are on top of the options, they also have other kinds of rice like java rice and wild rice. Coleslaw is also present on this menu followed by house fries and potato chips. 

Bacon clam chowder Pin
Photo Credits: Providore PH Official Facebook Page
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Providore Menu Delivery 

Ordering Your favorite Providore food items is made easier and hassle-free simply by going to foodie PH for your orders or you can also use Foodpanda and Grabfoods for faster transactions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Providore accept credit cards? What are their payment methods?

Providore accepts major credit cards or debit cards or prepaid cards also they accept cash payments. 

Providore, are they halal certified?

No. Providore is a nonhalal-certified restaurant that offers alcoholic beverages and other dishes containing haram meats

What are Providore’s business hours?

Providore restaurant is open from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night.

Where is Providore located?

Providore is located in SM Aura Premier, Taguig Metro Manila. 


A really beautiful restaurant with a cozy ambiance and nice service crews. The Providore menu has a lot to offer since everything that you need is already on their menu. The food is exceptionally delicious plus the place itself is really cozy and has a nice atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Never a dull moment at this place since they also had sounds in their restaurant which they played classic good sounds. If you’re looking for a relaxing place with a great set of meals Providore is the place to go. Highly recommended for everyone. 

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