Taste & Tell Menu Prices

Reward yourself this weekend and treat yourself to a restaurant that is filled with the goodness of foreign cuisines highlighting the flavor of Japan. Introducing Taste and Tell, a restaurant that will surely bring absolute flavor and goodness from their wide range of foods from Starters to Mains from Maki to Various sets. Join me and let us taste and tell you why this recommended restaurant is something that you should pay a visit to in the Metro.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Taste & Tell menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)




Salmon Nigiri260
Tuna Nigiri160
Tamago Nigiri100
Unagi Nigiri230
Tamago Mentaiko160
Salmon Belly Mentaiko380
Tempura Aburi280


Potato Crisps99
Mentaiko Fries265
Messy Nachos285
Spicy Tuna / Salmon Salad450
Kani Salad295

Chef's Special

Tempura Tendon395
Yaki Udon425
Spicy Salmon Tataki595
Aburi Chasudon420
Chirashi Bowl495

Udon with soup

Tempura Udon380
Wagyu Niku Udon645


Ebi Chahan295
Unagi Chahan320


Plain Rice60
Miso Soup95

Aburi Trays

Kani Aburi395
Scallop x Salmon595
Unagi Umami645


Butter Garlic Chicken360
Soy Glazed Chicken320
Chicken Nanban360
Chicken Teriyaki340


Shoyu Ramen495


empura 3pcs295
Tempura 5pcs395

Maki ( Priced by 6pcs)

Tropic Umi Roll745
Smoke Sake Roll745
Makitamago Kani745
Avonagi Roll845
Dragon Maki645
Roll Crispy Sake545
Roll Superb Ebi645
Futo Maki Rainbow420
Kami Kani Roll320
Aburi Torori745
Miso Roll Spicy Salmon745
Roll Sushi Negra745
Roll Tangy Unagi420
Tuna Maki745
Fiery Unagi Roll945
Fantasy Roll360
Spicy Salmon/ Cali Roll360
Taste & Tell360
Hosomaki Spicy Tuna360

Chef's Specials Boats

Sail Boat A1,299
Premium Sail Boat2,999
Chef's Sushi Feast Set A2,800
Chef's Sushi Feast Set B3,200
Chef's Sushi Feast Set2,200
Somerset Box2,700
Salmon Moriawase2,700
Tamagoyaki Set1,200
Chef's Authentic Set990
Chef's Sushi Nigiri Box990


Bottled Water120
Iced Tea Slush140
Dalandan Slush160
Mango Shake160
Cucumber Shake160
Coke/Coke Zero/Sprite/Royal80
Sola Iced Tea80
San Mig Light/San Mig Pale120


Spanish Latte180
Matcha Latte190
Matcha Lemonade220

About Taste & Tell

Taste & Tell offers you the art of Japanese favors, you will surely indulge in culinary excellence that will transport you into the heart of heart of Japan. Their fresh Maki collection and flavorful sets are just some of the things you never want to miss here not to mention how their starters are providing you an enticing experience perfect to next with your flavorful mains. Taste & Tell is famous for its authentic taste of Japanese favorites that are packed with freshness and blooming with flavor.

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Taste & Tell Menu Best Seller

Venture the finest MD freshes bites from Taste & Tell that will surely bring the utmost comfort you need to bring productivity to your system. Let us start with their best-selling collection that offers the safest options for first-time diners.

Spicy Tuna – This spicy tuna is also known as Salmon Salad, it is a delightful combination of tuna or salmon with fresh lettuce along with fresh slices of cucumber and tempura crisps.

Scallop x Salmon – A flavorful set that can be found in the Aburi Tray collection, this Scallop x Salmon features scallops, kani, and salmon along with fresh mango slices, sushi rice, and their secret sauce that truly elevates the entire flavor of the set.

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scallop x salmon Pin
Photo Credits: Taste & Tell Official FB Page

Tempura Udon – A must-try in their Udon Collection, this Udon with soup features shrimp and udon with a perfectly cooked egg and medley of vegetables.

Ebi Chahan – This iconic ebi Chahan is a must-try in their collection that features shrimp along with perfectly cooked egg and Japanese rice that heartily exudes an alluring aroma that you will surely love.

