Your Local Menu Prices

your local menu prices philippines

Your Local menu is categorized into Lunch & Dinner and Weekend Brunch. The Lunch & Dinner menu consists of Starters, YL Buns, Main, Noodles, Sides, Desserts, Beers, Signature and Classic Cocktails, Sparkling drinks, and White and Red Wine while the …

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Torch Restaurant Menu Prices

torch restaurant menu prices philippines

Torch Restaurant is one of Manila’s best all-day dining bars and restaurants. Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes that transcend several cuisines. The restaurant’s outstanding specialty dishes include oven-baked sushi, marbled angus steaks, and gourmet pizzas. It is …

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The Lost Bread Menu Prices

the lost bread menu prices philippines

The Lost Bread menu offers a variety of innovative and creative desserts and treats that were inspired by classic Filipino treats, childhood favorites, and other unique creations. In addition to their famous milk bread, they also serve a wide range …

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The Food Club Menu Prices

the food club menu prices philippines

The Food Club Philippines menu offers a wide selection of international dishes such as Japanese sushi and sashimi, Chinese dim sum, Italian pizza and pasta, American burgers and steaks, Filipino cuisine, and many more. Their buffet also includes a dessert …

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Tenya Menu Prices

tenya menu prices philippines

Tenya’s menu offers sincere dishes, and by using a lot of their equipment and ingredients that are from Japan, it makes sure that Tenya gives you, their customers, the best-tasting and most authentic Japanese dishes as they can. They now …

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Tender Bob’s Menu Prices

Tender Bob’s menu is inspired by American cuisine. It is known for its delicious steaks, ribs, and burgers. It also offers grumblers, main dishes, salads, pasta, soups, desserts & cakes, and side dishes. The beverages that it offers consist of …

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Six Doors Menu Prices

six doors menu prices philppines

Six Doors menu serves an international buffet that consists of a wide selection of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, American, and Korean cuisines. The buffet in each corner has a great presentation making them look organized and luxurious. It offers promos such …

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Single Origin Menu Prices

single origin menu prices philippines

The Single Origin menu consists of delightful food and beverages. The food menu highlights traditional comfort food that will please both casual and ardent diners. It serves waffles, pancakes, French toast, brunch plates, smoothie bowls, soups/salads, sandwiches/toasts, beer dough pizza, …

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Sodam the Kimchi Menu Prices

sodam the kimchi menu prices philippines

The concept of Sodam the Kimchi menu is inspired by Korean cuisine. It offers two options of samgyupsal meals that are affordable and satisfying. Some of the other Korean dishes that it offers are meat mandu, ramyeon, kimbap, and cheese …

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