Ruined Project Menu Prices

Looking for a place to go and get your cravings satisfied especially if you’re in Tagaytay? I got you! Since I am really trying to taste every restaurant and fast food that I can I have a new recommendation for you that I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested with. Have you heard about the Ruined Project? Or have you at least passed by their location but don’t have the time to go try their products because you don’t have the time? No worries in this article we are going to talk about them. The Ruined Project menu offers a lot of delicious food items that I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy plus their prices are not that expensive and that’s the great news. Let’s dive deeper into this place’s menu and of course, their whereabouts, and without further ado let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ruined Project menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Cajun Bacon and Eggs405
Beef Tapa475
Tangy Garlic Milkfish415
Chicken Chorizo Hash Skillet445
Sausage Scramble405
Creole Fried Chicken and Waffle385
Pork Garlic Links415


Cheese Jalapeno420
Chicken Sandwich405
Breakfast Burger405


Pepperoni 840
Hawaiian 840
All meat870
Cheese 740
Overload 890


BBQ Pork Belly515
Blackened Fish Bake405
BBq Bayou Chops495
Fried Roast Chicken415
Black Sesame Karaage Rice415
Southern Fried Chicken415
Chicken Parmigiana480
Tuscan Salmon695


Romesco Chicken Penne415
Triple Tomato Cream405
Spinach & Artichoke Bake Pasta375
Cajun Vongole465
Tex Mex Mac & Cheese415
Creamy Pesto385


Beef Queso Duo520
Bucket of Parmesan Crisps575
Frizzled Onions310
Fish & Chips395
Blackened Shrimp Dip565
Garlic Parmesan Crisps300
Duo Queso Quesadilla410
Buffalo Potato Smashers300


Ham & Cheese Gratin395
Pepperoni Jalapeno Melt395


Tortilla Ranch Salad370
Sesame Wonton Salad370


Classic Brownie Fudge340
Skillet Cookie340

Hot Coffee (12oz/16oz)

Americano 215/230
Brewed 205/220
Cafe latte 225/240
Cappuccino 225/240
Cafe mocha 240/255
Caramel latte 245/260
White Chocolate mocha250/265
Coffee indochine250/265
Vietnamese latte270/285
Chocolate 235/250
Matcha green tea latte 240/255

Cold Coffee (16oz/20oz)

Americano 230/245
Cappuccino 240/255
Cafe latte 240/255
Cafe mocha 255/270
Caramel latte 260/275
White Chocolate mocha265/280
Coffee indochine265/280
Chocolate 250/265
Matcha green tea latte 255/270
Iced tea 215/230
Cold brew255/270
Sweet cold brew255/270

Frappe (16oz/20oz)

Mocha frappe 265/280
Cappuccino frappe 260/275
Creme brûlée frappe 275/290
Cookie crumble275/290
Butterscotch 270/285
Dark chocolate 265/280
Vanilla macadamia 250/265
Caramel vanilla 255/270
Chocolate cookie270/285
Strawberry vanilla 270/285
Matcha green tea270/285

Shaken Up (Small/Large)

Special strawberry charcoal lemonade 290/305
Lavander berry lemonade 290/305
Citrus berry punch290/305

Yogurt (Small/Large)

Blueberry Yogurt Crunch290/305
Strawberry Yogurt Crunch290/305
Mango Pineapple Yogurt crunch 290/305

Nice and white (Hot/Iced)

Ghirardelli Mocha410/425
Ghirardelli White mocha 410/425
Ghirardelli Carmelo410/425
Ghirardelli oat milk latte 410/425


Hot Bullet Proof Coffee275
Iced Bulletproof Coffee290
Ca Phe Sua Da235
Hot Freddo275
Iced Freddo290
Hot Mayan Mocha245
Iced Mayan Mocha260

Artisan tea

HB Carnaval Tea250
HB Chamomile250
HB Turkish Sultan255
HB Masala Tea255
HB Relaxing Infusion255
HB Tropical Fruit255
HB Silk Tea255
Hb Youthful Infusion255

About Ruined Project 

If you’re looking for a place with delicious coffee, other food items, and unique interiors the ruined project in Tagaytay is the best place to go. Ruined Project is a local coffee shop here in the country that offers not only coffee but other delicious foods. At first glance, this place might not look like your typical cafe but of course, we never judge a book without reading and I’m pretty sure you’ll love this place, it’s worth checking out. The name of their restaurant comes from the team who believes that their project will be ruined because of the pandemic incident that happened recently.

However, they decided to continue the project whatever it takes and that’s how they get their name “Ruined Project” This cafe only proves that there is a potential beauty in every dark time you just need a fighting spirit and hope. This restaurant is inspired by Manuel Villar Jr. a businessman and former senator Manny Villar’s son, he’s the one who challenged his team to see the beauty in ruin. If you notice the appearance of the cafe at first glance it does look unfinished but that’s already the theme. This place not only offers coffee but also pizzas, burgers, and desserts. 