Dragon Maki – This dragon maki is known for its appealing texture that looks like a dragon with an ebi tempura along with a soft shell crab. It features a crispy salmon skin with mentaiko sauce, teriyaki sauce, and a delightful chili thread.

dragon maki Pin
Photo Credits: Taste & Tell Official FB Page

Chef’s Special

A collection that highlights a recommended menu made exclusively by Taste & Tell chefs, it caters to various tastes and moods and is a perfect way to start your first Taste & Tell experience.

Yaki Udon – This dish features flavorful shrimp along with a juicy slice of bacon creamy gochujang sauce and a delightful udon. A definitely must-try and a top selling in this Chef’s Special.

Wagyudon – A different level of beefy goodness will greet you with every bite of this dish that highlights wagyu beef along with shoyu-donburi sauce. It features shiitake mushrooms and a sous-vide egg. finally a wasabi sauce for the final touch.

wagyu sukiyakidon Pin
Photo Credits: Taste & Tell Official FB Page

Tempura Tendon – Another must-try is this Tempura Udon, it highlights a seafood flavor with 3 shrimp tempura, eggplant, and squash. It has a sweet tamago sauce which elevates the entire experience along with Japanese rice.

Spicy Salmon Tataki – Get that spicy kick with this Spicy Salmon Tataki that features Norwegian salmon and wakame. It also has salmon chicharon which is delightful along with ponzu rice and their secret sauce.

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spicy salmon tataki Pin
Photo Credits: Taste & Tell Official FB Page


Prepare your appetite because what we have here is definitely something you never want to miss from Taste & Tell, it highlights various Japanese cuisines such as the iconic Chicken Teriyaki and Soy Glazed Chicken.

Butter Garlic Chicken – Starting this list with their flavorful butter garlic chicken, it features butter garlic with a crunch of fried chicken cutlet. It also has an added corn and rice that comes with a special hint of spice.

Chicken Teriyaki – Their Chicken Teriyaki is something not to miss at Taste & Tell, it offers a flavorful bite of fried chicken bites that is elevated with their special teriyaki sauce.

chicken teriyaki Pin
Photo Credits: Taste & Tell Official FB Page

Chicken Nanban – Prepare to be wowed with their version of Chicken Nanban that offers delightful crisps of chicken cutlet with their exclusive version of tartar sauce.

Soy Glazed Chicken – Lastly, a chicken that I never expected to be so much hit with me, it has been one of my favorite chicken in this collection that features soy and fried chicken cutlet. It also has rice so prepare for a fulfilling experience with this dish.

Taste & Tell Menu Delivery

Craving for these Japanese collections? Well, stop resisting that temptation because even in the comfort of your bed, you can easily order this food and have it delivered right to your home. You can order through their official website, their website is actually curated for online orders so customers will have it easy to order their favorite dishes from Taste & Tell online. 

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You can reach them out through SMS or Viber: 0909 982 7426

Social Media Pages

You’ll be the first to know about their exclusive promotions, limited-time offers, and special events. They’re cooking up surprises you won’t want to miss.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TasteandTellMnla

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tasteandtellmnl

Twitter / X: https://twitter.com/tasteandtellceb

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tasteandtell

Website: https://www.tasteandtellmnl.com/pages/contact-us

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does the Sukidesu offer? 

Taste & Tell highlights a collection of various Japanese cuisine that features delightful menu options for starters, mains maki, and various sets.

What is the Taste & Tell known for?

This restaurant is known for its iconic collection of Maki, and boas with their beloved Chef’s Special collections.

What are the operating hours of Taste & Tell?

Taste & Tell operates from 7 AM until 8 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

Where is the Taste & Tell located in the Philippines?

tase & Tell has 2 available branches in the Philippines are located at SM North Edsa and the other one is located at Makati Metro Manila.


In conclusion, this restaurant will surely have you prepared for an extra exciting experience that you will never forget. I am not trying to be biased but this restaurant is completely different from other Japanese Restaurants and it clearly separates itself in a good way from the food and the entire dining experience it offers to its customers. Their menu is something to be commended especially seeing how organized their coffee was and how well-thought it was from the starters up to their drinks. It was a very wonderful experience and next time I want to venture more of their other collection to share it with you guys!

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