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Ruined Project Menu Best Sellers 

Here are samples of Ruined Project’s best sellers. 

Iced Freddo – This one is a unique blend between espresso and frappe and is usually served with ice. This drink is best enjoyed with sugar or any sweetener that can substitute the sugar. The Ruined Project version of iced Freddo is refreshing and can actually boost your mood since it has espresso in it. One of the best-selling items of the Ruined Project and also a must-try. 

Macchiato Pin
Photo Credits: Ruined Project Official FB Page

Cajun Bacon & Egg – This one is not your typical ready-made meal the Cajun Bacon and Egg version of the Ruined Project is served with toasted freshly sliced bacon, and some egg on top over garlic rice. Cherry tomato slices combined with basil on the side to balance the taste. The crunchy bacon is really good with the garlic rice and the egg also adds more flavor to the dish. This one is a must-try and a great breakfast item on their menu. 

Cajun bacon and eggs Pin
Photo Credits: Ruined Project Official FB Page

Romesco Chicken Penne – Ruined Project version of the Romesco Chicken Penne menu is made with deep-fried and crispy lightly breaded chicken fillet. They served this on top of penne pasta and then generously drizzled it with Romesco dressing which is made from fresh tomatoes. This dish also includes a pair of garlic bread to make sure that the remaining Romesco dressing won’t go to waste. This one is one of my favorites and also a must-try. 

Fried Chicken Burger – Fried chicken burger version of the Ruined Project is made with a chicken fillet that they cooked deep-fried. The burger bun is layered with dressing, some pickles, and the fried chicken fillet. This is also served with potato chips as a side. One of the greatest characteristics of their fried chicken burger is that this is not oily like the regular beef burger but still has a great taste. One of the must-try items as well. 

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Fried chicken burger Pin
Photo Credits: Ruined Project Official FB Page

Breakfast Menu 

The breakfast menu of the Ruined Project has 7 breakfast items. They have the cajun bacon & egg which is a must-try and a crowd-pleaser. They also have a classic Filipino favorite which is beef tapa. Another Pinoy favorite is their Tangy Garlic Milkfish. Aside from those they also have Chicken Chorizo Hash Skilet and sausage scramble. Other items like Creole Fried Chicken and Waffle and pork garlic links are also available on this menu.

Chicken and chorizo hash skilet Pin
Photo Credits: Ruined Project Official FB Page

Burger Menu

The burger menu of the Ruined Project has 3 different burger options. Cheese jalapeño burger is included on this menu, followed by a fried chicken sandwich which is also a must-try and quite popular among their customers. Lastly, they have a breakfast burger which is what I always order, this one is also really good and very tasty. 

Tortilla ranch salad Pin
Photo Credits: Ruined Project Official FB Page

Ruined Project Menu Delivery 

Getting your hands on your beloved Ruined Project items is easier than ever! All you need to do is shoot a quick direct message over to their Facebook account. Alternatively, if you prefer a fuss-free option, you can also tap into the convenience of local food delivery services in your vicinity. The choice is yours – a straightforward DM or a swift delivery service – both pathways lead to owning the gems of Ruined Project that you adore.

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Social Media Pages 

Set off on an exciting journey of new ideas and imagination with Ruined Project! Explore their active social media pages to stay connected and inspired. Join now and discover a world of creativity and innovation waiting for you!




Ruined Project. Are they Halal certified?

Unfortunately, Ruined Project is not a halal-certified cafe since they serve food items not suitable for our Muslim friends so No. 

Where is the Ruined Project located?

They are located in Crosswinds, Tagaytay City Cavite. You can easily find them thru Waze. 

What time are the opening hours of the Ruined Project?

Ruined Project is open from 7 AM until 8 PM on weekdays and from 7 AM until 9 PM on weekends.

Can I bring my fur baby inside the cafe?

Yes. Ruined Project is actually a pet-friendly cafe so you can bring your fur baby inside as long as your fur baby is domesticated enough. 

Does Ruined Project have free wifi inside their store?

Yes, they have WiFi inside their cafe for their customers. 


The Ruined Project is just the best place to be in Tagaytay especially if you are looking for something good. Ruined project menu offers a lot and for sure you’ll find what you want on their menu. The ambiance inside their place is romantic with a breathtaking view, it’s like you’re really on the nature side feels. Foods are worth the price and delicious their coffees are really good as well. This place will for sure fix your ruined day. Their crews are okay easy to talk with and friendly and the place is just amazing and comfortable. A place I can highly recommend to anyone that is planning to visit Tagaytay City. A place worth trying. 

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